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5.00 star(s)

BOOMER35 New Holland
Awesome Dealer Experience
Model Year: 2010

So far I'm loving the Boomer 35. Bought it last Saturday and had a chance to mow and use the loader on Sunday for a while. Glad to see the fuel needle barely move in 7 hours of work. The 3pt finish mower has already proven its worth as the mowing time is greatly decreased. Size to weight seems to be very well matched. Front wheel assist is great with the box scraper and does a nice job of not tearing up the lawn with the industrial tires. The loader height is perfect and all around visibility while loading is great. I debated a lot of models but this package deal really set this machine apart. Bought at Chickasha New Holland, Chickasha, OK. Would highly recommend dealing with them. 1900 miles round trip and worth every bit of it. There is a small rattle under the hood but it may be from the loader frame against the hood. Other than that there are no complaints. Now we'll wait for winter to show up and see how it does for moving snow!

Pros: Well protected loader couplers, great visibility, quiet diesel, lots of seat adjustment, well placed controls.
Cons: Loader lowers a little fast for my liking but I'll get used to it.

5.00 star(s)

BOOMER35 New Holland
Boomer 35
Model Year: 2011

Have really enjoyed this tractor. Due to the drought this year, I have not used it as much as I would have. It would have had 50 more hrs on it. Has a Yanmar 336D 4x4 before.

Pros: Adjustable steering wheel. Good power. 4x4.
Cons: Oil dip stick in a stupid place. Hard to check oil with front loader on. Engineer that made that decision should be run over by one. The low, med, hi gear shifter is not sychronized.

5.00 star(s)
Anonymous Poster

BOOMER35 New Holland
New Holland Boomer 35
Model Year: 2011

Great tractor for the money! Use my Boomer to work my garden and keep up 50 acres of land. It will pull a 6 feet rototill with no problem. Bush hogging is great with the Boomer the glass shields at the floor block debis from getting on operator. I looked at all other brands but for $18,000 the Boomer 35 with a loader was the best deal and it came with a 5 year warranty.

Pros: Great power, tight turning, loader works great, extendable lift arms.
Cons: Oil dipstick hard to get to, no protection under tractor hydro lines hang low.

5.00 star(s)

BOOMER35 New Holland
Love My Boomer 35
Model Year: 2013

I've owned a TC30 for 10 years and, while it served me well, I wanted a tractor with more power (particularly a faster loader) and more convenience features. My New Holland dealer (Peru Farm Center) has always treated me fairly, so I never looked at anything other than New Holland when it came to replacing my TC30. The hydrostatic drive, the extendable 3pt links, the electronic PTO, the more powerful FEL, and the additional power, are all pluses that made the purchase worth while. The overall build quality is great, and everything appears well designed (except for dipstick location, as others have noted) and everything has worked flawlessly.

Pros: Build quality, intuitive operating functions, plenty of ease of use features.
Cons: Dipstick location, and it looks like performing routine maintenance may be difficult.

5.00 star(s)

BOOMER35 New Holland
Great Tractor
Model Year: 2012

We bought 24 acres and started to clear it to start a farm. This tractor has done everything asked of it and more. Never had a mechanical problem. Did have a flat rear tire (nail) and had to replace a line for the FEL that ruptured, due to logs and branches going over the bucket. We did hire a local guy to clear the stumps with his D9. Can't compare this to a D9. We have a brush hog, HD lawn rake, backhoe, post hole digger, hay rake, scraper blade and a few other PTO attachments. Added a good set of LED flood lights.

Pros: Does everything asked of it.
Cons: Better undercarraige protection would be nice.

Photo Uploads:

5.00 star(s)

BOOMER35 New Holland
My Boomer 35
Model Year: 2014

So far, the only thing I have found that is negative, is when I changed the fuel filter there was an o-ring missing. It requires 2, a small one inside the top of the filter and a big one that goes around the outside of the filter. The big one was missing. Second thing is the trailer connector, the dealer had no plug that fit in the thing. Found one at the local Deere dealer though.

Pros: So far it has done everything I have tried to use it for.
Cons: Need a special tool to remove the fuel filter.

Photo Uploads:

3.00 star(s)
Anonymous Poster

BOOMER35 New Holland
Boomer Warranty
Model Year: 2012

I got away from my roots in John Deere and bought a Boomer 35. What a mistake! It is an okay product, but never try to get any warranty work done. The dealership I worked with said basically, "it is your tractor now, find someone to correct the warranty defects". I will know next time to stay with my roots, BTW, if anyone is in the market for a Boomer 35 with less than 10 hours on it, I have one for sale.

Pros: Good price.
Cons: No warranty work.

4.00 star(s)
Anonymous Poster

BOOMER35 New Holland
Power Take-Off
Model Year: 2015

It is a great tractor. One problem is when the power take- off is turned off, you cannot move the power take-off shaft to engage machinery? Has anybody else had this problem?

Pros: Nice big wheels
Cons: Quite noisy

3.00 star(s)
Anonymous Poster

BOOMER35 New Holland
Model Year: 2016

First week of ownership Boomer 37: #1 Oil light kept coming on with no codes. I called two dealers. The advice was drive it until something breaks, its covered by warranty. #2 Oil leak developed by the right side front tire. I called the dealer. They ordered the parts and told me to drive it until the parts came in. #3 Oil leak out of left front tire. The dealer replaced the shims for both front wheels. #4 Broke right side of axle. I had it taken in and the bolts replaced. The hood was damaged when the tractor fell. #5 Brought tractor home and hood would not stay closed kept popping open. Had to tie it down. #6 After burner quit. back in shop. Locking differential not working properly lots of hard knocking. Dealer didn't check but said bring it back if it broke. #7 Left side axle bolts broke. I replaced. #8 Steering mechanism broke. Locking diff still not working properly. Dealer says bring it back if it breaks. Traded in for Boomer 45. I'm praying. Had to take a loss. Dealer would not give any break on price.

Pros: Liked all the controls and power
Cons: Front axle too light for loader, tractor in shop every 3-4 months

3.00 star(s)
Anonymous Poster

BOOMER35 New Holland
Model Year: 2018

With 25 hours on the clock the regeneration cycle that cleans out the particulate from the engine, exhaust, etc. started and issued sufficient clouds of white smoke to stop traffic. I am told that the oil did not get to the turbo, which burnt out its bearings in the white cloud. I like the tractor but was surprised when it died. I am told the part will be delivered in three weeks. I am being loaned a new tractor. I am told that the software has been upgraded to prevent this problem. I am glad the tractor wasn't made by Boeing, then I would be dead. Other than that, it is a great tractor, but other than that the Boeing 737 Max 8 is a great plane?

Pros: Great tool
Cons: 25 hour life span, at 30 plus thousand

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