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BOOMER40 New Holland
New Holland Boomer 40 and Growing On Me
Model Year: 2010

City mouse purchased 40 acres of peaceful country property last year. I took a year to study the land and it's composition (mostly hills; 15 acres open fallow pasture; the rest heavily wooded). Decided on starting an organic vineyard with additional berry production. I figure it was ambitious enough to entertain the old timers around there catching me flubbing up here and there trying to make a go of this idea. Right or wrong, after much (book and internet) study and talking with dealers (MF, NH, Mirhanda), I settled on the New Holland Boomer 40. My uncle bought one of their compacts a few years back and loves it. I actually tried to talk him into selling me his used (I knew he maintained his well), but he wouldn't part with it. We haven't spoken since... haha. I figured with the hills I'd need something over 30hp and 4x4. Doing a vineyard I wanted to keep the tractor small enough to work between the rows but strong enough to do the needed tasks. So far I'm pretty pleased with the purchase. Used it so far mainly to help clearing brush and mowing. Performance has been better than expected and the machine has been pretty forgiving toward a novice 'hobby' farmer like me. I'm making all the expected mistakes a greenhorn is supposed to make and the tractor manages to get unstuck, unbound, and understands my heavy clutching. Anyone reading this should take note should I ever want / need to sell this tractor... haha. I don't expect to let go of this tractor as it suits all my needs now and those I expect to have in the future. My only complaint is the cab area is not as roomy as some of the other tractors I sat in. I'm 6'3 and about 260 lbs, so maybe there are not many compact tractors I'd fit into in general, but compared to the others I mentioned above, this NH is the tightest fit for me. As for the dealer experience, I'm in the dead-center of a triangle of three dealers (one NH; one NH/MF; and another MF dealer). The Mahindra dealer is in my backyard and was the first I visited. Though Mahindra was in the final round of choices, the dealer didn't give me a good sense of confidence for servicing. So, being 100 miles from those other dealers I'd spent a good deal of time between them. The one fellow claiming to sell NH and MF was the worst. Had him on the phone and he said I really needed to come down to visit and 'see for myself'. Drove all the way down there and turned out he didn't sell NH at all. He had a big NH sign out front, but said he 'just couldn't get NH product from the factory' and so pushed the MF. I wanted to kick him in the shin. So while there I figured I'd take a look at the MF equivalent and it seemed solid and a good machine. I just couldn't get past his deception and having a big NH sign out there and not actually selling any. Long story short, the guy I finally bought from wasn't the best sales guy by a long shot, but he was at least honest enough to admit he was a goof ball. I told him he was a pretty poor sales guy (right to his face) but that he was the best one I'd come across. He was good natured enough to where we both laugh about that still. He probably wants to catch me out there during deer season...haha. The tractor came with a loader, and I picked up Land Pride mower from him. And now I'm looking at buying a tiller and backhoe as well. Not sure I'll be buying all that from him, but I'm giving him a shot at selling me more stuff.

Pros: Solid machine; good, forgiving performance, good comparative value.
Cons: Tight cab area.

5.00 star(s)
Anonymous Poster

BOOMER40 New Holland
Great Little Tractor
Model Year: 2012

It's a nice nice tractor, you have to remind yourself it is not a full size. If you can, they have changed the tires on the front. I like the older beefier style Aggies I have.

Pros: Awesome tractor.
Cons: Price of a sportscar.

5.00 star(s)

BOOMER40 New Holland
Model Year: 2012

This is a great tractor I love it does everything I ask of it and does it well.I have a woods bhx90 backhoe the tractor seen to handle it easier than I thought it would.

Pros: good power
Cons: don't like where the e-bark is it's hard to get to

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5.00 star(s)

BOOMER40 New Holland
The Boomer 40
Model Year: 2014

This tractor is a real workhorse. It's my wife's tractor and she has abused it, but it takes it and keeps on going. We have a lot of clearing to do and a lot of dead cedar trees. It has a grapple on it and has handled everything really well. We first were talked into a Boomer 30 and after picking up the first tree I took it back. The 40 is a lot heavier and handles it a lot better. I had wanted the 40 after researching tractors, but the dealer did not have one so he talked me into the 30. My only issue has been with the way the 3-point arm adjustments are designed. They break easily. I have already replaced them twice in 2 years.

Pros: Powerful and weight for horsepower
Cons: 3-point arm adjustments

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