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5.00 star(s)

BOOMERTC29 New Holland
Model Year: 2002

Great tractor. I wish I had bought the TC 33.

Pros: Steady does all I ask.
Cons: Same engine as TC 25.

5.00 star(s)

BOOMERTC29 New Holland
New Holland TC29D
Model Year: 1999

Bought a 1998 Boomer that had a major hydraulic leak. Since my wife had let it run without all the hydraulic fluid, I was worried about the effect on the hydrostatic trans. Though the dealer said it wouldn't hurt it, they took it in trade for the 1999 TC29D for $500 net cost to me! While the TC29D hasn't had a lot of hours for twelve years, it has served us well. The only problem has been the steering column retracting cylinder. It has gone bad twice and is currently at the dealer for replacement.

Pros: Generally most everything.
Cons: Steering column retracting cylinder.

4.00 star(s)
Anonymous Poster

BOOMERTC29 New Holland
New Holland TC29D HST
Model Year: 0

Overall well worth the money spent. Only two problems: 1. The temperature gauge stopped working again had a new thermostat installed this year. Two years ago I had the dealer repair it, then it took new gauge & sending unit. It worked for one year. 2. The other thing that went bad was the shock absorber on the steering wheel. Parts are expensive and I cannot find answers on line for some repairs and maintenance. Would I buy another one? The answer is "yes".

Pros: Great for grass cutting tight turning radius.
Cons: No local dealer here anymore so everything must be shipped.

5.00 star(s)

BOOMERTC29 New Holland
Model Year: 2002

It has been a good tractor. It pulls a six foot finishing mower. Front end loader works well.

Pros: Supersteer. Hydro-static.
Cons: Same engine as TC25 with fuel turned up.

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