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5.00 star(s)

BOOMERTC35 New Holland
TC35 New Holland
Model Year: 2002

Awesome machine, could not be happier with the overall performance and power of this tractor. I use it for everything around my house. Front end loader has a very nice feel with the joy stick control. Very nice lift capacity, adequate pto power To run almost anything you want. I would like a backhoe attachment, I hope that will work as well as everything else has! Had to replace 1 small hydraulic hose and a battery after 10 years.

Pros: Great overall tractor. Very powerful and easy to use.
Cons: You want to stay home from work and use it!

5.00 star(s)
South Haven

BOOMERTC35 New Holland
Slightly used TC35A with 16LA
Model Year: 2005

This tractor was purchased used with only 122 Hrs. I've only added 10 hours to the hour meter, moving some dirt,clearing snow and pulling out a couple of pine stumps. It starts great and the hydraulics are very responsive. My only gripe is that I have to lift the front wheels off the ground with the loader to shift from 4 wheel drive to 2 wheel drive.

Pros: Good value, good power to traction ratio.
Cons: Hard to shift.

4.00 star(s)
Anonymous Poster

BOOMERTC35 New Holland
Short On Power
Model Year: 2005

The power for pulling timber and other heavy loads is lacking,should have gone with gear trans. rather than hydro that I have. It is okay to run PTO equip. chipper,6'brush hog,post hole digger,hope it will handle 6'snow blower in a year when we move north.

Pros: Easy to handle.
Cons: Lack of power.

5.00 star(s)

BOOMERTC35 New Holland
Nice, but Light
Model Year: 2012

Good tractor, good power but light and tipsy had to add weight and widen tires to use in the woods. I've had to use the 4 wheel drive a lot. I love the quick attach bucket, live elec. PTO, cat one 3-point hitch, and sway control. The loader valve hangs low so you have to be careful not to hang up. The hydraulic piping is British to Japanese . I was able to buy this tractor new for less than the Japanese, Chinese, and Korean tractors.

Pros: More features, better quality, lower price and more power.
Cons: Light and tipsy.

5.00 star(s)
Vernon Stainbrook

BOOMERTC35 New Holland
Boomer 35
Model Year: 2013

Everything on and with this unit is excellent except I can't get used to the noise that the HST model makes when put into a load, even in reverse. Has nothing to do with how it preforms still does and out standing job.

Pros: Extremely easy to handle, ideal size for my little farm (been digging a pond next to the ceeek removing a lot of rock and other matter.
Cons: I am just not familiar with the noise that HST makes when working hard.

5.00 star(s)

BOOMERTC35 New Holland
Boomer 35---Workhorse
Model Year: 2004

Upgraded from a Cub 154 LoBoy for working around a three acre parcel on which I plan to build. Neighbor had blasted out a pile of ledge for their new construction and offered the fill to me before he paid someone to remove it. By the end of that summer, we had moved nearly 300 yards of granite---one bucket load at a time---about 1/4 mile. Made a terrific base for the driveway! Huge April storm ripped up hundreds of red spruce trees in the neighborhood, some nearly 30 inches at base. Boomer controlled the felling where needed and with long chain and cables, yarded out most of the trunks. Cut tree length in the woods, recut to 20 feet at roadside. Forks on a compact tractor are definitely worth the investment. Had no trouble loading two foot diameter, twenty foot long lumber. Added a 6 inch Patu PTO chipper along the way, not used much, but what a job it does when it is spinning. Yes, like all tractor owners, I've lifted the front and rear ends off the ground a few times, but the tractor is stable, powerful and fuel efficient. Wife says when I'm finished with the tractor we can sell it---she figures we can get at least half what we paid. And I'll be done with it the same day I stop breathing!

Pros: Power, standard implement attachment, fuel economy.
Cons: Lift limit less than two ton.

Photo Uploads:

5.00 star(s)

BOOMERTC35 New Holland
My First Compact Tractor
Model Year: 2004

My TC35 seems to be all I really need. Got this tractor to sort of replace an older machine. Good power, rides good,but likes it's fuel. Not a big issue.

Pros: Comfort, good power.
Cons: Little light in the rear.

5.00 star(s)
rick smith

BOOMERTC35 New Holland
I love my baby boomer
Model Year: 2011

Obviously I don't use my boomer a whole lot, but when I do, it does everything I ask it to do. I keep it looking like new and the only thing I don't like about it is that I have a difficult time reaching and operating the parking brake lever. I suppose if I lost 50 pounds I wouldn't have that problem.

Pros: All good
Cons: Just be careful how you use the loader (stay level on firm ground)

5.00 star(s)

BOOMERTC35 New Holland
New Holland TC-35
Model Year: 2001

Fantastic tractor. Some issues, though: 1. DowelPin that couples shuttle-shift handle/pipe at floorboard was left hanging out and it eventually cut into the wire harness that wraps around that area. 2. 3-pt height linkage got stiff and broke link arm at valve. 3. Battery mount base rusted, allowing battery to hit and damage radiator.

Pros: Works better than I expected
Cons: Unprotected rocker switches, cats jump up there and switch hazard lights on

Photo Uploads:

5.00 star(s)

BOOMERTC35 New Holland
New Holland TC35
Model Year: 0

The only complaint I have is that I should have gotten a TC40/45 with a cab and A/C. I have to be careful about letting my neighbors borrow my implements. The old man with the 23/25 horsepower low riding tractor borrowed my middle buster and couldn't get it but about 4-6 inches off the ground, shifted into high range, took off, snagged a root at about 12 miles per hour, stood his tractor straight up, flipped it, and when the dust settled, he was taken to the emergency room with a broken shoulder and collar bone!

Pros: High profile, high clearance, sloped hood, high visibility, well positioned controls, great dealer!
Cons: The older I get the higher the tractor gets!

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