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BOOMERTC40 New Holland
Reliable TC40
Model Year: 2000

Replaced the starter about 2008...that's it! Well, except for batteries, filters, oils and 2 new front tires. Always starts, everything works as it should. I use a bush hog, finish mower, tiller, disk cultivator, box blade, grader blade, rock rake, turning plow, middle buster and of course front end loader, which I have never removed in 11 years.

Pros: Love it.
Cons: Love it.

5.00 star(s)

BOOMERTC40 New Holland
Model Year: 2005

This has been a GREAT tractor so far!

Pros: Comfort.
Cons: None so far.

5.00 star(s)

BOOMERTC40 New Holland
11.5 Years and I Still Like It
Model Year: 2002

I bought my boomer, a TC40D, back when I had a 45 acre parcel. I had a 6-ft Farm King rotary cutter for hogging down fields and used the 6-ft 16 LA front loader for various projects, the most important being developing a crossing on a tiny slab bottom creek. I sold the property and decided to keep the tractor for my 4-acre home plot. It is now perpetually equipped with the loader and a 6-ft King Kutter II rotary tiller that I use for prepping my large garden. The most important uses for the loader is clearing snow and ice off my concrete drive, digging sediment traps on my gently sloping garden, clearing debris and hauling.

Pros: More power than I need till I need it, then just right. Excellent and rapid garden preparation.
Cons: Fuse box is behind instrument panel but weather proof there.

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