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BOOMERTC40A New Holland
Problems - Some TC40DA
Model Year: 2006

Tractor had hydraulic issues from day one,dealer could not figure out problem nor did they care to. Regional rep fabricated statements stating I was satisfied with tractor when I was not. I asked NH to replace tractor they refused. Blew 2 hyd.hoses that sprayed me with hyd.oil in the face tractor spent all winter at dealer and returned to me. Within .5 hrs, blew another hose so dealer turned down pressure which made tractor less powerful.

Pros: Good power.
Cons: Bad dealer networking, not at all reliable, parts fall off regularly.

5.00 star(s)

BOOMERTC40A New Holland
My TC40
Model Year: 2008

This is the first tractor I have ever owned, a New Holland TC40a with FEL and Backhoe. This tractor has payed for itself 5 times over as far as I am concerned. I run a 2 bottom Ferguson plow for about a 5 acre food plot and use it for manure, and firewood. The backhoe has been invaluable for helping with clearing roots and rocks. Both are plentiful in NEPA. (Not far from Rick Wallace) And in everything this tractor has excelled. Made in USA. I am looking at getting the new Powerstar T4.75.

Pros: Really solid tractor.
Cons: Fendors were replaced 3 times before they added a bracket. Hydraulics are a bit slow.

Photo Uploads:

4.00 star(s)
j t huskins

BOOMERTC40A New Holland
TC40A 4x4 16LA FEL
Model Year: 2007

Have worked the tractor hard using the FEL from digging to moving logs and material. The tractor has performed as expected even with a 6' bushog in tall grass.I move a lot of snow with a 7' HD rear blade and the FEL. I have R4 tires so chains are a must on all 4s during snowy conditions. The chain vibration from the front tires has caused the radiator to separate on the upper Rt. side tube to tank two times. My dealer would not warranty the problem nor would they go to bat with CNH to resolve this faulty radiator problem. Now at approx. 350 hrs. the starter solenoid is failing which is frustrating, in the fact that I seldom turn the engine off during a period of work and even the cheapest solenoid made should last more than 350 hrs.

Pros: Sturdy build, low fuel consumption.
Cons: Weak radiator; Short lived starter solenoid, noisey pump when cold. Poor paint on wheels.

Photo Uploads:

2.00 star(s)

BOOMERTC40A New Holland
Don't Buy NH Tractors
Model Year: 2008

Many hydraulic leaks, blown hoses, loader dumps 7inches in 5 minutes. Dealer sucked. NH does not stand behind their equipment. Made so many excuses could not figure problem out passed it off as coincidence. I would not recommend NH products to any one. Oh, the warranty sucked and so did the area service rep.

Pros: None.
Cons: Lots of problems.

5.00 star(s)

BOOMERTC40A New Holland
Model Year: 0

TC40DA with loader 2 extra remotes for grapple and skid steer quick attach.

Pros: Love the hydrostatic transmission.
Cons: Always want more power. :)

4.00 star(s)

BOOMERTC40A New Holland
Fenders Are Weak
Model Year: 2006

Both fenders crack where the main bolts and straps attach to tractor. Get rid of the handle so no one grabs them to get on the tractor.

Pros: Good running machine.
Cons: Weak plastic fenders.

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