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L775 New Holland
Old L775 New Holland
Model Year: 1980

My L775 is an older machine with the Wisconsin V-4 LP gas powered. That feature alone makes this an excellent choice for me, as I use it only does about 50 hours per year. The fuel doesn't go bad, it stores indefinitely, and is less expensive than diesel or gasoline. The air cooled system means I can forget about the anti-freeze and winterizing. I have added exactly 1 quart of hydraulic oil and zero engine oil since I changed all that (with filters) about 18 months ago. It's strong enough to scrape, load, push, etc. for its small size. However, it will tilt forward when unloading a pallet of 60 bags of 50 pounds each. That's on me, of course. I bent the left side of the boom when I hit a tree wide open downhill. That boom finally cracked open this week, so I leveled it up and plated it all the way around this week. Overall, I wish it had auxiliary hydraulics. I use my brothers NH LS185 to run the tree puller, grapple bucket, etc. His machine was 2 1/2 times the initial cost of mine.

Pros: Small, nimble, powerful for 64 up
Cons: No auxiliary hydraulics

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