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T1030 New Holland
Boomer 1030 AKA T1030
Model Year: 2009

Strong. So far, moved some large tree stumps, stoned/graded 1000' driveway, and blew a lot of snow in addition to dragging trees and moving firewood. Has 60" front mounted snowblower and had no trouble with 26" snow. Can operate rear PTO without someone in seat. Needed for running chipper. I do need to weight the tires. Seems a bit unstable on side slopes. Had to wait 3 months for snowblower to arrive. But dealer installed rear work light and hydraulic filter protection plate for free to make up for the long wait.

Pros: Strong, well built, wife has no problem operating, priced right
Cons: Didn't come with hydraulic QD's dust cover's. Had to but at $10.00 each

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