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4.00 star(s)
The Haymaker

T2220 New Holland
It does what I need!
Model Year: 2008

I can't ask for anything more. Price was right, dealer experience was good (except for dealer in Bow NH, long story, just stay away). T&B equipment in Bangor Maine has been AWESOME on all fronts.

Pros: It does a nice job at everything I've thrown at it. Plent of HP for it's chassis size.
Cons: What were they thinking, Independant brakes with the pedals over the HST control? I've gone through two hydraulic hoses so far.

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5.00 star(s)
Anonymous Poster

T2220 New Holland
Love My Boomer
Model Year: 2009

4 stars on build quality only because the hood latch doesn't work and the dealer was unable to fix it. At 13.5 mph top speed, it's not like the hood's going to fly up so it's not really a big deal. 4 stars on the features because it doesn't have a cup holder. A used yogurt container and a little duct tape solved that problem. Have done a lot of brush hogging through some pretty rough stuff. Got stuck in the mud twice (learning new lessons all the time), moved a bunch of manure, gathered rocks for some stone walls, drilled some holes for a pole barn, hoping I'll be able to afford the backhoe someday. The FOP already saved my head from a falling tree once. Perfect size for my ten+ rough, hilly acres. Anything less would not be satisfying.

Pros: utility, value-- takes a beating and comes back smiling.
Cons: HST transmission sometimes tricky to put into gear- sometimes you have to pick a different gear and move a little and then put in the gear you want.

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5.00 star(s)
Anonymous Poster

T2220 New Holland
My Buddy Boomer
Model Year: 2009

Three years with Boomer and the yard has changed dramatically. Digging, tilling, brush hogging, post holes, making stone walls, moving manure piles- Earns me lots of points with the wife. Practically paid for itself already! I've never regretted making this choice.

Pros: Strong, dependable, easy to master.
Cons: Flimsy hood catch, no cup holder.

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