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T2330 New Holland
After Child Support Tractor
Model Year: 2008

I bought this tractor at Purdy Tractor in Hillsdale Mi in 2010 as a leftover from 08. Got a smoking deal, $20,600 for the 45hp tractor with a loader and loaded tires, quick change with bucket and forks. I have had only one problem so far. When it is cold [below 10] the motor will run away right after startup. You have to shut it off and restart a couple of times until it gets warm enough. Purdys went out of business and the two dealers that i called to see what was going on said they had never heard of anything like it and would call me back. Haven't heard from either one. may have to get on the horn with New Holland. Other than that I love the tractor, and it sure saves me a lot of work. Larry

Pros: Everthing but the dealer.
Cons: The dealer.

3.00 star(s)
Billy Moore

T2330 New Holland
Broke In Half While Moving Dirt T2330
Model Year: 2009

My friend broke his tractor in half while spreading dry dirt. He went the next week and bought a Kubota to replace it. He received no help in repairing the defective tractor. We live and learn. I picked the tractor up on dry flat ground with a slight incline in front of it. No more that a 12" elevation change. Watch your bolts that hold the rear end to the transmission this could be a weak point. NH has since made a upper axle bracket that reinforces the the top side of the rear axle. I will fix this tractor myself, but will give it my support that should have been done to begin with.

Pros: Operates user friendly.
Cons: Weak construction.

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