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T6070 New Holland
The Hay Maker's Tractor
Model Year: 2010

This tractor has surpassed expectations in every way.

Pros: Great fuel economy with plenty of torque rise.
Cons: None so far.

5.00 star(s)

T6070 New Holland
New Holland T6030 Range Command
Model Year: 2009

Tractor is a long wheel base Range Command, 40km, terraglide front axle, mechanical spool valves. Tractor is used 95% of time to tow a vertical auger manure spreader, 15-16 tonnes of manure, 8 tonnes of trailer. Requires every horsepower under the bonnet. The tractor has been very reliable, as per my T6030 range command, and T7.200 range command. Mechanical faults: viscous fan bearing @ 150hrs, hyd. pressure pump @ 2400hrs (both warranty work). Cons: - Teir 3 torque from 1400rpm is nowhere as good as new Teir 4 T.7.200 - No control for 3PL implement lift rate. Would help to "feather out" as we lift a long pre-ripper/cultitiller/seed drill outfit. Good control of everything else. I would recommend a T6000/T7 range command tractor to anyone.

Pros: Reliability, ride comfort, cab, overall spec.
Cons: As above.

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