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5.00 star(s)

TC18 New Holland
New Holland
Model Year: 2004

This is a great machine and can handle snow removal, rear mower deck, and many jobs.

Pros: Compact
Cons: Light on powe

5.00 star(s)

TC18 New Holland
Great Little Tractor
Model Year: 2000

This tractor has unbelievable guts for its size.

Pros: pwer and manuverability
Cons: Traction

Photo Uploads:

5.00 star(s)

TC18 New Holland
New Holland TC18
Model Year: 2002

For being such a "small" tractor only 18 horsepower it is as big if not bigger than my brother's Kubota 2920 29 horsepower tractor, but not as much power of course although the fel is bigger on the New Holland, it is perfect for what I need it for, snow removal, mowing, and small jobs with the bucket. It's definitely a little tractor with big tractor features.

Pros: Fuel consumption; size.
Cons: None yet.

Photo Uploads:

3.00 star(s)

TC18 New Holland
Model Year: 2003

The TC 18 itself was reasonable, The dealer(Klem's in Spencer) and New Holland customer service were truly horrible! The tractor had developed a crack due to a bad casting in an axle housing causing bearings to break. The dealer was paid to repair it and never found the crack ! The unit broke the bearing again the exact same way. The dealer refused to warranty their repairs. I disassembled the unit myself and found the crack myself as they had missed it. Also the dealer had installed the brake stack backwards, not shimmed the new bearing and had not tested the axle for trueness. I tried to contact New Holland for help. The dealer intervened trying to stop me from getting New Hollands help. After 1 year New Holland finally sent a Rep out to visit me and view my parts and claim. New Holland agreed that the case cracked was thier fault and told the dealer to repay me most of my costs. The dealer agreed, but never followed through. New Holland let me down as it took them 8 months to persuade the dealer to pay me. New Holland claimed the dealer refused to return thier phone calls! So my rating for the dealer and New Holland would be they are terrible which is a shame as I think I could have enjoyed the tractor except for their poor customer service.

Pros: None.
Cons: Extremely bad customer service from the dealer and New Holland.

5.00 star(s)

TC18 New Holland
Great Machine
Model Year: 2002

Solid built little tractor. Have used every available add on unit. It performs without a hitch. Woods backhoe unit great for sprinkler systems and landscaping.

Pros: Easy to move around houses doing landscaping.
Cons: Dealer didn't want to back up warranty.

4.00 star(s)

TC18 New Holland
Ol' Blue
Model Year: 2000

Very reliable tractor and so far has performed everything I have expected out of it. I purchased it with 244 hours on it from a neighbor of thirty years so I knew the tractor very well. In fact, I had performed many maintenance issues for the previous owner. Unfortunately, he passed away last Thanksgiving and his wife felt in in heart to offer it to me and we reached an agreement. The last couple of years I kept them in vegetables from my garden. The tractor came with a 48" Yanmar tiller, a 48" Land Pride Grooming mower, and a leaf sweeper. I have rebuilt the tiller and the grooming mower and am thrilled to be able to have had the opportunity to own this machine. My garden loves it too.

Pros: Starts every time. Easy to service.
Cons: No front end loader but I am researching a kit to install it myself.

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