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TC24 New Holland
500 hr TC24DA Review
Model Year: 2004

I purchased the unit as a new leftover to save a couple of dollars compared to the TC26DA. I have to admit that a big reason NH won over the other brands was the 60 month interest free financing. I got a package deal; machine, loader, 60" mid-mount, grass collector, weight box and 51" front mount snowblower. I then purchased a used Ford 904 post hole digger, a 60" rake and tooth bar. Overall I like the machine, I use it year round. It does have a few things that could be improved. 1st is the ease of removing and mounting the loader. I've had the machine for 5 years and its still a pain. The loader arms are too narrow, the kickstand is weak and poorly designed. 2nd is the location of the loader quick disconnects. I don't know if its because I have a snow blower but with the disconnects in the front by the grill it adds to the difficulty of loader mounting. I'm debating on putting a second set closer to the joy stick. This way I can shorten the hoses. They won't get in the way of the loader arms or rub on the front tires when turning. 3rd The mower is real heavy. Unfortunately the wheels are on the narrow side so I wind up with tire marks on my lawn. It does however do a good job cutting the grass. The grass vacuum works well. There is one spot on the mower deck that does not seal totally where the grass escapes the vacuum and throws onto the deck. The front headlights are really just for show with the loader on, too much light is blocked. ROPS mounted lights are the way to go (on my to do list). This tractor does like to move material. The hydro trans, weight capacity and lift height makes it easy. The loader is capable of way more that the machine can handle, even with a weight box. The machine has never given me any problems that was not user induced (summer fuel in winter, I did not drain water). The snow blower is excellent in deep heavy snow. The lighter shallow stuff, just okay. Next purchase (before winter) is a soft cab for the snow blower use. Wind is your enemy ;-). It might sound like I have a lot of neg reviews for my machine. That is not the case. I would recommend it to anyone and I'm happy with my purchase. It just has a few flaws that need to be addressed by NH. (note: The loader arms on the new 21-26hp machines are the wide width style). I gave the value of this machine as 3 stars only because you can get other brands that will do the same work for less $$$.

Pros: High lift bucket, power, comfort.
Cons: Headlights are useless with bucket on, loader kick stand weak, loader arms are too narrow making it difficult to mount/dismount, quick disconnect hydraulic hoses could be more protected.

5.00 star(s)

TC24 New Holland
My New Esed New Holland
Model Year: 2008

I recently bought a used 24 hp new holland with a front end loader. I did not set out to do such a thing, however, I priced what adding a FEL to my TC 35D NH and thought for that price I would shop around for something smaller, used and with a front end loader already present. Well I think I did fairly well. For $8600 I bought this 24 HP NH. So far, I am quite impressed. I have been moving dirt, firewood, mulch, garbage and anything else I can think of to fit in a bucket. This tractor has executed flawlessly and frankly is a blast to use around the yard. In hindsight, I am glad I did not get a loader put on my 35HP tractor because for about the same price I got a whole used tractor and loader!

Pros: Strong, good size but not too big.
Cons: Not HST, trickier to mow unless driving long runs in the back yard.

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