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TC24D New Holland
New Holland TC25D
Model Year: 1999

My main use is to cut 4 acres of grass with a NH 930B 6' finish mower and clear a 400' driveway of snow in the winter using the front end loader and a 6' blade on the back. My tractor is equipped with turf tires without any additional weight. I follow the NH maintenance schedule for filters and fluids and do my own work on it. The price of the parts seems a little high at times causing me to think on delaying the schedule but, so far I've resisted the urge and I've been repair free except for a battery and a hydraulic cooler hose for 13 years.

Pros: Reliable and comfortable to use.
Cons: Maintenance part costs.

4.00 star(s)
Rich Prap

TC24D New Holland
My First Tractor
Model Year: 2003

I love my tractor and could not get work done around here without it. Purchased an equine property this year + the 2003 NHTC24D. Thought it was a steal for the tractor 620 hrs + front loader, Del Marino Mower, Spreader, Post Hole Digger, Drag Harrow and rake for $7500. I have developed a transmission leak and it will cost upwards of $3,000 to replace a seal because the tractor must be split in half to get to the the transmission. I think I can do anything mechanically given a good service guide and tools but I wish the tractor was easier and cheaper to service. I will do my homework.

Pros: Does all I need it to do.
Cons: Dealer repar cost high ($90/hr).

Photo Uploads:

5.00 star(s)

TC24D New Holland
Model Year: 2004

Great tractor. Have done MUCH more with it than ever imagined. Have 60" finish mower, front end loader, backhoe, post auger, wood splitter, 48" bush hog. Performance is far better than hoped. Backhoe is amazing for such a small tractor.

Pros: Awesome performance.
Cons: My dealer (Theros Equipment) was awful...and no longer sells or services unit.

4.00 star(s)
cliff B

TC24D New Holland
Model Year: 2005

Purchased my tractor mainly for snow removal. It works great for that. I must keep it full of fuel and plug in the engine heater at temps below 10F. Otherwise the (too small) fuel filter freezes. The only other problem I have is that the "joystick" wore out. I re-manufactured the broken one due to the cost of replacement ($318) but it doesn't work quite as well.

Pros: Compact tractor gets into small areas but still big & heavy enough to do some pretty heavy work.
Cons: Fuel system requires a lot of attention in winter!

4.00 star(s)

TC24D New Holland
Grave Digger
Model Year: 2007

Bought this TC24DA which was used to look after a grave yard and dig graves for +- 7 years. 2,400 hrs. on clock. Came with a N.H. FEL, backhoe, 60" mower and front mounted snow blower. The machine is well used and shows signs of external wear. Have used it already to expand a parking pad for our 5th wheel trailer, small tree stump removal and moving some large rocks as well as general maintenance on the property. Can't use the mower as we live on the side of a hill with uneven terrain and it would end up scalping the lawn but it came with the package and I thought it could help with resale if that became necessary. The project for this winter is to start to fix hydraulic leaks, body work paint etc. 2,400 hrs. is a lot of hrs. in 7 years but engine should be good for +- 5,000 I hope. $11,500 cost may seem like a lot to our US friends, but it is what the market will stand, small used tractors are as rare as hens teeth and don't stay long on the lots.

Pros: Easy to operate, even for the beginner.
Cons: Used tractors in Canada command a stiff price

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