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TC29 New Holland
TC29DA with Backhoe and other implements
Model Year: 2005

We bought the tractor new from the dealer (Garton Tractor) because the price difference of new vs used was very small, so why not buy new?! Dealer gave us a great loan through CNH capital with very little down and no hassles. They put all the implements on the loan so we got everything we thought we would need. I also had dealer add a hydraulic top link and tilt for 3-pt which has been very useful. Tractor is used almost every day for all sorts of tasks, usually just carrying stuff. We got industrial tires so they don't chew up gravel road too much, although they do leave heavy imprints in grass. Tractor is built great and very heavy duty. Class 1 hitch is great for buying or borrowing accessories like rototiller or disks. I got a frame-mounted backhoe which we don't use too often but its very tough and reliable. It makes tractor very heavy and low so can't go through muddy areas too well, but backhoe can lift tractor so it gets unstuck easily. My only complaints are that front tires are a bit small considering we carry heavy loads in loader all the time, so the tires wear out fast and tend to make ruts in ground easily. Also some wiring is exposed around transmission and running over debris can damage or disconnect wires which usually results in being unable to start tractor next time you try, so it can be a mystery what happened. If you have a choice of horsepower amounts, go with higher horsepower as its often helpful. The 29hp can bog down when going uphill and running equipment. Also has a tendency to overheat due to debris in the radiator fins, so keeping that clean is important but difficult because battery and hydraulic cooler blocks access. However, all that said, we find its much more heavy duty and capable than Kubota's or Deere's of similar size/price. Most other tractors this size are built lighter an tend to get bent easily. New Holland is much tougher and can withstand new driver's learning curve much better. Overall, we are very happy with our tractor and the dealer, and feel we made the best choice.

Pros: Built strong, Heavy Duty, Standard class-1 hitch and PTO.
Cons: Front tires undersized for heavy use of loader.

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3.00 star(s)

TC29 New Holland
New Holland TC29D
Model Year: 2005

With a 7308 FEL, this TC29D is as handy as a pocket on a shirt. Though the lift capacity isn't as much as I'd like, it sure beats wheel barrowing! The tractor is capable with my 6' disc harrow, two-row cultivator, and middle buster, but just barely. For a newbie tractor owner it's simple to operate.

Pros: ease of use
Cons: light on power

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5.00 star(s)

TC29 New Holland
New Hollad TC29
Model Year: 2002

I bought this tractor in 2004 with 170 hours to replace my 1952 Ford 8N which I had for 17 years. The TC29 has been excellent! Not one problem in 5 plus years.

Pros: Good Power, small but big enough to do the job
Cons: None

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TC29 New Holland
Stay clear
Model Year: 2003

I have a TC29D and had to have the head re machined at 560 hours because of a miss-milled head at the factory. The machine is now back in the shop at 680 hours and has a motor that has gouges in the block from a stuck ring. This has been $6000 dollars of repairs in less than 700 hours and no more than 120 hours since the last time it was at the dealer and New Holland won't cover a thing. These motors on the boomers are not re-build able, since you cannot bore out the block and use over-sized pistons because they don't make them. Basically a throw away part at a cost of 2000 dollars just for the block. Basically for home use you won't have enough hours on the tractor before it fails and the warranty is over.

Pros: Looks nice
Cons: Not reliable

3.00 star(s)
j walker

TC29 New Holland
Model Year: 2004

I bought this tractor from a Deere dealer as a trade in. The hour meeter was showing 303 hours. I test drove the tractor in the lot and everything seamed to work. So I bought the tractor, loaded it up, and took it home. When I backed it off the trailer, the power steering started failing, and there was power steering fluid everywhere. It turned out to be the power steering filter was stopped up and a new filter was over 100 dollars. Then the parking brake would not work because the cable was broken. I noticed a noise under the tractor while moving, checked it out and I found the drive shaft yokes splines fot the front wheel drive were worn out, all flopping around. The estimate cost was close to $500.00 just for the parts! While brush hogging the wires that connect to the neutral switch on the side of the trany (that is almost impossible to reach without taking the back tire off ) came unconnected shorting out the safety circuit not allowing the tractor to start. And this is a tractor with only 303 hours on it!

Pros: Good looking, very comfortable, easy on fuel. I like the way the hood raises out of the way for maintenance.
Cons: The hydrostat foot feet control is very hard to operate (coward to control) and is on the same side as the turning brakes. Impossible for turning. What were they thinking? The hand controls are very stiff and not very user friendly.

4.00 star(s)

TC29 New Holland
Model Year: 2003

I've owned my TC 29 for a little over a month now and really love it. I bought it used with about 900 hours on it, it has a hydrostat trans and is equipped with a 68 inch FEL, a Woods 7500 backhoe and R4 tires. A previous owner had the fronts filled with foam and the rears filled with Calcium. I have mixed feelings about the Calcium filled rear tires, the traction and stability they provide is incredible, however I'm concerned about corrosion to the rims. The Woods backhoe works great, very smooth and powerful, the FEL also works great. Soon after purchase, I changed out all the fluids and filters, which was easy and straight forward. Because of the combination of having a backhoe and filled tires, this tractor is very heavy for its size which means it has great traction and digging performance, but it will leave ruts in your lawn. Overall I like this tractor very much and would recommend it.

Pros: Good design, tight turning radius,
Cons: None.

4.00 star(s)

TC29 New Holland
Execellent tractor
Model Year: 2003

I have been using the tractor fir about a week and I'm very happy with the performance of it fir its size. The 4WD is a must and is very useful. That being said I do have a problem with the rear PTO but hopefully its not too expensive to repair.

Pros: ease of use
Cons: pto broke

5.00 star(s)

TC29 New Holland
I Love This Tractor
Model Year: 1998

It's small enough to get in & around stuff but powerful enough to perform all I ask of it. I lover the front loader & use it constantly for firewood, driveway upkeep, dirt moving etc w/ the drag blade on the back. The 4wd mowing on my steep hills is a breeze.

Pros: Great tractor.
Cons: I can't think of any.

5.00 star(s)

TC29 New Holland
Super Handy Tractor
Model Year: 2001

As its third owner, I bought this tractor with 40 hours on the clock. Over nine years it was used for about another 830 hours. It worked great at everything asked of it. Sure, it could use more lifting capacity and power. But those features are available in larger tractors for more money. The least appreciated aspect was the effect the short wheel base had on batteries. The jarring ride over bumpy terrain caused acid to spill and that caused corrosion on the battery tray and hardware, and also ate on the paint at the front end of the tractor. Typical batteries also don't respond well to G shocks. So after replacing the lead acid battery a couple times, an Optima sealed battery was installed. No more acid spilled and the battery was still doing fine a couple years later when the tractor was sold. And the tractor held value very well.

Pros: Handy, reliable, good value and value retention.
Cons: Lead acid battery, which can be replaced by a sealed battery.

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4.00 star(s)

TC29 New Holland
New Holland TC29 4WD
Model Year: 2000

Overall a great little tractor for less than 10 acres. I have used this tractor mowing with a 5 ft brush cutter, 8 ft sickle bar, and a 4 ft disc cutter with no problem. The 4WD helps the tractor pull a 5 ft box blade with no problem. I regularly use a 5 ft rotary tiller, but at a low speed as the PTO hp is only 25 claimed. It has no problem pulling an 8 ft rake. I recently purchased a mid size round baler which the tractor can handle except at the tightest bale setting due to the PTO claimed power of 25 hp. Rear three point lifts most large round bales, but only recommend max size at 5 ft round bales due to light weight of tractor and maintaining safety.

Pros: Great tractor for size and prices.
Cons: Seat uncomfortable after an hour of continued use.

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