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4.00 star(s)

TC33 New Holland
TC 33D
Model Year: 2000

Bought the tractor used with 700 hours. Overall good midsized tractor but the 33 hp engine does lack power.

Pros: Great features, good size, comfortable and easy to use
Cons: Underpowered for 33 hp

4.00 star(s)

TC33 New Holland
My New Holland TC-33 DA
Model Year: 2004

I had a slightly older TC-30 with straight transmission. It was great, no problems, worked hard but after 3 to 5 hours of bush hogging or p;owing, my left knee would be extremely painful from operating the clutch. I would get off the tractor and have a difficult time walking. I traded it for a new TC-33 DA, with what is essentially an automatic transmission. No more clutch problems, no more knee problems. I love it. This one has a loader and that has been well worth the price. My wife is continually finding jobs that I can do with the loader and she questioned why I wanted a loader. We will never figure them out, we just love them and keep going.

Pros: No need to deal with a clutch.
Cons: No cons as far as I am concerned

4.00 star(s)

TC33 New Holland
Perfect Tractor for 6+ Acres
Model Year: 2003

I waited way to long to get this tractor, and have enjoyed every task I've used it for since. Talking with friends and from personal rental experience, I needed 25+ PTO horsepower and the 33D was there. Great financing helped me chose this brand. Other than routine maintenance items, I have not spent more than a couple hundred dollars in parts (hydro cooler mod, circuit breaker fuse, and AGM battery) without one warranty issue needed.

Pros: Swivel seat, cruise, operators platform
Cons: Split brakes on go pedal side, OEM hydro cooler lines ($80 change out)

Photo Uploads:

4.00 star(s)
Anonymous Poster

TC33 New Holland
tc33 boomer review.
Model Year: 2003

Overall, we like the tractor. There are a few features the John Deere has that would be nice to have on this tractor, however, for the price/deal I got on this tractor, I am well pleased with its performance. We use this tractor several times a week for loader work. The work is generally for short durations. I also cut 4 to 5 acres of grass with it. When originally purchased I cut much more.

Pros: Very easy to use and drive.
Cons: Cruise control is temperamental.

5.00 star(s)

TC33 New Holland
A new NEW HOLLAND fan...
Model Year: 2006

I grew up on Kubota's, and simply couldn't find what I was after in a used model. Somehow, I ended up stumbling on a TC33DA that was actually local, well serviced, low hours, and priced right, with all kinds of extras. The moment I looked at it in person after doing research on it, I fell in love. It has been a fantastic tractor for me, and has features on it that other tractors simply don't have or even offer in it's size.

Pros: Deluxe spring seat with armrest and swivel feature, rubber footwell area, tilt/telescoping steering, well placed controls, cruise control, tight (very!) turning radius, fast, sloped hood, telescoping rear links, belly mower very easy to remove, 7 has large tires.
Cons: The paint job on the metal is flaking (known problems that NH had for some reason). I really can't think of any other!

5.00 star(s)

TC33 New Holland
2002 TC33D w/ 7308 Loader
Model Year: 2002

Bought new to maintain 1 mile long gravel road - blading, raking, mowing, & snow removal. Sometimes I wish I had a bigger tractor, but this one is very easy and economical to operate. It's very maneuverable also - gets into tight spots very well. I haven't had much trouble, but have replaced key switch, glow plug relay & timer, safety relays, and starter. The starter probably wasn't necessary, but has occasional problems in hot weather. i also replaced oil cooler hoses and front tires have cracks and cuts. Overall very pleased.

Pros: Lift up hood & side panels, high swivel seat, well placed mechanical controls, adjustable steering wheel, and telescoping lower arms.
Cons: I can't climb on the joystick side, have to unbolt fuel filter to service it, and the loader seems a little weak.

5.00 star(s)
Anonymous Poster

TC33 New Holland
Model Year: 2006

Purchased this "harvest return" in 2007 with 92 hrs on the clock. Came with a 14LA FEL and a 72" box blade. 5yr/0% financing was the tipping point between blue, green and orange. Fits nicely in the garage. HST makes it easy for everyone in the family to operate. After four years of weekend use, nothing bad to report.

Pros: Fits nicely in the garage.
Cons: No cup holder.

5.00 star(s)

TC33 New Holland
New Holland TC33
Model Year: 2002

First real tractor. Almost bought a 1986 Case 480K (and later a 2010 TYM 503) till a friend talked me out of it. Too big, too heavy. Would have needed a new trailer and truck. Bought this used and it seems more than adequate for my plans (removing stumps clearing land of downed trees and grading 1/4 mile drive. Backhoe and HST are very useful. I did do the whole confusing search thing like most guys do. "How big? Cab? Backhoe? New, used?".

Pros: Excellent quality, local dealer. NH has been in business a long.
Cons: Parking brake light micro sws went out. $260 to replace.

Photo Uploads:

4.00 star(s)

TC33 New Holland
Good for Light Work
Model Year: 0

Purchased used with just over 200 hours. It was a good deal with implements - loader with quick-change bucket, forklift attachment, Landpride tiller, auger, back blade, field mower and fork attachment for the 3pt hitch. The gear transmission is a hassle to change directions, often sticking between gears until I tease the clutch. The other controls are stiff as well, such as the 4-wheel lever and the speed range lever. I will definitely pay more to get a hydro next time. But I use it only occasionally, and the rig has been very reliable so far. The loader controls are also rather touchy if you are trying to make fine adjustments. I have done some clearing, grading and mowing on a few acres. This was my first New Holland, overall it has been okay.

Pros: Reliable, good size, narrow track fits tight places.
Cons: Controls don't shift smoothly.

5.00 star(s)

TC33 New Holland
Been a Great Tractor
Model Year: 1999

This is not the only tractor I use, but it is the most versatile and extremely reliable. It has never not answered the call. I use it for mowing with the belly mower (not too much of this), but I mainly use it for spraying with the PTO boom sprayer, fertilizing with the slinger, using the land plane on gravel roads, etc. It is the perfect size for this type thing, easy to get on or off, and very easy to use with the HST transmission. The seat is comfortable.

Pros: Size, reliability, ease of use.
Cons: None.

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