new holland

  1. roguewave

    2002 New Holland TC33 throw out bearing replacement…split tractor in two ?

    Throw out bearing is howling when I depress the pedal. I figured I’d replace everything, clutch, pressure plate and TO bearing….then someone told me the tractor has to be separated in two. Who has done this job and how hard was it ? Thank you for any help
  2. G

    New Holland T5 Electro Command PTO issue

    2016 New Holland T5 105 Electro Command PTO is free spinning when shut off, will not engage when running, clicking noise at solenoid. Solenoid checked , functioning as should. Tried new sensor, no change. Next step is to find a 1000 pto shaft to insert and see if it will move the gears, andy...
  3. R

    New holland powerstar t4.75 clutch problem

    i have a 2013 powerstar with power shuttle and 8x8 gears. i hooked up planter and main gears ended up getting stuck. i ended up switching gears and started planting. Well after about 5 acres the clutch pedal started to rise up slowly and tractor seemed to slip gears. I stopped and hydraulic...
  4. G

    New Holland Powerstar T4.75 Radiator Removal

    I'm helping my Uncle replace the radiator on a NH Powerstar 75. My question does anyone know if there are bolts underneath connected to the radiator? We have everything disconnected and it still won't come out, seems like something is connected to the bottom of the radiator. Got late, so...
  5. IH3444

    New Holland Oil Filter

    Messicks looks to be carrying a new New Holland engine oil filter for $10.05, after the price on the older filters sky rocketed in cost. Does anyone know who is now manufacturing these new less expensive filters. Neil on one of his youtube videos stated that Fleetguard made the older engine oil...
  6. R

    New Holland TC40D Tractor

    I purchased a TC40D tractor at an estate sale 12 years ago. I’m trying to find out when it was manufactured. I found an aluminum plate ( see enclosed pic) with the following numbers [G510492][08176][3M22106] and [1121D]. Anyone know what they mean? Appreciate it.
  7. M

    Current name of New Holland Universal Tractor Fluid

    Looking over the names of the New Holand UTF. None I Recognize, Currently have New Holland Mastertran Ultaction in now. Has been in tractor around 5 years so going to do a fluid change sometime this year. seems like this is the right choice but it mentions designed for CVT. Mine is HST also wet...
  8. J

    Question - New Holland TN75DA Hydraulics

    Hey everyone, looking for some help understanding the hydraulic arrangement on my TN75DA. Tractor currently has 2 Mid-Mount valves for the FEL that are controlled via joy stick and 2 rear remotes that are controlled via two separate levers (both are dual action, top valve has float). My...
  9. J

    NH TC30 Stalls When removing Parking Brake or taking it out of Neutral

    I have, what appears to be, a common issue. However, following all other's previous recommended fixes, I still have my issue. Background: I have a 2004 New Holland TC30. HST. Starts and runs great. I can move the bucket. It will run all day long as long as I don't take off parking brake or take...
  10. C

    New Holland aftermarket parts?

    Any sources? Just priced grommet and sending unit for fuel tank. 34.84 and 193.26!!! 34 dollars and change for a **** bushing??
  11. G

    New Holland Workmaster 50 no crank

    I’m helping a buddy try to troubleshoot a no crank on his New Holland, I’m having a hard time finding an electrical schematic, does anyone have one they might share? All fuses are good, ignition switch is good and we’ve tested all of the safety switches that we can find but I’m not finding the...
  12. H

    New Holland TT60A wiring diagrams

    I'm hoping someone out there may have a book or CD of the wiring diagrams. Primarily interested in the three wires on the alternator. It has three posts. One large one is battery positive output, one small one I believe might be the tach output signal. The third post is slightly smaller than the...
  13. J

    Trailer recommendation for a New Holland Workmaster 75

    Hi all, I'm shopping for a trailer to haul a new holland work master 75 with loader and am seeking recommendations. At first I was looking at the partial tilt trailers with the fenders that raise above the decking but even the models that are 102" wide I am concerned will be a really tight fit...
  14. Cyrilmanyau

    New Holland

    I'm looking for the spindle, arm of that new Holland, whose model I'm not quite sure of
  15. F

    New Holland 16 LA bucket

    Hello, I own a new Holland tractor with a 16LA front loader. The current bucket is old and worn out and I need to replace it. Where is a good place to look for these buckets? Thanks.
  16. L

    New Holland 575 Baler Hydraulic Issues

    Started baling today and the hydraulic tensioner will not get tight (bales loose) then it started shooting oil out the gauge. Help!! I can't find the book and my dad passed away in December so I can't ask him.
  17. Rocking 74

    New Holland T4.75 front hub issues

    I need some help diagnosing a recurrent issue with my front final end drive on my MFWD T4.75. The sun (part # 5191412) & planetary gears (5165273) housed in the hub locked up somehow resulting in the planetaries loosing some teeth and the sun gear ground completely smooth. The Hub (87542225) was...
  18. T

    New Holland TK4.100HC

    When the conditions are too muddy, but the vegetables need to be harvested
  19. Complete Turf Care

    Stolen Tractor - New Holland TC 45

    This tractor was stolen between March 24 and March 26 in Crowley, Louisiana. It is a New Holland TC 45 that belongs to my nephew. The plow was also stolen. It was parked in an old shed, and the key was not anywhere near it.
  20. M

    Clutch slipping on hills New Holland TT75A s

    How do you repair a slipping clutch. It's fine on flat ground and doesn't Slip at all but going up a hill and it slows down.?
  21. T

    new holland fiat tn75f super steer fault code 34

    ive been having a hard time troubleshooting the ecu/ecm seems to be functional but the rear hitch is disabled. im getting an error code 34 on the book/gear icon on the dash only. ive gone over just about everything but i only have the manual for the tn75 which does not include everything. an...
  22. JimBinMI

    New Holland to Kubota

    Well last Fall I was looking for a BX with 54" deck to use as a mowing machine, I already have a BX25D. Unfortunately I found a TZ18DA first with a 60" deck and a great price so I bought it last October. Then, I couldn't keep off of Machinery Pete's website and I found a heck of a deal...I...
  23. N

    New Holland T4.75 power star hydraulic problem

    The loader jerks really Bad when the oil is hot . I have replaced the pump, loader control valve, relief valve, change filter and oil ,replaced all suction hoses on suction side of pump ,changed the quick couplings and switched the hoses on the lift and replaced the cylinder packing . Installed...
  24. B

    No power after battery change on New Holland Workmaster 33

    This tractor is a 2017 model. We've had some cold weather and the battery was down on my tractor. Took the battery off (don't have electricity at my barn) and brought it home to charge. Next day Hook it all back up and nothing. No power to dash, no fuel pump running. check wiring harnesses...
  25. A

    New holland TC35d 4wd supersteer front axle housing

    We have enjoyed our 2002 TC35D hydrostatic front wheel drive tractor and “built” our 20 acres with it. My husband uses the front end loader nonstop, pushes pulls and hauls. We have had the front axle worked on before. The very gifted Mechanic Has been able to actually weld in order to re-create...
  26. Ssequels

    Electrically dead Boomer?

    I just purchased a Boomer 40 a few weeks ago and so far it was a good tractor. I was cleaning some things near my tractor and the instrument panel ended up getting hosed over. Probably should have been move careful, but didn't think a bit of water would hurt things. Afterwards, the keyswitch...
  27. F

    New holland ts110 24x24 won't shift

    The turtle lights on the dash push button will not shift up. Was told could be the rabbit button or the solenoid which I can't find them.. Any ways to test this stuff?
  28. JimBinMI

    TZ18DA with Cyclone Rake

    Here’s a pic of set-up and result.
  29. tractorsmoke

    Need Hydraulic Dipstick Replacement - New Holland Work master 40

    Hey all, I am quite upset tonight. I broke the hydraulic dipstick handle while attempting to get the dipstick out.. The tractor has been sitting for a while and the dipstick is absolutely welded to the tractor it feels like... After I broke the white nob handle off I attempted to pry the...
  30. S

    Nh wm40 height with folded down rops?

    Seeing if it will fit inside car trailer.
  31. K

    New Holland TC48DA tach repair

    The tach on my TC48DA tractor is broken - the drive cable at the end near the front of the tractor keeps shearing. I have read online complaints about this ... and that New Holland will only sell an entire console (not just the tach) for about $950. My guess is that it's probably only about $10...
  32. S

    New Holland TC34DA

    Is it possible to put a turbocharger on a TC34DA?
  33. goddom

    LS Tractor - Drives Slowly - Bad Hydrostat?

    Hello, So I have 2013 G3038H tractor with about 1050hrs on it, and the tractor moves so slowly now - in all gears (high, medium and low). Fluid is not very old, and still looks clean. I changed the filter recently and cut it open to see if there was any metal debris in it - but it was clean...
  34. nathan1648

    Cross reference website needed for hydraulic lift (3 point) control valve

    Does anyone know of a good site to cross reference website for hydraulic lift control valves? I'm looking to rebuild New Holland hydraulic lift/control valve part # MT40007577 (LS Part #40250285). I have been able to cross reference some parts on New Holland tractors but I haven't had any luck...
  35. R

    12’ aerator

    Will a New Holland TS110 pull a 12 spike aerator, my ground is pretty hard dirt. i don’t reallly need a 12’ but there is a used one with a real good price on it with the weight blocks already on it.

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  37. B

    NH TC33DA Starter Problem

    Intermittently, the starter would not engage when the key was turned. the starter relay clicked but the starter motor would not engage. After repeated attempts, the engine started. Weeks might go by before it happened again. I have seen this before on other starters when there is a "dead" spot...
  38. H

    Workmaster 33 in "Safe Mode"

    We have a Workmaster 33 bought in 2017 which now has 120 hours. The red exclamation point engine warning light and the regeneration lights are blinking and the tractor won't go above 1800 RPM. I have read that this may be due to failure to regenerate the DPF and/or there may be error codes...
  39. Eastonboy99

    Swapping NH MC35 Attachments.

    Hello, I have a (new to me) New Holland MC35. I don't have an operator's manual and I am having difficulty switching attachments. I have a mower deck and a snow blower. Is there a trick to getting them on easier or does it just require some brute force?
  40. A

    TC29 Hydraulic fluid/pump problems NEW HOLLAND

    Drained hydraulic fluid and chunks of metal and water was in it. Checked fluid because I started having a noisy hydraulic pump till tractor was warm. Now the hydraulics will work sometimes and pump squeals everytime it try’s to lift. Where could the water and pieces of metal be from? Oil is in...
  41. A

    Hydraulic pump TC 29 New Holland

    Need help with hydraulics not working. Is the pump bad or do I have other issues? The hydraulic pump is real noisy when I try to lift and takes a minute to start lifting 3 point hitch.
  42. K

    new holland workmaster 33 short to ground

    Hey guys and gals I have been trying to get my brothers new holland workmaster 33 working My issue is when I start it-Shuts off 3 to 4 seconds later Fuel shut off solnoid is getting postive current to ground-I can apply a ground to it and it will run but at high idle when i turn the key on-my...
  43. C

    2022 John Deere 3032E For Sale

    Like brand new (36 hours), with new Frontier RT3062 Tiller (used for 12 minutes), and new Frontier BB2060 Box blade, Rear tires filled with Rim Guard, cruise control added, Piranha tooth bar, bucket level indicator rod, light guards, LED work lights, radiator screen kit. Stored inside, like new...
  44. P

    New Holland TC29D Starting Issues

    Just want to thank you in advance for reading this. I will try to keep it simple. I have owned my tractor since 04. I have not had any major issues until recently. I have had the ignition switch go bad a while back. It then developed a small gremlin that I attributed to the solenoid on the...
  45. R

    New holland ts 110

    Looking for a service manual for a new holland ts 110. I don’t think the 3 point hitch is going down low enough
  46. B

    Interchangeable (Part Compatibility) with Ford / John Deere / Kubota

    Does anyone know if any Ford 1710 tractor engine parts are interchangeable with a John Deere or even a Kubota, and if so what models of John Deere or Kubota tractor are compatible with a Ford 1710 . I know the tractor was made in Japan and I believe the John Deere was also. I was curious if that...
  47. B

    Interchangeable (Parts Compatibility) with Ford / John Deere / Kubota

    Does anyone know if any Ford 1710 tractor engine parts are interchangeable with a John Deere or even a Kubota, and if so what models of John Deere or Kubota tractor are compatible with a Ford 1710 . I know the tractor was made in Japan and I believe the John Deere was also. I was curious if that...
  48. D

    Ford New Holland 914 54" Mid-Mount Mower

    Ford New Holland Mid-Mount Side Discharge Mower and Brackets from a TC21D. Rebuilt the mower deck with new bearings, seals, and blades...then my wife bought a zero turn mower for me so I don't use it. Great mower for someone who is looking for a VERY solid MMM for their tractor. Should fit...
  49. C

    New Holland TN75 No brake lights.

    Actual cluster works. Bulbs all ok. Indicators within same cluster work ok. Wondered if there’s a contact plate closer to the brake pedal or something else between the pedal and cluster that needs attention. Can anyone tell me how to access the wiring or what side panels to remove to get to the...
  50. S

    New Holland TC25d broken Transmission Hub spring

    My tractor had been sitting a while. Used it to load 3 attachments and itself onto a trailer, and then offloaded the same at new property. Then as I was going to park tractor I depressed clutch and nothing happened, so with brake on it bogged down. It behaved like a stuck clutch but it had...
  51. L

    New Holland TN70A alternator issues

    Tractor stopped charging battery. Put in new battery - same issue. I had a mechanic tell me the alternator was bad, soooooo, I purchased a new alternator and installed it. Now the tractor starts and runs, but the battery dash light now stays lit even with the tractor off and the key off! I...
  52. L

    New Holland WorkMaster 55 with 615TL Loader for sale

    Overall Condition: My WorkMaster 55 has spent its entire life inside a covered and locked garage when not in use. No nicks, scratches or chips on the painted surfaces (hood, fenders, grill, etc.). There is not another WorkMaster 55 having 576 hours on the clock in this good of condition. I...
  53. KevinAr

    T4.75 Diesel Particulate Filter (DPF) Regen Failure - is there a fix I can do or is it dealership pain time?

    Hi; My 2017 New Holland T4.75 with ~ 1000hrs on it has decided to fail the DPF Cycle, It tried a few times in Auto, Failed, then I started to get the warning messages. So I used the manual and went through a manual regen process (it failed), I tried a second time, and foolishly touched the...
  54. M

    1720 Injection Pump Timing

    This is my first post so I am sorry if it is a rehash. The injection pump on my 1997 New Holland 1720 started to leak fuel into the crank case. I sent it in to be rebuilt and recently got it back from the shop. It is a Zexel piston style pump in the attached picture. I was told that I could...