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4.00 star(s)

TC34 New Holland
New Holland TC34DA
Model Year: 2008

Tractor was on lot for 1 year and dealer wanted to deal. First time with this type of machine, I have put most hrs on skidding out logs. Front bucket controls seem touchy to get adjusted, would not float when I first bought it, dealer picked it up and repaired but now seems to not have the breakout force as before. Overall I am happy with this set-up. I am glad I went with the DA vs the T1510, for the extra $ I really like the creature comforts.

Pros: good value, well build, great confort, hydro control
Cons: neeeds block heater to start in winter,

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4.00 star(s)
Anonymous Poster

TC34 New Holland
The First 150 Hrs
Model Year: 2006

I have a NH TC34DA with 150 hrs after 4 years...I keep the tractor in a dry barn...My only complaint, was the when the dealer add the MMM and FEL...They did a very poor job, and I had re-do their work, and get the parts they didn't install...Next time, I will install the up-grades...Bob

Pros: Great CUT tractor with a ton of HP
Cons: Dealer Service/install

5.00 star(s)

TC34 New Holland
TC34DA with loader used for maintaining hilly woods.
Model Year: 2008

This model was left over from a previous year so I got a good cash price. It had the 240TL loader but did not have the grille guard or bucket level indicator. In fact, there is no hole in the quick-attach plate for the level indicator. This is a comfortable, even luxurious hydro tractor with plenty of power for its size. It pushes fallen logs off trails with the loader, mows heavy brush with a 5ft rotary mower, scrapes dirt roads with a 6ft blade, and moves gravel from piles very nicely even on steep slopes.

Pros: Strong, maneuverable, trailerable by 1/2ton pickup
Cons: Expensive plastic parts that can get damaged in the woods.

5.00 star(s)

TC34 New Holland
Model Year: 2007

Machine meets all requirements. I could use more FEL lift but that would mean a bigger tractor. Loaded tires really help with stability. Two rear remote valves are really handy, could use 3.

Pros: A lot of HP for its size
Cons: None

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