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TC45A New Holland
New Holland TC45DA - Great Utility Tractor
Model Year: 2006

I use it for mowing and baling hay, rear mount snowblower, box blade ground leveling. Use the bucket loader for normal chores like moving manure and dirt, large hay bales. I use the bucket loader as a scaffolding while working on buildings, etc. The hydrostatic is great, you can back into a hitch and spot the tractor within a 1/4 inch. I could never do that with a clutch/manual shift machine. The tractor always runs great, but if you plan to use it in very cold weather, make sure to add a transmission heater. It won't even move at -25F degrees if you don't. Also, the stock "driver occupancy" seat switch fails in cold weather because the foam is too dense/stiff. The tractor won't stay running when you put it in gear. I had to change to the older style of safety switch that works on the seat frame.

Pros: Good buy, good performance.
Cons: Needs a few mods for cold weather.

4.00 star(s)

TC45A New Holland
Not Your Fathers Ford 600
Model Year: 2009

I had been using my Grandfathers Ford 600 for most of my life. Even got the engine rebuilt. This New Holland could out work it any day of the week. I had big reservations about getting a new one as the old one had lots of sentimental value but sentimental value doesn't get the mowing done. Happy I got it but wish I had the loader to go with it now. Maybe one day.

Pros: Powerful for a small tractor.
Cons: I had to have the inside of the fenders repainted while it was still in warranty. The paint was peeling off.

5.00 star(s)

TC45A New Holland
Boomer TC 45 DA
Model Year: 2006

I ended up buying from the dealer nearest to me because of their price and availability. Excellent quality tractor. Only problem I have had is with the coupling of the New Holland back hoe that I bought with the tractor. I find attaching the thing quite cumbersome and time consuming. It may be that I just need more practice. I also don't like the fit of the rear wedge support for the back hoe which has a lot of vertical slop and no way that I can find to adjust it out. Problem may be due to stabilizers relaxing while using the machine {haven't found a fix for this yet}.

Pros: None.
Cons: None.

5.00 star(s)

TC45A New Holland
Model Year: 2007

Great all around utility tractor for acreage cleanup tasks. MFWD and differential lock come in handy for rain soaked sandy loam soil. Cab AC helps out when working in our Texas summer heat. Regularly use the loader and have added a backhoe. Sometimes I do wish I had a little more loader lift capacity.

Pros: Convienence of use.
Cons: Could occasionally use a bit more loader lift capacity.

5.00 star(s)
Anonymous Poster

TC45A New Holland
Excellent Tractor
Model Year: 2006

I've owned this tractor for almost 7 years now, and it has been an excellent tool for my landscape business.

Pros: Dependable, fuel efficient, price.
Cons: Lift capacity of front end loader.

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