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TL 70. New Holland
Model Year: 2001

I basically only needed this tractor to bush hog and to feed hay in winter. We raise cattle and do not raise our own hay. So I basically bush hog and unload & feed hay. That being said, this tractor has been a great purchase for me. I pull a BushHog 3210 pull type rotary cutter. My area is rolling hills and I do great. After having this tractor for 7-8 yrs, I only wish it had more power. Seems like it bogs down too easy. Maybe not enough torque. My next purchase will be a size bigger although this size has done me a great job.

Pros: Size, convenience, cab features, comfort, visibility.
Cons: Low torque, fuel tank fill is crowded against loader arms.

5.00 star(s)

TL 70. New Holland
Model Year: 2001

I purchased the New Holland to enable me to manage feeding of hay to beef stock, slashing and pasture renovation. It may have not have to electronic controls of more modern machines, but that is why I chose it due to the kiss method (keep it simple stupid). The comfortable cabin well made quick attach loader are excellent.

Pros: Easy to maintain, service, with easy part replacement etc. excellent dealer service and advice is a bonus after owning other models.
Cons: Not having front wheel assist and small dia wheels.

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