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TL 80. New Holland
TL 80 New Owner
Model Year: 2001

I just bought this tractor to replace a AC180 diesel. The NH has only 131 hours on it because a doctor owned it and used it only with a small finishing mower and he didn't use it much in Tenn. As a mechanic and I restored the AC180, I consider the NH easy to work on so far. Time will tell but it seems well built and user friendly.

Pros: Easy to operate.
Cons: Forward assist bulb doesn't work on dash panel.

5.00 star(s)

TL 80. New Holland
Happy Bloke
Model Year: 2005

Very good tractor for the hills I live on a hilly dairy farm and I drive on some steep land and I only trust my tl80 than a John Deere.

Pros: Nice wheel base and loader.
Cons: No cab.

5.00 star(s)

TL 80. New Holland
TL80 New Holland
Model Year: 2001

I bought this tractor after a AC180 was lost in a fire. The NH only had 130 hours on it (original) as a doctor had it and only had a finishing mower on it so it was never worked. I use it with a blade and Bush Hog 3208 to mow with. So far it's really a great tractor and I love the 4WD when it comes to pushing snow with the blade. The only thing I had to replace was the hydraulic switch as it didn't allow the 4wd indicator light to come on when engaged. The tractor is still like new as the doctor kept it in side when not in use. I now have 180 hours on it.

Pros: 4wd, easy to service and good dealers.
Cons: Can't think of any.

2.00 star(s)
Anonymous Poster

TL 80. New Holland
Forget Blue Go Green
Model Year: 2015

I have a mint condition F4-85 purchased new, it now has only 160 hours. I thought John Deere was just too expensive, so I went blue with New Holland. Big mistake. Just out of warranty (probably designed to fail) my tractor started falling apart. It was obviously poor assembly. Bolts and screws are literally falling off the tractor, and not from abuse. I re-tightened bolts, nuts, and screws that were visible. The hardware under the dash and in the controls I constantly must be aware of. It always takes a service call for these type of failures and repairs. So, I called New Holland and told them my equipment is falling apart. I was informed that I was out of warranty and their was nothing they could do. I wanted to be assured that this would not happen again and I was ready to purchase new similar equipment. They could not assure me that their assembly plant is any better. The alleged money I saved going with New Holland was spent on service calls. Very simple, Go green. They have more reliability, better performance, and better backing of equipment; which all adds up to you get what you pay for. Stay away from New Holland.

Pros: It's a pretty blue
Cons: It's falling apart and its only got 160 hours

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