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Anonymous Poster

TM120 New Holland
Great Tractor
Model Year: 2003

The 456ci inter-cooled turbo inline 6 cylinder engine has plenty of power and torque for pulling my Vicon KM3200 trail mower, my 2615L Batwing Bush Hog and my New Holland BR7070 4x6 round baler. Super Steer and cab suspension are two options I can say are definitely worth the extra cost. I believe the tera-glide front suspension would also make a great option but at the time I ordered this tractor it was either that or Super Steer; I enjoy a the tighter turning radius you get with the Super Steer front axle. I also ordered it with a bar rear axle which gives you great flexibility if you need to space your tires for crop clearance. The 62LB front end loader is a very smooth and quick responding loader, making loading hay bales with it a breeze. I think the 18x6 Power Shift transmission gives you a nice selection of ground speeds to work with and keep you RPMs in the optimum range.

Pros: Great lighting package, great power and a great transmission.
Cons: Could have better fuel economy but what couldn't these days if $4.00+ diesel.

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