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TN70 New Holland
TN 70 four wheel drive ideal utility tractor for rural living
Model Year: 2003

TN 70 four wheel drive with 16x16 and hydropowershuttle, front loader with 7' high capacity bucket. 12.2x20 front and 16.8 x 28 rear tires loaded with antifreeze. 2 rear remotes. I have used this tractor for logging - all done in winter with Farmi 501 winch and BABEC studded forestry chain. I have a 7' rear-mount snowblower and 8' front mount snow blade with hydraulic angle. I have a front mount basic tree spade. I have a bush hog 121 heavy duty rear blade with hydraulic and title with manual offset. I mow with a Rhino SE72 medium duty brush hog. Pallet forks used a million times, not sure how I ever lived life with out them. I have a rototiller for putting in small hunting food plots. I also have a 5' quick attach dozer blade for the load which I made.

Pros: Started out with TN65, the 70 seems to have 50% more hp and torque. Tractor is very nimble in woods and can pull a big load of wood with either winch or trailer
Cons: Had a main computer go out, pain to replace and reprogram for power shuttle.

5.00 star(s)

TN70 New Holland
New Holland TN70A
Model Year: 2007

2007 New Holland TN70A, open station, canopy, MFWD, 12x12 mechanical shuttle, Bush-Hog M446QT loader. 11.2x24 front tires, 16.9x30 rear. Two rear SCV's. Specs: Engine: 2.9L, 3 cylinder, turbo. 70hp (57 pto) Wheelbase: 81.5" Overall length: 151.6" Height: 95.1" Weight: 5415 pounds (not including loader) I've had this tractor for two years and have never had an problem. It's never been back to the dealer for anything. It handles my Kuhn GMD 600 hay mower or my Rhino 7' cutter with ease. Also handles 4'x5' rolls of hay without a problem. The telescoping lift arms are great! How did I get by for so long without them? It really makes 3-point hook-up so much easier. (especially with a hay mower)

Pros: Fast hydraulics. Great manuverability.
Cons: None.

5.00 star(s)

TN70 New Holland
Model Year: 2007

Great tractor, really like the auto up/down on right fender for 3 pt, telescoping arms are great also. Best small tractor I have seen! Blackland Equipment, where I purchased from are also great. Would highly recommend both the tractor and dealership. Have used round baler, square baler, grading blade, rock bucket, dirt bucket, disk, landscape rake, box blade and 20' sprayer. Always works like you expect!

Pros: Powerful & realiable.
Cons: None.

4.00 star(s)

TN70 New Holland
New Holland TN-70
Model Year: 2002

I bale 2,000 bales of hay a year, clean up fresh dug ditches, bore post holes, mow with a six foot mower, remove snow, clean out pens, move 800 pound metal fire places onto porch, dressers etc. of flat beds, move and spread manure and dirt, smooth ground, life construction materials to the roof, stack hay and pick up hay with three point hitch carrier, lift and set four+ livestock panels, corrugate, plow and clean ditch with my tractor. Being in my seventies with one bad shoulder .. there are a lot of innovative things I can do with my New Holland and 32LA front end loader. After my heart attack I also bought an ATV which takes fifty miles of walking off my schedule. 70% of American farms are owned and operated by people over 70 years of age. Equipment makes this possible. Just had the seat reupholstered with a marine vinyl leatherette... they busted my seat pressure switch and didn't know what it was for. Regrets: My needs have changed and my horse power has not; wish I had a cab for sure.

Pros: Good fuel economy, four wheel power when needed.
Cons: Three point hitch usage poorly documented and doesn't seem to do what they say it will do.

Photo Uploads:

5.00 star(s)

TN70 New Holland
2009 New Holland TN70 Four Wheel Drive
Model Year: 2009

This has been an excellent tractor. I would purchase it again but I think I would get it with the cab next time.

Pros: Pulls great and good on fuel.
Cons: None it does what I expected.

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