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TN70A New Holland
Excellent Utility Tractor
Model Year: 2006

Have put over 1225 hours on tractor since new and am still delighted with the TN70A. We use round balers, square balers, conditioners, rakes, shredders, grading blades, box blades, large and small buckets, pallet forks and bale sweeps. Rear three point setup with the adjustable and extensible arms are better than anything I have seen with Kubotas or John Deere has. Front loaders has quick attach/detach skid loader front loader. Tractor has been very reliable and easy to maintain. Also helps having a very knowledgeable dealer (Blackland Equipment) and they have talked me through doing some things I have been unfamiliar with and advice on additional equipment.

Pros: Reliable, comfortable versatile.
Cons: N/A.

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