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David Mc

TN75SA New Holland
New Holland TN75S
Model Year: 1998

The pivoting front axle on this tractor gives it an unbelievably tight turning circle. Probably the most comfortable tractor I have ever driven - Aircon cab with radio/CD, UHF radio, electro mechanical lift and 44 speed trans with shuttle shift also make it virtually unstoppable. Excellent work light system, but don't run out of fuel because it is a pain to bleed the injector system due to the location of the injection nozzles. Pity that the engine design didn't take a leaf from the old Fiat 411R book and put everything where it is easy to get at.

Pros: Comfortable and capable 4wd tractor.
Cons: Cheesy cab fitout with aircon water leaks into head lining the norm.

3.00 star(s)

TN75SA New Holland
New Holland Warranty and MFN Response
Model Year: 2004

Purchased new. After 150 hrs. four wheel drive computer went bad. Local dealer took six weeks in my busy season to figure out what was wrong. At app 275 hrs. the other computer that controls going into gear went bad. New Holland area manager insisted that this was not possible. N.H. would not work with me; insisted that machine was out of warranty due to years old. I had to pay. This was fourth computer in machine. At five hundred hrs., the computer that controls four wheel drive has failed again, app 150 hrs. or less. These people stink. I would only recommend this manufacturer to someone I hate. I own several machines Cat, JCB, Freightliner and realize everything can have issues, however the mark of any manufacturer is how they respond to the customers problems with their equipment.

Pros: Their are no pro when it comes to New Holland equipment.
Cons: There are no dealers local. I have to transport equip to Tenn. Johnson City.

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