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    Need a jackshaft for batwing

    Woods 9180RD-2 Bought the woods carrier bearing and front section of the plastic guard. The bearing was froze solid and hasn't turned in some time. Pressed it out after removing the snap ring and installed, pressed in new. The jackshaft has been wearing on the bearing a long time and needs to...
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    Front Drive Line Locked Up

    Loaned the tractor out to bring hay in. Was pulling a wagon and the front tiers just stopped and rear started to spin on pavement. It was not in 4WD only 2WD. Fella tried shifting in/out of gears and ranges but it was stuck. Let it sit with motor off in neutral for about a 1/2 hour. Started it...
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    Fuel Transfer Pump

    Looking for opinions on 12V fuel transfer pump. Have looked thru reviews on line and who knows for accuracy. Fill-rite always shows up but they are also the most expensive. The extreme Power US gives me a hint that its made overseas like HF and just a name. Not against if its overseas, just...
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    Batwing bearing

    Have a woods 3180 batwing that needs a center drive shaft bearing. Its a 1.5 inch ID greasable bearing, and part number 13133. The issue just like boat bearings, if you can look into the specs instead of paying $65 you can get it for $20. The bearing is where the tractor drive shaft connects...
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    Front-End Loader Moving box blinds

    My deer stand is my vacation rental. Doesn't get used during the winter so just slide open the back door or window
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    John Deere 5425 Tractor 4WD

    more pic
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    John Deere 5425 Tractor 4WD

    JD John Deere 5425 MFWD (4WD) tractor. This is a 2005 81HP with good tires all around. Has 2 remotes, 540 and 540E PTO, 9 speed FWD and 3 REV Sync Shuttle transmission. Open cab ROPS with canopy. Seat cushions were worn with some damage, shift knob was broken, and exhaust pipe was bent so...
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    Difference in bushings and lower 3 pt arm pins

    Found the other pins are called stabilizer pins and are item 230
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    Difference in bushings and lower 3 pt arm pins

    Couple questions: Stopped by TSC and Rural King today looking for some quick pins to put in the adjustable lower arms on the 3 pt. All that it in there now is a couple 5/16 bolts just dropped in place. Thought I could find some hitch pins or such to use instead. This way I can adjust the...
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    How to operate a MF 18 box blade

    Tried in the Massey section but no good, maybe general area may have better luck Bought a Massey Ferguson MF 18 box blade. It has ripers which come down somehow, and maybe its just has some rust and that's why its not coming down. Anyone ever work with one of these? The unlock bar moves easy...
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    MF 18 Box blade

    Here is mine
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    MF 18 Box blade

    Picked up a MF 18 box with all its teeth and figure the pivot pins are a bit rusty, but need to figure out what needs to be done to low and arise the teeth. Resembles this one | MASSEY-FERGUSON MF18 Online Auctions
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    100 hp Box blade

    Thanks, it does look like a beefy box, and I can afford it, just don't want to spend that much for it. Found a old 7 ft Massey Ferguson with mechanical (single lever) lowered teeth in good shape. I could add a hydraulic cylinder to go that route. It doesn't have the edge that can set to swing...
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    100 hp Box blade

    Want a box blade that can handle 100 hp or more, and at least 7 feet wide. Been looking around and there are a lot of BB out there but most are not for large tractors. Have a bunch of areas I need to smooth out Look at the LP HR3584 and got a price from Glassgow Kubota and it was $4500. Could...
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    Looking for a Loader for 5000 Series

    Mine is MFWD and do agree JD loader would be best for resale, or at least matching green :) Do think the H240 so far is the way to go, and have a couple more messages sent on them