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    Everything Attachments is great!

    I love mine!
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    Andrew Camarata

    And now AC has started a B&B at his castle. No mention of prices. :(
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    Andrew Camarata

    YT video on Andrew's net worth and how much $$ he makes off of YT. Gets pretty funny around the 4:00 mark.
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    Sawmill Forum?

    Firewood Hoarders Club Sawmilling subforum:
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    Andrew Camarata

    Here's the video where he buys the 988b wheel loader; same date as the video above, but 1:20:00 long. Lot of hill digging.
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    Andrew Camarata

    He recently had a video of adding a pellet stove. He really didn't care for it and he wished he had got a NG/propane stove. He did mention the lack of insulation making it hard to heat.
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    Feral hogs trap the building of my own (DIY).

    Trapping is by far the most efficient and effective way to get rid of feral pigs. However, small traps like this aren't very good at getting rid of pigs. It is an excellent way to make feral pigs trap smart. The above concept is discussed here: Hog Trapping - Trap & Gate Selection - JAGER...
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    RTV ROPS - beware

    OP, what's your plan to get this in front of Kubota corp? If you've already posted it, I missed it.
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    Andrew Camarata

    I've heard that the only work he takes on now is for it's YT value. Have no idea if it's true. Also, keep in mind in addition to all the new equipment, he recently bought another piece of property, apparently for snowmobiling. That's the property where he drags the Army truck and RV up the...
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    Engine Oil change away from KUbota brand?

    What did you use for lubricity?
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    Beet Juice Tire Ballast

    Hmm, the cost, delay and bother of having a tire shop come out vs. an ambulance. Let me think about that for a minute. NOT!
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    Trespasser.....what would you do?

    This is the one I use:
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    Shear Bolts??

    You make it sound like that chart is easy to find. It isn't. Fortunately, Post #7 has proven this to be true. :)
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    Beginner MIG/Everlast Welder Question

    Does Mark from Everlast still respond to this forum? Why yes, yes he does! PM him; $10 says he'll get you sorted out PDQ.
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    Andrew Camarata

    What I wanted to know is why the owner wanted the sauna so far away from their house, assuming it's on the same property.