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    Beet Juice Tire Ballast

    Hmm, the cost, delay and bother of having a tire shop come out vs. an ambulance. Let me think about that for a minute. NOT!
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    Trespasser.....what would you do?

    This is the one I use:
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    Shear Bolts??

    You make it sound like that chart is easy to find. It isn't. Fortunately, Post #7 has proven this to be true. :)
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    Beginner MIG/Everlast Welder Question

    Does Mark from Everlast still respond to this forum? Why yes, yes he does! PM him; $10 says he'll get you sorted out PDQ.
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    Andrew Camarata

    What I wanted to know is why the owner wanted the sauna so far away from their house, assuming it's on the same property.
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    Locations lost after software change?

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    Lubing a top link?

    Instead of adding a $1 zerk, spend $$$$ and get 2 or more Remote Rears. :)
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    Locations lost after software change?

    Let's see if this works: My post is just above Wagtail: No TN, no post number; just the Username and Status.
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    Locations lost after software change?

    I'm not seeing any of that info on my screen. I updated FF - no change. :(
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    Locations lost after software change?

    I no longer see members locations in their username area. I don't even see mine. I PM'd one member and he says he can see locations. What's up. ETA: I'm using Windows Professional 7 and Firefox 94.0.1. Thanks,
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    Andrew Camarata

    He wore socks during the winter in Montana episode. He also wore sandals one episode but I forget where they were.
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    Andrew Camarata

    Reminds me of that hippie survivalist on "Dual Survival" that quit when the producers wanted fake drama-lama interjected. He quit because it sent the wrong survival message from his perspective. Good for him, even though he is still a dumb ass for wearing nothing more than socks during a...
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    Farm UTV/RTV Purchase

    Same here. 90% of my dumping is just to clear the bed of debris and mess. If I need to dump something, I'm using the tractor; it's bucket goes up and down, right at the height the load to be picked is; a lot less bending over.
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    Hydraulic connections won’t go on Grapple

    Based on one of Andrew Camarata's videos, I bought this Irwin hydraulic coupler clamps: About $80. Now, no more fiddle-farting around attaching my grapple. Made life a lot easier.
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    Worklights added to my Kubota M7040

    Nilights available on Amazon: