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    Pole building foundation question

    I would never ever use any soil as a fill for a concrete foundation because of the high organics. The best choice is a select fill, which has been washed and is free of organics, and is fine grained trending mostly to a silt sized particle. You typically find these type fills in river bends...
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    Kubota or mahindra

    Umm....I have always found Neil Messicks videos to be informative. And though I purchased a Kioti, I have found many useful and instructive videos from Messicks, covering a wide range of topics and brands.
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    True Value Hardware website

    Diggin it: somehow your browser thinks the website is not allowed. Perhaps at some point in the past, a window pop-up requested if you wanted to restrict that URL.....and you may have clicked yes. Some parents do this for x-rated websites on their kids. Same results, they get blank web pages. As...
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    Tractor Shortages

    Interestingly, a Wall Street a journal report came out this week on Toyota, and how they managed the world wide chip shortage better than any other auto manufacturer. Mainly because chips were the one single car part they have always maintained a 6 month supply in house; while also requiring...
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    Deer eating my small apple trees

    Yes Indeed. Put out Apple flavored corn in large easy to eat from buckets for them. Put out water for them to drink. They will not go for the trees, and will prefer the flavored apple corn. Put all this about 100 yards away from your fencing. Then each week move the feeding center an additional...
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    Regen Issues

    Yes, that is wierd. But it's just possible the OP try to log back in and forgot his password. So rather than reset password, he just starts a new account.
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    Pole building foundation question

    You are very close on your statement. The tracked skid steers i saw building foundation pads, would spread a truck load of select fill, then compact that load,, while the next truck load is moving into dump position. And repeatedly....until the pad reached its planned 28" thickness. It was for a...
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    Buying Advice Kioti RX6620 vs Kubota M4D-61

    Resale is higher, because you paid more up front on the tractor. I will also say. COthG, you show a serious lack of respect for other members beliefs and opinions.
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    Broken main shift lever on CK3510

    Let us know how how the repair goes. I am not surprised the shift lever is NOT considered part of the drive train for warranty purposes. From the linkage point it is considered drivetrain.
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    Where are all my birds?

    Well the birds migration back to texas is only now starting. I estimate they are 3 weeks late this year. I just saw four cardinals, couple blue Jay's, lots of finches and chickadees and one lone Robin around my feeders. I just put the bird food in my feeders this week, a nice blend of small...
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    Pole building foundation question

    That's your thinking. But you have never actually tried using a tracked skid steer for foundation pad construction, or you would not be saying that.
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    Buying Advice Kioti RX6620 vs Kubota M4D-61

    Well that's your opinion. Having owned both Kioti and Kubota, I find Kioti has greatly closed any gap that existed, and in my opinion, is now just as reliable as Kubota. I sure wish Consumers Reports included tractors in their product summary reports, like they do cars. We may find Kioti is...
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    Pole building foundation question

    Yes Indeed. Here in Texas, that's why most specialized foundation crews have gone to tracked skid steers to prepare the foundation grade, distribute and compact the fill. Probably a tracked skid steer is 3x faster than a dozer, 6x faster than a loader and 10x faster than a tractor. Tracked skid...
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    Pole building foundation question

    Another issue to consider, is to make sure that natural water runoff drains well away from the building. Also, make sure there are no stock ponds or water collection sites within 75 feet of the foundation, as these introduce a local water table that can play havoc for the foundation with...
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    Regen Issues

    Most likely not. In fact the two primary causes of regen issues is: 1) the operator fails to run his tractor at high rpm, which is needed for the high temperature exhaust to clean out the DPF. 2) a fuel injector is providing excess fuel to the engine, which results in a partial burn and a carbon...