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    Splicing underground wire

    The wire doesn’t have to come to the surface.....just the lid of the box. And they make box extensions if you don’t want to make something to be below the box.
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    Corona Virus # 3

    This seemed like good advice. Be cautious......but not afraid.
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    Corona Virus # 3

    I’m not a FB guy but I was sent this screen capture......about sums it up
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    Corona Virus # 3

    The coronavirus is more common in animals. It has crossed over to humans in different forms over the years. This version “they think” crossed over from either a cat or dog in the Wuhan market in China. This is from the CDC website-
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    Mahindra 2538 HST max fork lift weight?

    I have the 1538 and a set of SSQA forks. I think the lift is similar. The lift cylinder angle actually makes the lift capacity worse when it’s close to the ground. I don’t think you will be lifting those pallets- or even coming coming close. I’d say the post above is about right- #1000 I can...
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    Cross Over or DRV adjustment

    I have a snow plow with a 2 hydraulic cylinder angle adjustment. I installed a cross over relief valve and would like to “properly” adjust the relief valve. Is their a way to do this with just Tractor hydraulic pressure? I know I can push one side against a rock and adjust the relief by “feel”...
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    For those with trail cams - cell upgrade

    Spypoint Cell-Link Cellular Attachment - YouTube They have a free plan (something like 100 pics a month if I recall) and obviously paid plans. You pick Verizon or ATT depending on what works best where you want the camera. It’s not tied to your existing phone so you can pick whichever. I have...
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    Snow Attachments Video- How a snow plow is made

    Video- How a snow plow is made How It's Made: Snow Plows - YouTube
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    Remote temperature sensor/monitor??

    I do this too!
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    Snow Attachments ATV and Vehicle Snow Blower

    I saw one of these the other day and am passing it along. FEL mounted, vehicle mounted, ATV mounted etc. Not cheap, but it is a good solution for some. SnowHogg 2 - YouTube Boss Hogg 40HP Snow Blower - YouTube
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    Buying Advice TU 2100 Upper Final Drive Gear

    I’m looking for the upper final drive gear. It’s in the front axle and is the one on the end of the axle shaft. Mine is stripped. Thx
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    Improving a Pellet Stove

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    1626 Battery Leaking

    From the photo of mine it looks like a group 34. The part number is 34/78-980.