1. P

    KB2395 backhoe?

    Hi, I just acquired a used 2023 CK2620H, and was looking for a used backhoe. I came across a Kioti KB2395 on FB Marketplace, but I've never heard of a '95 model. Any insights? Thanks in advance
  2. A

    Rk37 backhoe bh7.5

    I’m trying to replace this piece on my backhoe. RK says they can only get the entire stem piece at a cost of 1700. I can’t image that I can’t get a new lever and just replace all of it rather than the stem and valve. Was going to have it welded but too thin at the break. Any help much appreciated.
  3. B

    JD 410E Backhoe Loader Valve Rebuild

    Have a 1999 JD410E Backhoe that is now leaking badly from its Loader / Spooler Valve --it controls a four-way bucket and has been a real dependable workhorse. I'm in the middle of harvest and can't get to it until later -- can someone recommend a rebuilder somewhere in the Richmond - VA Beach -...
  4. N

    Has anyone added a step on their backhoe?

    I'm 5'6" tall and have trouble climbing onto the backhoe on my Mahindra 4540. Does anyone know if there is an OEM or aftermarket step I could install to help me climb into the backhoe seating area?
  5. A

    I would like to add a backhoe attachment. What are my options?

    I have a jd 2017 2038r with no hydraulics to the rear and I would like to add a backhoe attachment. What are my options? Add rear hydraulics or find a stand alone that runs off rear pto ? any other options?
  6. rScotty

    Kubota Backhoe Thumb is Worn

    I need new "tooth tips" for the backhoe thumb on the M59. The thumb tips are worn off and rounded working on granite stone walls, and Kubota doesn't make replaceable tips on the BT1200 BH thumb. I don't know if anyone does. Does anyone have any hints? I think mine are worn back an inch or...
  7. S

    Backhoe control help

    So where to start I have a ansung bk976 backhoe frame mount qa for Kubota L2501. We keep having issues with the cap on the bottom of hydraulic control breaking. First time blew oil everywhere. This time cap broke exact same way snaps the ears where screws are but no real oil Leak, and able to...
  8. P

    Cannot find #7 backhoe near me to save my life

    This is getting very frustrating. I have been looking for 2 years to no avail. At this point I may have to consider another tractor.
  9. Gasifier

    Kubota Tractor, Loader, Backhoe & 3 attachments. HST & 4x4

    2000 Kubota L3710 (37H.P.) Hydrostatic Transmission & 4X4 Locking rear differential. Rear and Mid PTOs Kubota Loader (Removable) Woods BH90 Subframe Backhoe (Self contained hydraulic tank, PTO pump, & removable.) 60” JBAR Brush Hog 72” County Line Landscape Rake 84” McKee Bros. Dual Auger...
  10. Z

    L2502 backhoe

    Anyone out there have a L2502 with a backhoe? How well does it work? I want to use it primarily for trenching and clearing runoff ditch and walking trails.
  11. H

    John deer 5210 power beyond backhoe questions

    Good afternoon and thanks in advance for reading and any help. I am going to be putting my backhoe (JD49 iirc) back on. The last time I had it on I got stuck and my loader (540) didn't have any power to lift the tractor. I had to put the back hoe in travel position and disconnect the hydraulics...
  12. Paystar

    Backhoe Prices

    I just saw a 2022 Cat backhoe listed at Toromont Cat for $223,000!!!! WHAT THE.......... I priced out a brand new one in 2008 and it was $100,000 which I thought was crazy because a few years before they were $80,000. And yet people around here still working for 1980 rates.
  13. D

    LW8 Backhoe gland and rod seal sizes

    Just replaced my LW8 backhoe seals but NOT including the main rod seals which I couldn’t remove and seemed in decent shape anyway. For those replacing the rest being: rod o ring under the rod piston, both gland large o rings, gland wiper and the gland U cup oil seal (most important), See the...
  14. N

    Anyone have a BH150 backhoe?

    If anyone's got a Branson tractor with the BH150 backhoe, would you please measure the bucket connectors? Relevant information: My tractor (3520h) has a "BH76" backhoe. Love it, dig it. Unfortunately, I've only got the one bucket, and in my (most of the year) hard clay+rock ground the 12"...
  15. Sierraau

    New Kioti Backhoe leaking

    I have a new Kioti 2485 backhoe on my 7320 Kioti with probably 20 hours on it and I am getting a constant stream of hydraulic fluid dripping/streaming from the sideways articulation point of the backhoe. It's not obvious where it is coming from - perhaps a blown hose that goes to the boom? It's...
  16. chris85

    Jinma 285 backhoe troubleshooting

    I haven't used my backhoe since last summer, connected it up and it's not moving. I've got flow into the auxiliary pump but when the RPMs are up it comes out fast but sputtering like air is getting in. I've checked the tank filter the gasket seems good, I see no cracks or obvious signs that the...
  17. T

    2017 Kioti Nx5510 cab with backhoe SOLD

    Nice tractor upgraded to a 95hp for farming Well maintained 900 hrs hydrostat, aftermarket led lights, AC, heat, blue tooth with Kioti backhoe 18" and 12" buckets 2 remotes 3rd function WR long kit for grapple etc loaded ag tires Titan tires great shape stance is set wide 82.5"
  18. C

    John Deere 485 Backhoe Attachment Minnesota

    2010 JD 485 Backhoe for sale. Used very little. Bucket thumb. Custom storage dolly. Bracket for JD 3000 Series(attached) and JD 4000 Series(loose). Excellent condition except missing bucket teeth. Pick up only. $5,200 Cash
  19. D

    Flushing backhoe attachment of bad fluid

    Hi, I just picked up a backhoe attachment and saw milkshake brown hydraulic fluid coming out when I went to change the quick connects, so water in the fluid. To flush it I plan to attach the output side of tractor hydraulic lines to attachment, but leave the return line off with no quick...
  20. Z

    LS MT225s backhoe removal

    Hello all, I purchased my tractor in the fall and just getting to a point of wanting to use 3 pt hitch and lighten it up for mowing. I made a wooden dolly for the backhoe and went to remove it, however, the PTO shield is in the way of removing the 2 top pins of the backhoe. I cant even back...
  21. 4

    Backhoe  Looking for a 36" ish Ditching Bucket for LB1100 series Backhoe

    I have an XG3135 with 1100 series backhoe. Looking to replace bucket with a 36"ish wide Ditching bucket...essentially to clear off sod. Anybody know where to source one or Pin size and spacing for the LS backhoe buckets. Thank much
  22. LittleBill21

    electric lawn mower on backhoe. Yea I am going to do it

    I just saw this on facebook, and was shocked i didn't think of it, I have a ton of weird and off angle cuts, where it takes me 3 hours 2 tanks of gas and 100 feet of line. there is no way I am not attempting this, I almost bought a mini x and a hydro conversion to do a similar thing.
  23. T

    Backhoe Side to Side -- Stuck?

    I was digging a hole with my Kubota m59 Backhoe and suddenly it went to the right (when facing rear) as far as it could go, and is holding itself there touching my stabilizer. I cannot reposition it. I came back the next day and it had no problem, started up centered, and it stayed there for...
  24. A

    Backhoe  65B Backhoe Thumb Kit

    I just purchased a 2024 Mahindra 5145 with the 65B Backhoe and looking to attach a manual thumb kit to it. I am having trouble finding the Mahindra kit. Called Mahindra Customer Service and they could not tell me a dealer in my area that would have one in stock and said I had to call around...
  25. T

    Backhoe Side to Side -- Stuck?

    I was digging a hole with my Kubota m59 Backhoe and suddenly it went to the right (when facing rear) as far as it could go, and is holding itself there touching my stabilizer. I cannot reposition it. I came back the next day and it had no problem, started up centered, and it stayed there for...
  26. J

    Jinma 254 backhoe thumb

    Anyone got a bolt on or weld on mechanical thumb (non hydraulic) on their jinma JW-03 backhoe? I would like to know if there is one ready made to suit or wether you made one and your experiences/advice.
  27. lsgreg

    LS LB 1300 backhoe stabilizer hoses routing

    My LS 225S with the LB1300 backhoe (dealer installed) seems to have the stabilizer hydraulic lines routed non-optimally? See the photo below. With the lines in the current configuration (above the step), mounting or dismounting the rig is a bit of a hazard. Additionally that 270 degree bend...
  28. B

    Rear Remotes for Kubota with Backhoe and 3rd Function

    Long post, but bear with me, I want to add rear remotes to my Kubota LX2610. Yes, I have done some research and think I have the right solution, but want to run it by folks before I do. Important to note that I already have both a backhoe and a 3rd function valve installed. The backhoe is e...
  29. J

    Jinma 254 backhoe hydraulic leak

    My backhoe is leaking from one of the curl function hose joins behind the boom cylinder where the hose connects to the hardpipe. The trouble is i cant even get my hand in there to peel off the cable wrap to confirm if the joiner needs tightening or its the hose. Anyone had experience getting to...
  30. Gasifier

    Backhoe  Can you help me with questions about Woods BH9000 backhoe frame for Kubota L3710?

    Good day to you all. I recently purchased a Kubota L3710 HST. And am thinking of buying a used, in good shape, Woods BH9000 backhoe. The backhoe is advertised as coming off a Kubota L4310. It has a frame mount with the number 1001199 on the plate. It is a self contained unit with its own PTO...
  31. T

    Clearing ground vines with backhoe- what a time saver

    I'm planting 100 arborvitae and fruit trees around our property but first needed to clear the areas of nearly impenetrable vines ( including poison ivy) and ground cover that has been growing for decades. Dragging the FEL bucket did nothing so decided to try the backhoe. Extending the boom...
  32. SJay

    Backhoe - 7TB - Buckets

    Purchased a 7TB backhoe for my CT225 tractor from a gentleman on TractorByNet. The backhoe was originally made by Rhino who has since discontinued bucket manufacturing. The backhoe came with an 18" bucket and I wanted a 12" and possibly a 24" bucket. I have been searching everywhere and...
  33. Kioti Dave

    Rear remotes for backhoe

    My NX4510 has 2 rear remotes. Neither has the float function. Can I run a backhoe from these remotes that don't have float function?
  34. B


    I have a farm tractor backhoe with PTO pump and oil tank. Can I remove the pump and quick connect the hoses to the tractor power beyond. ?? Or I must remove the oil tank. ??
  35. lsgreg

    MT225S with LB1300 backhoe questions

    First post, and a new owner of an LS MT225S. I am trying to figure a few things out, and cannot find what I need in the manuals. Three questions: First, what is this thing on the stabilizer leg for (item #8)? I cannot find a use for it. Second, the seat is difficult to lift for rotating...
  36. Dieselplus1973

    Mini excavator H link. Need to find H link by measurements

    OEM link is obsolete. Changed stick pin size to 45mm. Have a bucket system with 45mm pins. Need to find a H link with a 45mm bucket pin and a 35mm cylinder pin. H link 6 1/4" wide x 11" to 13" pin to pin.
  37. D

    Backhoe boom struggles to go up, drops when feathering up

    Hi all. I have a new to me RK37 with the backhoe option. I was using it the other day to dig a couple of holes for some new trees and it was barely able to get the boom all the way up especially if the other cylinders were extended. I had the rpms up around 2000. I also noticed that when i...
  38. mmranch

    Backhoe Cylinder Rebuild Questions

    Howdy folks! It's been a while. OK, so it's not that I'm a slacker... it's just that I bust a$$ all the time and there are some projects I never seem to get to. I've been 'kicking the can' on my leaking backhoe cylinders for years. I have a bunch of cat litter pans that I keep under the...
  39. Captnrex

    Massey Ferguson GC1725MB TRACTOR/LOADER/BACKHOE S/E Michigan

    Selling my (June) 2022 Massey Ferguson GC1725MB Tractor including a WOODS GSS54P Grading Scraper and a Loader pallet fork attachment for some light pallet moving I did. Was mostly used for flattening gravel driveway, digging, and moving materials but didn't use it as much as I was originally...
  40. EarlyAcres

    Kubota L4740 with Backhoe

    Kubota L4740 with BH90 backhoe and sub-frame. 18 in bucket. 72 inch bucket front end loader with quick change option. Also 60 inch box blade with new 3 point attach kit. 1785 hours. Stumps are out so time to move along to the next project.
  41. K

    1985 ford 555a backhoe Key Cylinder wiring

    Does anyone have a copy or can send me a copy of the Key cylinder diagram on the tractor listed above, TIA, ken
  42. G

    International harvester 3400 backhoe injection pump.

    Hello, hope this thread finds the right place. I have come across a 1970 international harvester backhoe with a injector pump issue been having a few issue identifying the injector pump installed and a part that came out. A friend called and asked for help and I am a bit short on information...
  43. D

    LW8 backhoe hydraulic hose o ring question

    Just wondering what type of o ring the hydraulic hoses take for sealing on my LW8? The description is o ring but is that true or are they some type of flat rubberized seal? Any idea of the sizes used on the backhoe and I guess the loader as well. I’m just replacing the lines outer spiral wrap as...
  44. RayCo

    Preferred Backhoe Controls

    After many years of using a Kubota backhoe (BX24), I got a second backhoe, a Case 580. The Case uses four sticks and two foot pedals. I've had the Case for about a year now, and even after lots of usage, I just can't get into this four stick configuration. The four-direction, two-stick...
  45. Balazar

    BY85 Backhoe Thumb Options

    Does TYM make an OEM backhoe thumb kit like Kioti? If not, what are my aftermarket "universal" options. I have a welder. I can weld on my equipment. Heck I can line bore and plasma gouge. Welding isn't a problem. I just wanted the easiest fastest option. Does anyone sell aftermarket...
  46. C

    Backhoe bucket pin backed out one side

    Hello, I was digging up a stump and just as I finished I noticed this backhoe pin hanging out half way. I tried putting downward pressure on the other side to line things up again but still couldn't get it line dup enough to go back in. I think the bracket on the side still pinned might be bent...
  47. D

    Jinma lw 8 backhoe ordering replacements seals….over or under sized?

    In measuring my Jinma Chinese LW 8 backhoe hydraulic parts in order to find replacement seals I’m wondering where I place the slop of the measurements. For example, gland nut o rings. I get 64.5 mm ID on the part and 70.15mm for the cylinder wall id. So would a 64mm I’d x 4mm t work? Similar...
  48. P

    Mahindra 1538 Backhoe Attachment not getting pressure

    Hooked up the backhoe attachment on my Mahindra 1538L tractor today. It worked just fine for a minute or two, just long enough to begin to position it for the mechanical connection. Before I got it lined up to put the pins in, I lost all hydraulic pressure to the backhoe. I’ve verified fluid...
  49. B

    HELP! ISO Backhoe Attachment for 2016 Mahindra 2555 HST

    I have a great 2016 2555 with 250 hours. I am looking for a backhoe for this machine. OEM at the time of manufacturing was a Model 75. Of course none of those around. Curious if any owners have any luck with aftermarkets on this tractor understanding if it doesn't match the subframe it...
  50. pianoko

    Allmand 425 Backhoe Cylinder

    Hello all. I'm relatively new to the tractor world, or really any hydraulics in general. That being said, I'm the type that fixes everything myself and tries to become an expert on anything I own. I have had an Allmand 425 TLB now for about a year. It has been a wonderful machine with tons of...
  51. F

    Jinma with BH 7600 backhoe Problem leaking fluid on Backhoe controls

    So this may be something someone might be able to point me to the right folks on finding parts on the BH 7600 Korean backhoe. I am leaking fluid from one of the Hydraulic level control plungers. Need to find a repair kit for a new upper o-ring and upper white flat plastic washer. I am pretty...
  52. M

    ford 4500 backhoe

    just got a ford 4500 diesel backhoe. wanting to change oil to start i don't know what oil they were running in it. i believe it may have been regular 10-40w conventional oil. should i stick to that or should i put in something like shell rotella or mobile delvac?
  53. ot2o

    Backhoe Retainer Pins

    I can not for the life of me find a source for the retainer pins on my BTC Equipment backhoe. Can anyone point me in the right direction. I found the 1 available on eBay but that's it.
  54. U

    FORD 555 (B?) Loader/Backhoe drive issues.. Takes a long time to get moving. What is causing this?

    Ford 555B Loader Backhoe takes a long time to get moving. If anyone has answers that'd be cool. If the tractor is cold, even when put into forward, and with the rpms raised (or not, doesn't matter).. doesn't move. I've watched my father sit on this thing for 10 or 15 mins waiting on it to...
  55. D

    My backhoe LW8 cylinder replace or rebuild tough in Canada

    Sooo, my new to me my 2005 LW8 backhoe has one cylinder which has a leaky seal. The cylinder rod had some spotty rust which upon cleaning up still had finger nail noticable abrasion. On the time sucking vortex it seems the cylinder rod could be brazed and cleaned up, with new seals then...
  56. C

    Backhoe control valve fix

    If anyone is looking for a fix of the control valve ball and socket and you have some basic mechanics skills please follow the link. Maybe a moderator can combine the threads and sticky this.
  57. O

    2655 Cab Gear-Available backhoes?

    I'm looking to add a backhoe attachment to my 2655,and have found a couple 65B units nearby. I'm told the 65B will fit my tractor, but the Mahindra site doesn't list my model anywhere in reference to compatible backhoes. Does anyone know if this unit will fit? Also, where would I go to find the...
  58. B

    2638 backhoe options

    Mahindra sells the 60b backhoe for the 2638, but I was wondering if there are any other models that might fit. Specifically I'm wondering about the 75b. I found a local deal on one, with the frame mounts and am trying to decide whether to buy or not. The hoe and frame brackets are from a 5545...
  59. J

    Yanmar, 3 point backhoe

    Anyone know where I can get a parts list for what I believe is an old yanmar ybh-600
  60. jkk04

    John Deere 410 backhoe steering cylinder seals replacement

    Quite simple to replace the seals.
  61. SJay

    Backhoe 7TB Bobcat (Rhino)

    Can anyone recommend a source for a 12" bucket or 9" bucket for the Bobcat 7TB backhoe? It is a rebranded Rhino 75C that isn't made any longer. I believe the Bobcat number might be 7166939. I do have the specs for it but have come up empty in trying to find one or one even close. Thanks...
  62. S

    Backhoe hydraulic repair

    Hello tractor gurus . Kind of a newbie didn’t grow up with this stuff . Bought my first tractor at about 60 years old.own a Kioti 26 and an old Ford 4500 industrial with 755 backhoe .Just pickedup last year for 2 grand .new injector pump starter.added Silverado seat an boat seat for back hoe...
  63. BaznastyDave

    Tractor backhoe digs up some pavement and blows a tire

    Small job here, I was asked to dig up some asphalt to find a busted waterline. They had it marked where the water was leaking. Also had the valve stem blow out and spray me with Rim Guard.
  64. Manual Hunter

    Manual search: KIOTI BACKHOE KB2475L and FRONT LOADER KL4030C

    Hi. We recently purchased those tractors second hand and got one of each manual. We'd like a second copy, so we can keep one copy safe and put one in the vehicle. I've searched the internet for free pdf's of those manuals, and I'm also open to purchasing them, but can't find them anywhere. Any...
  65. G

    Woods BH7500 Backhoe sticking boom lever

    Hi All! I have a circa 1998 Woods BH7500 3-point mount backhoe. I just had all the seals, O-rings, and spools changed out in the valve control block due to leaking and erratic flow in various cylinder movements. Great! The thing doesn't leak any longer. BUT... After reinstalling the block of...
  66. A

    1965 Ford 4000 Backhoe

    Hi Looking for help rebuilding or replacing the front hydraulic pump on a Ford 4000 Industrial Tractor. This is a factory Backhoe with front and rear buckets, run off a hydraulic pump on front of engine. It is a Vickers Vane Pump 2344988 or 2344990. Additionally, help on locating a...
  67. Palpater

    Ford Backhoe Serial decode request

    Hi Folks, I’m new here and recently became the owner of an older Ford backhoe, 3-cyl diesel. I am having difficulty finding a replacement starter. Part of the problem is I am not too sure year and model. I am wondering if someone can help me decode my serial# and provide the model and year...
  68. S

    Ford 4500 I think

    OK folks I am officially the proud owner of a Ford 4500 picked it up for two grand after parts paying a mechanic to help me get it started and he also had a big ass truck and trailer to help me get it home a new starter and solenoid. I’m into it for three grand, I will send some pictures. You...
  69. 1911diehard

    JD300 Rough Start and Stalls when moving or using hydraulics

    Hello, I recently purchased a JD300 backhoe/loader. First industrial heavy equipment I've purchased. Issue is, when I need to start the backhoe, I need to pull the choke in and out and in and out and "pumping" the choke while turning the key for like 5 to 10 seconds to get it started. Once...
  70. Chling89

    Backhoe Owners - How do you cover the outrigger feet?

    Hello all, first post. I own a TYM T25 with a backhoe. I am wondering if anyone covers the outrigger feet for personal protection? Cannot find a single thing online, unless my search words are way off. I have kids running around and I myself have ran into them when they are upright/stowed...
  71. J

    Chinese backhoe for sale

    Bought this years ago. It was attached to a small bulldozer and fitted it to my tractor on a subframe. The arms, kingpin, pivots are good. Cylinder hose connectors are a very non-standard fitting. Cylinders might be usable if bungs replaced with standard thread type. The valve body is bad. Two...
  72. mikester

    New garden rake for my M59 BH

    I've been getting overwhelmed with invasives like buckthorn overtaking my fencelines and I've finally taken some action. I fabbed up a 36" wide root rake bucket based on the geometry of my 24" trenching bucket. My goal was to have it work wth my existing hydraulic thumb without any...
  73. B

    CB85 Backhoe boom arm split

    Just wanted to post an issue I had with my CB85 backhoe from Massey Ferguson, and get some thoughts on where to go with it. And maybe help someone else who might find themselves with a cracked hoe. This backhoe has something like 100 hours on it. Bought it new with my tractor (MF 2850E) in July...
  74. D

    LS XG3025 Shuttle Shift TLB for sale near KC,MO +box blade, ditch flail mower, grapple, pallet forks and misc

    LS XG3025 Compact Tractor Standard 12x12 Synchro Shuttle, tractor loader backhoe purchased new July 2019 - 290 hours $19,900.00 I purchased the tractor after hours of research on this site and haven't been sorry. Dug out a bunch of stumps and installed a 60' culvert among countless other jobs...
  75. D

    Long Backhoe parts

    Does anyone know where to buy parts for Long Backhoes 1199B most specifically. Thanks Ernie
  76. H

    BH860 backhoe model (and brand?) compatibility

    Having bitten the bullet and acquired a mini-excavator (KX-040), I think it's time to sell the BH760 backhoe I bought with my Branson 4225H tractor. It's worked really well for what it is, I just don't see myself taking the time to mount/dismount a subframe backhoe from my CUT (which I use with...
  77. S

    Masey Ferguson 2607H decides by itself to lift 3 point hitch attachment and strange noise appears

    I have a Masey Ferguson 2607H with 25hrs on it. I have attached a 3-point attached backhoe and that works fine for digging. The backoe is PTO driven, no other hydraulic connections. The levers for moving the 3-point attachment are not touched, i am sitting on the backhoe and suddenly but the...
  78. joefromga

    Kioti NX4510HST CAB Backhoe 2014 118 hrs

    Time to sell my lovely tractor. Barely used, mostly for the Backhoe and forks. 118 Hours - Excellent condition, fully loaded, runs and starts perfectly. Cab, AC /HEAT, lights, turn signals, radio, wipers/washers. Factory BACKHOE. Comes with forks and loader bucket and tooth bar rake. PTO never...
  79. M

    Another backhoe question

    I know the "backhoe or not" subject has been discussed many times here. I have read many of the threads. Love all the knowledge here. I seem to read either: -Everyone is crazy, mine is great -Waste of money overall My question is... if I don't expect the BH to be a mini-ex, and I do my projects...
  80. N

    Backhoe Brake Master Cylinder Replacement and Bleed - Ford New Holland 555E

    Hey ya'll I'm back with another DIY farm repair, this time replacing the master cylinders on my 1998 555E backhoe. When we bought it the brakes were okay but a little spongey and after a bit they stopped working. We bought a pair of rebuilt master cylinders online and swapped them out ourselves...
  81. F

    Planting a 150 ft row of bushes. What is the best attachment to use?

    I'm looking at planting a row of bushes. My first inclination was a hand-held auger but that might be a rough go with holes maybe getting to 10". I could use a smaller bit and drill multiple holes and try and combine them into a larger hole but when you are talking something like 50+ holes like...
  82. siccboost

    John Deere 110 TLB cranks but wont start

    so she cranks but wont fire! I found she isn't getting fuel because after some testing without luck I finally decided to put gasoline on a rag and cover the intake with it and she fired right up. This tells me it is getting everything but fuel. I noticed I wasn't hearing the click as usual from...
  83. A

    Remote Hydraulics for Backhoe

    I have a Kubota MX5200 with remote hydraulics on the rear. The controls allow me to side shift my flail mower. I want to hook up a Backhoe and I need continues flow of hydraulics to the Backhoe. I was wondering if I can use the remote hydraulics by taking the controls and lock them in a...
  84. F

    Best aftermarket backhoe for 2021 Kioti DK6010

    I am most likely buying a used 2021 Kioti DK6010. I can get a new Kioti backhoe with a $1000 rebate bringing the price down to $9000. I am wondering, is this the best way to go? Is there a really good aftermarket backhoe that I should consider that will save me a decent chunk of change? The 2021...
  85. J

    GC2410 backhoe hydraulic

    Hi guys, I bought a 2009 GC2410. The previous owner added a second hydraulic pump with its own oil tank on the mid-pto to operate the backhoe. I'm trying to put the tractor back to original as this setup is not working well. Can anyone tell me where are the 2 hydraulics from the backhoe...
  86. MailManX

    Backhoe  Need Fitment Advice For A Narrow Backhoe Bucket

    I have a Kioti Compact Tractor With a KB2475L backhoe. It came with a pretty wide bucket. I want to buy a narrow bucket, about 8” wide. Do they all fit the same? This is my first Tractor, so I’m still learning. Unfortunately, I did not get the backhoe manual with my tractor. I just want to make...
  87. L

    Woods BH650 Backhoe Correct Hose Routing

    Hi, I need to replace several hydraulic hoses on what I believe is a Woods BH650 backhoe. Whoever originally setup the hoses for the two stabilizer arms seems to have done it correctly and it looks like I might be missing some hardware to hold the hoses to the cylinders. Does anyone have a...
  88. F

    Waldon 4500b - Can a backhoe be added?

    I need a backhoe. I am looking at skid steers and loader style machines. I am wondering if it is possible to add the aux hydraulics in some way to run a backhoe on a Waldon 4500b?
  89. FrenchyRaoul

    Tracking down my Kubota Backhoe?

    Hello all, About a year ago, I ordered my first tractor; an MX6000 with several implements, including a backhoe. The tractor arrived a few months later, allowing me several months of playing with the machine in the Fall, before the snow arrived. I was told, due to supply chain issues, that it...
  90. jaymak

    L4740 HST 4WD with LA854 Loader, HD Bucket and BH92 Backhoe for sale. 145 hours!

    Kubota L4740HST 4WD w/ 145 hours and industrial tires 50 hour service completed LA854 Loader Quick-Attach Front remote valve 72” HD bucket with removable toothbar Construction Attachments adjustable pallet forks Kubota BH92 Backhoe w/ manual thumb and 16” bucket 6’ Taylor Way box blade...
  91. seasnake

    LS backhoe factory thumb

    Hi All I bought the factory thumb for my backhoe tractor is an XR4140H , I havent used it yet but it seems to be very strong . it only came with two pages of drawings no instructions so it took about an hour to get installed . Also you might notice my tractor is in a 20' shipping container yes...
  92. D

    LS Mitsubishi Diesel 12 speed 4x4 Tractor Backhoe Loader with Skid Steer Quick connects asking $24k or best offer

    My LS Backhoe Loader 4wd Mitsubishi Diesel engine Tractor has had all services kept up. Has just 170 hours with 2 years left of 1500 hour factory powertrain warranty. Asking$24k or best offer. text: six three six 492 one two three one This is not a toy, it is the bigger XG series of Compact...
  93. R

    newbie kioti backhoe

    new proud owner of d45 with kb2085 backhoe found other threads that said was same as 85, but found lots of differences any help with sourcing parts and manuals for this old girl? thanks in advance
  94. JTMachineDesign

    Backhoe Stand

    I've got an MT1.25 with the backhoe. When it's removed I have it sitting on some big wood blocks but that gotten old now, Thinking about welding up a platform/stand/throne for the backhoe to relax on while it's off the tractor. Anyone else do that? Got pics? thanks! Bill in Joshua Tree, CA.
  95. B

    Backhoe  3930 3-Point Backhoe Attachment Damaging Draft?

    I recently purchased a 3-point backhoe attachment to go with my 3930. I know 3-point backhoes get a lot of hate, and are generally inferior to sub-frame mounts. However, due to my particular situation, I feel like the 3-point mount is the best choice for me. I'm saying this cause I'd like to...
  96. K

    Trenching bucket

    Is there a trenching bucket compatible with the 60B backhoe on my 2638 HST? thanks Keith
  97. Rock Crawler

    Ooops... I did it again. B2650 T/L/B to L3560LE-HSTC T/L/B

    The right side axle bearing failed allowing the pinion to ring gear mesh to change and wipe a couple teeth from the ring/bull gear on the 2018 B2650. So while the dealer has it under warranty getting a newcomplete set of right side parts loaded, I decided to take trade value (always leans...
  98. hks003

    Shop House!

    Long time project in the making, kept me off these forums for a while! I put the tractor to work on this one! The wife wasn't around during most of the dirt work, so there aren't any pictures there. Me and the little man put some seat time in for sure though!
  99. B

    L39/BT1000 backhoe boom seems weak

    Hi All, Its my first post, so please be kind :) I recently acquired a new to me Kubota L39 with about 600 hours. Its been fantastic learning the machine and using it at the house for some work on the drive, leveling some spots etc. Earlier this week I garnered up enough ambition to go through...
  100. C

    RK24 / grapple for woods use

    I feel like my RK24 is still new. But it now has 160 hours on it. Got it last fall. Purchased with backhoe and normal loader. Added a grapple to make this little tractor a real tool in the stable. I chose the RK24 for it’s size and was willing to accept the smaller tractor performance. Working...
  101. T

    1538 3 point without pressure

    So I have had this tractor for about a year, Mahindra 1538 Cab with FEL and Backhoe. Got all the connections for the 3 point and took off the backhoe, only problem is there is no power on the 3 point. The arms just go down as low as they can and wont raise. You can raise by hand and they just...
  102. M

    Backhoe for New Holland 2120

    I am looking for a used backhoe for my 2120. I believe it is a Ford/New Holland 758B. Anybody out there with one for sale?
  103. S

    Backhoe  Jinma 354 Jw-03 Backhoe problem

    My backhoe is sick * at first my boom was raising realy slow and did not raise at all with a load when it was hot. also notice that the other cylinder where week * i changed the hydro oil because it add some water in it and i brought my boom cylinder to a mecanic to check and change the seal.. *...