1. B

    Backhoe 3930 3-Point Backhoe Attachment Damaging Draft?

    I recently purchased a 3-point backhoe attachment to go with my 3930. I know 3-point backhoes get a lot of hate, and are generally inferior to sub-frame mounts. However, due to my particular situation, I feel like the 3-point mount is the best choice for me. I'm saying this cause I'd like to...
  2. K

    Trenching bucket

    Is there a trenching bucket compatible with the 60B backhoe on my 2638 HST? thanks Keith
  3. Rock Crawler

    Ooops... I did it again. B2650 T/L/B to L3560LE-HSTC T/L/B

    The right side axle bearing failed allowing the pinion to ring gear mesh to change and wipe a couple teeth from the ring/bull gear on the 2018 B2650. So while the dealer has it under warranty getting a newcomplete set of right side parts loaded, I decided to take trade value (always leans...
  4. hks003

    Shop House!

    Long time project in the making, kept me off these forums for a while! I put the tractor to work on this one! The wife wasn't around during most of the dirt work, so there aren't any pictures there. Me and the little man put some seat time in for sure though!
  5. B

    L39/BT1000 backhoe boom seems weak

    Hi All, Its my first post, so please be kind :) I recently acquired a new to me Kubota L39 with about 600 hours. Its been fantastic learning the machine and using it at the house for some work on the drive, leveling some spots etc. Earlier this week I garnered up enough ambition to go through...
  6. C

    RK24 / grapple for woods use

    I feel like my RK24 is still new. But it now has 160 hours on it. Got it last fall. Purchased with backhoe and normal loader. Added a grapple to make this little tractor a real tool in the stable. I chose the RK24 for it’s size and was willing to accept the smaller tractor performance. Working...
  7. T

    1538 3 point without pressure

    So I have had this tractor for about a year, Mahindra 1538 Cab with FEL and Backhoe. Got all the connections for the 3 point and took off the backhoe, only problem is there is no power on the 3 point. The arms just go down as low as they can and wont raise. You can raise by hand and they just...
  8. M

    Backhoe for New Holland 2120

    I am looking for a used backhoe for my 2120. I believe it is a Ford/New Holland 758B. Anybody out there with one for sale?
  9. S

    Backhoe Jinma 354 Jw-03 Backhoe problem

    My backhoe is sick * at first my boom was raising realy slow and did not raise at all with a load when it was hot. also notice that the other cylinder where week * i changed the hydro oil because it add some water in it and i brought my boom cylinder to a mecanic to check and change the seal.. *...