1. B

    Victory Chipper - any experience?

    About 15 months ago I purchased a WC-10H PTO Wood Chipper with Self Contained Hydraulic System. I am just finishing the review, and it is not pretty. Has anyone else had any experience with one of these? There were a couple of items in the instructions that did not match, but not too bad...
  2. Delcho Valkov

    Shredder/Chipper for BCS

    Hello everyone. I have a BCS 780 two wheel tractor which is an amazing machine capable of powering so many attachments. Couple of months ago I bought a petrol powered shredder (Jansen gts-2000 pro) but barely used it 2 or 3 times due to its weight and the incapability of moving it around easily...
  3. EastTexCowboy

    Woodmaxx MX-9900 with 2 hours use

    I bought this chipper about 2 1/2 years ago and the projects I bought it for never materialized. It has been stored under roof the entire time I've owned it and has 2.1 hours on it. Also included is a new in the box "Complete Replacement Kit" that I ordered with I bought it. It can't get much...
  4. T

    3 point Chipper ????

    I'm in the market for a woodchipper and ran across these guys on sleaze bay. They have a machine somewhat similar to a Woodmaxx WM-8H which from my hours of research seems to be the top dog for my needs and compatibility with my B3200 (23 PTO HP) They claim to have been in business 20 years...
  5. R

    Chipper  Do I need a chipper?

    I'm trying to keep some walking trails covered in chips to avoid mud. I've calculated that I would like about 20 cubic yards per year to do the job. The trees and limbs that I harvest are used for firewood down to 2 or 3 inches in diameter. Currently, everything smaller than that is burned or...
  6. D

    Woodland Mills WC68 6" PTO Wood Chipper

    Hi, I have a barely used Woodland Mills WC68 6" Hydraulic PTO Wood Chipper for sale. Chipper is in immaculate condition, and has been stored in a climate controlled garage for the 2.5 years I've owned it. Unit has approximately 3 hours of use on it, and works beautifully. It is a beast, but I...
  7. S

    Chipper Knives

    I have a Woodland Mills WC68 chipper and was wondering where else I can get replacement knives other than from woodland? There's is a "K" stamped in the knives but I have been unable to find out who makes them. I appreciate any help you can offer.
  8. beowulf

    Recommendations for wood chipper for small material

    Our situation: We have a lot of wood of all sizes from trees that fall or ones we take down. A lot. We have been harvesting the wood if over 3-4" and sometimes even keep the some of smaller stuff - all for firewood. But in the process we generate piles of the brushy/small limbed/twiggy stuff. We...
  9. M

    Replace motor on MTD 5hp chipper shredder—shaft?

    MTD 5hp chipper shredder that I want to replace the motor with a new (but about 6 years old in box) Harbor Freight 6.5 hp motor. Best I can measure, I get 5/8” diameter shaft on the HF, but the original motor has a 7/8” diameter at the end of the tapered shaft. I’m seeing lots of adapters out...
  10. C

    ISO: Patu DC 40 Chipper Manual

    Hey gang, Just picked up a '96 Patu DC 40 chipper, and wanted to find a manual for it. I've found a few mentions in forums over the years, but all the links are dead - and Google isn't finding anything out there. Anybody still have a copy kicking around? Thanks in advance!
  11. C

    TMG chipper

    Anyone have experience with TMG Chippers? I’ve been considering a chipper for some time but haven’t pulled the trigger because it would likely get infrequent use. It’s a “would be nice to have” but not a “need”. There are certainly better chippers out there, but given my anticipated use, I don’t...
  12. O

    chipper: heavier, 1000rpm flywheel better for smaller tractor? WC68, WM-8h, WC88

    Buying a PTO chipper. My rig is on the smaller end of viability with 21.7 pto hp. PTO lift is 1600lbs@2ft aft (also FEL + beet juice in all 4 wheels). My use case is primarily conifer (eg, soft), and mostly small (anything ~4" or larger becomes "firepit" firewood). The large input capacity...
  13. Garandman

    Wood chips and composting

    Cut down some trees for firewood, and going to run the tops through the chipper. So I’ll have bucketloads. Can this be used to compost? If so what else should I add? Can I just dump it in a pile or do I need to contain it? TIA.
  14. J

    Mystery PTO chipper

    I’m looking at buying this PTO chipper but can’t find any info. Owner doesn’t know brand/model. Anybody recognize the brand?