1. O

    chipper: heavier, 1000rpm flywheel better for smaller tractor? WC68, WM-8h, WC88

    Buying a PTO chipper. My rig is on the smaller end of viability with 21.7 pto hp. PTO lift is [email protected] aft (also FEL + beet juice in all 4 wheels). My use case is primarily conifer (eg, soft), and mostly small (anything ~4" or larger becomes "firepit" firewood). The large input capacity...
  2. Garandman

    Wood chips and composting

    Cut down some trees for firewood, and going to run the tops through the chipper. So I’ll have bucketloads. Can this be used to compost? If so what else should I add? Can I just dump it in a pile or do I need to contain it? TIA.
  3. J

    Mystery PTO chipper

    I’m looking at buying this PTO chipper but can’t find any info. Owner doesn’t know brand/model. Anybody recognize the brand?