1. smp22

    2005 GX255 - Mower Height and other Qs (54C deck)

    Hi All. I scored a deal on a 2005 GX255 this past weekend and have been figuring it out the past couple of days. I searched this sub-forum (John Deere Lawn & Garden) for this model number and only came up with four results so it doesn't seem a common model. This model was only sold in 2004 and...
  2. newbury

    Once again I need a good screw, Deck screw that is :)

    Warning - rant on cheap screws I had been buying a lot of deck screws of various lengths over the decades, I use them for a lot of my "projects" that involve 2x4, plywood etc. I like them because usually I could put them in, and often back them out later without really damaging either the wood...
  3. Runner

    What Caused This Wood Deck Failure?

    Did the skirting around this deck cause the treated lumber to decompose like this in 13 years? Was I crazy for expecting more time before having this type of problem? Deck was built in 2011 and there is a concrete patio under the entire deck with this solid skirting all around. Note, a couple...
  4. H

    Looking for a 54" deck

    Looking for a RK M54 or TYM MM54 mid mount mower for...RK 21 in south central Ohio. Can travel for right price.
  5. E

    F-Series Metal Clanking Sound with Deck Raised? Stop. Your Deck Gearbox U-Joint is About to Explode!

    Last weekend I heard a metal clanking noise when I raised the deck on my F3060 while the PTO was engaged. I didn't think anything of it because I occasionally mow over some nasty stuff when I cut down areas outside my main yard and I end up with one of the blades 'ticking' part of my well worn...
  6. B

    Ventrac finish deck pitch?

    Can the Ventrac finish decks be pitched? I read the setup manuals and there is no mention of it. Not required?
  7. E

    Kubota F-Series 72" Rear Discharge Deck Identification

    I have a Kubota F3060 with the RC72-F30 side discharging 72" deck. I found a 72" rear discharge deck for sale, but I don't know if it will fit on my F3060 properly. I assume that I would need an RC72R-F30 for my F3060. Strange that the left hand side wheel support arm is bent inward, but it...
  8. L

    Using a GT2550 50" deck on the GT2542 tractor

    Good morning all Just wanted to get opinions... I have a 2005 vintage GT2550 that is getting up there in hours >750...not blowing smoke, still works well...but I starting to replace parts that are finally wearing out. I just picked up at a very good price a 2010 vintage GT2542 (plastic...
  9. newbury

    Recommendations for deck paint for porch

    Any current recommendations for a long lasting deck paint? Tired of every 2 or 3 years redoing.
  10. AbidingPhantom

    Mowing  Kubota mower deck lift linkage won't align

    I'm about at wits end with this. I recently purchased a kubota bx2660 used with a mower deck attachment and some other attachments. Well I'm trying to attach the deck but can't get the lift linage to line up. I've watched tons of videos and tried everything I've been able to find. It seems...
  11. 2LaneCruzer

    X350 deck locked

    I have an X350, and the deck is locked in the down position. The deck pedal is frozen and won't move. I am at the age where I have difficulty working on a mower, and just wondered if anyone had an answer for this problem. The mower has less than 400 hours, and has caused me more problems than...
  12. L

    Turfcat T422D Hydraulic Deck Motor Problem

    Guys, Can you help. I am in the UK and have had a turfcat for many years and I recently broke the shaft on the deck hydraulic motor I have managed to get a new one but it will not run if it has any load on at all everything points to a blocked outlet pipe as when I turn it off it runs...
  13. D

    60 inch deck Deere 3320

    I'm going to a larger deck on my 3320 and want to sell the 60 deck. Auto connect. Will drive a ways to meet for a serious buyer. Located in Charlottesville VA should also fit the newer 3R tractors.
  14. Rock Crawler

    Trailer wood deck treatment: Brush on used oil, linseed oil, sealer stain, unicorn tears...?

    I have 3 trailers with wood planks for the deck and I have been annually brushing on Olympic transparent sealer stain, but each year it flakes off and needs re-applied. I've seen/read where old timers use used motor oil mixed with diesel or kerosene and brush it on the wood on a hot summer...
  15. Brown Dog

    F3990 vs newer F3710 4wd front deck mowers

    Will both machines come out of 4wd ? Both are basically same HP I think. I think I’ve got one of my ZD1511 sold & wanting a 4wd for steep banks. I don’t necessarily like the front deck running on the ground because I have rough farm Ground. Regens are no issue as I mow 3-6hrs at a...
  16. W

    Kubota 2380 BX Mower Deck

    Hey Folks, I am need the gauge wheel bracket that goes on my Kubota BX 60" mower deck. I can't find a replacement anywhere. Any ideas on how might I get one. I don't have access to a weilder to be able to make one. HELP
  17. T

    R&R Roll Pin on Mower deck.

    Removing/Reinstalling a Roll Pin. I have a B3000 with a RCK60-30B(A) belly mower. The lift linkage portion that hooks to the deck to raise and lower it, has a Roll Pin that looks to be broken in 1/2. Items in Parts Diagram for the CK60-30BA are Part #290 (Pin Spring) #75599-52532, AND Part...
  18. I

    Need trailer wood deck recommendation

    I have an old trailer and the wooden deck is rotting out and needs to be replaced. I thought there was thread about this but I can't find it. So, what do folks recommend for a new deck to carry my 7K lb tractor?
  19. N

    Thoughts on tilt trailers with aluminum deck?

    I’m in the market for a new 20’ trailer for my Kubota L6060. It gets moved a handful of times a year. I’m leaning towards an aluminum trailer this time, and I like the looks and longevity of an aluminum deck. I’m also considering a full tilt on this one. Is an aluminum deck really more...
  20. Sandboy

    ID rotary cutter

    Can anyone ID it? I have this 4ft square brush cutter, gear motor says Omni Gear RC 30, missing any brand names. Another Problem tail wheel will not follow, always turns sideways. I have greased, clean repacked no change. This fork is slightly bent and May have been modified see pics. Thanks