starting problem

  1. M

    Iseki TX2160 K3A Engine starting issues

    Hi All, I am hoping there maybe someone that had a similar issue or some expert wisdom out there to help with diagnosis. When I try to start the engine it turns over slowly and I get grey / black smoke from the exhaust. It does eventually start but struggles. This happens even after it has...
  2. Shmallory0

    Kubota B2910 Not Starting with Ignition Key

    Hello all! I've been having trouble with my B2910, and the key is not turning the starter solenoid on. 650 hours I ran the tractor for a few hours, and then turned it off near the house to go run in and grab some chains. Came back, and it would not start. Dash Lights did come on though when...
  3. J

    JD 855 starting problem

    My low-hours 855 (1997 model, no glow plugs) has developed a pain-in-the-ass cold-starting problem. Even on non-cold days it will not start unless I (1) plug in the freeze plug heater for an hour or more and (2) place a 100-watt light bulb in the engine compartment for at least an hour. (The...