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Mar 17, 2006
central NY and Adirondacks
JD 1025R, Curtis cab
I plan to be a lot more comfortable battling the lake effect snow this winter.
Just left my dealer after ordering a cab and heater for my 2305. According to Curtis, they are "negative 13" with my order. Mine should be built and shipped in about 2 weeks. Price has not increased since last year.
I'll post some pics after installation.
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How much was the cab?
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I sure like the looks of that cab, but wonder if it's too high to fit in my barn doors. I looked at the Curtis web site, but didn't see any specs. I'm sure that you will really like that protection from the wind, and snow! Actually, it isn't so bad after the first full face full though is it? :D
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I don't think the cab increases the height by much. The solid roof sits on the ROP, and it isn't very thick. Dealer will have to relocate my work lights, which I have mounted on the underside of the ROP, and my taillights, which I switched around to the inside of the ROP after I hit stuff with them a couple times.
My tractor gets parked under a "leanto", and I don't think I'll have clearance problems. Once I get it installed, I'll take some measurements for you.

Actually, it isn't so bad after the first full face full though is it? :D

Even after two winters, I never really seemed to get used to it!:D
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:D Well, I've used a walk behind blower for years, and that snow is still cold when it hits you full in the face!

I have 7' doors, but the overhead door doesn't go up all the way to the top of the opening...... yet.
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Hi Chuck,

I'm procrastinating on a cab for the same reason you are. With the backhoe and FEL aboard my CK20 with filled rears, it just clears the door unassisted and ROPS is up. So far as the garage door itself, I made sure to adjust the opener so the door would travel well overhead . With no backhoe or if I swap out to my rear snowblower, the ROPS would strike the header.

Take a look at the second tractor by scrolling down here. Granted, the top of the cab is aboard a Kioti but it does look like it is not even as high as the ROPS. That cab should be a Simms and is at Michigan Iron &Equipments website:

Michigan Iron & Equipment: Kioti Dealer

I think that I rattle around in the woods just too much to appreciate a cab.


(waiting for the first face full of snow to prove I can take another year w/o a cab)
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I think/thought the cabs went under the factor ROPS so the overall height was not increased at all.
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You should be very happy with the Curtis cab and heater.
I thought about that and at the time only wanted to spend about $1000.00 so I opt for the Original Cab ,with windshield and el wiper. , just added a heater this summer but always used a golf cart heater and much better than having that face full of snow , whether I had a full mask or not STILL COLD

Mine is about an inch maybe a inch and a half higher than my ROPS

Good luck and enjoy !!!!!!!!
As others lets see some photos
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"I think that I rattle around in the woods just too much to appreciate a cab."

Yes, I was puttering on my trails yesterday, and came to the same conclusion. Some of us older farts are tougher than we look anyway. :) Hope things are good with you Dan.


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l agonized over whether it was wise to have cabs for the work I do for quite sometime, finally in 2005 when buying a 110 I decided to get a cab no regrets and no broken glass so far. This year wnen getting the 4520 I knew it was going to be a cab tractor and should point out that the rear tires stick out way past the cab anyway. I would rather take a chance on cab glass than having a branch take my eyes out or worse. In 90%+ cases if you can drive a rops thru it you can take a cab too. I have learned better than to beat my equipment up, nowadays I use a pole saw to keep low branches trimmed.