john deere 2305

  1. D

    JD 2305

    Hi, I have a john deere 2305 tractor and the back u joint needs to be replaced. Can anyone tell me the best way to remove the shaft? It looks like the whole thing has to come out but I can't seem to get the flooring off so that I can see from the top. Thank you so much in advance from any advice...
  2. C


    Battery will not charge. No blown fuses K - 5 relay replaced along with voltage regulator. Alternator or generator has 32 volts AC output. Yellow battery light comes on. I have a new voltage regulator in it. Checked the white wire output was 14 volts! Great right? Ran the tractor for about 5...
  3. L

    2305 Hyd. coupler

    Hello, I need to replace a couple of the Hydraulic QC female couplers. The part number called for is AM102487 and the are currently running $36-38. Does anyone know if the LVA16843 from Summit will work? Asking because they are half the price of the AM102487. Alan
  4. U

    John Deere 2305 Manual Hydraulic Diverter Valve Operation

    Last week I had a John Deere manual hydraulic diverter valve installed on my John Deere 2305 tractor by a local dealer. I tried operating it, but the valve doesn’t move when the tractor is running and difficult to operate when tractor is not running and hydraulic pressure released. Not sure if...
  5. M

    Loader  JD2305 loader control stick inputs reversed

    New to this forum. Any help and input will be much appreciated. I just purchased a JD2305 that has about 370 hrs.. It came with a loader, backhoe, belly mower and JD snow blower. The loader and backhoe worked great until the loader was removed and the blower attached. Once the blower was...
  6. O

    2305 fan belt replacement

    I'm going to be changing the fan belt on my 2305. There is not much room to work around that belt. The owner's manual just says to loosen the mounting bolt and adjustment bolt, move the alternator and take the belt off. Installation is a similar procedure. I have my doubts that it is going to be...
  7. W

    2305 tie rod

    While putting new tires on my 2010-2305, noticed the right side tie rod ball is sloppy ( left still tight ). I just looked on Green Farm. List for $602 LVA803708 Has anyone ever replaced or even repaired ? Maybe a cheaper source. It drives like new, never would have noticed except mounting tire...
  8. D

    Looking to purchase a 2305 JD with bucket and backhoe

    Looking to purchase a 2010 JD 2305 with a Bucket, Backhoe and belly mower with 81hrs. Seller is asking 17500.00 and don’t know if this is a great deal or just a deal. Any advise would be greatly appreciated Drew
  9. Russell57


    Why won't the 3 pt hitch lift my rotary cutter?
  10. Turknmu

    John Deere 2305 JoDale Perry Cab

    Good morning- I recently purchased a used JoDale Perry cab for my 2305. I’m wondering if anyone has the install/owners manual for this specific model? I found the JDP general operators manual, but specific to the 2305. Thank you in advance, Brian
  11. K

    JD 2305 Main Drive Shaft U-Joints

    I just found out on this forum about the horror stories when these joints fail. I baby my tractor, but I never knew these zerks even existed, even though I read the manual from cover to cover. Now I find out that they should be lubed every 50 hours. I have over 1100 hours on this machine. I...
  12. K

    JD 2305 hydraulic selective control valve lever is locked

    Just changed the Hydraulic fluid and filter 16 hours ago. The hydrostatic transmission works normally and the 3 point hitch works fine. Power steering is fine. The mid-mount mower deck is raised and lowered with the lever on the right side. It worked normally a few days ago, but now the lever...
  13. Curly69

    2305 Bucket Control

    Bought my new bucket control about 6 months ago and now have to install it. Can anyone give me the bolt tightening pattern and the torque I would be thankful.
  14. Curly69

    JD 2305 Bucket Control

    Bought my new bucket control about 6 months ago and now have to install it. Can anyone give me the bolt tightening pattern and the torque I would be thankful.
  15. T

    Question on 2305 John Deere

    Got plastic bag sucked in engine can I remove head on my 2305 without disassembling head already have valve cover and manifold off
  16. L

    2305 Three Point Questions

    I'm trying to get Cat 1 implements onto my 2305. I cannot get the arms to open wide enough. I called JD support and their answer was to run out the adjustment all the way, which does open it, but not enough, and just makes it lopsided. Is this thing not meant to hold Cat 1 implements, or am I...
  17. J

    JD2305 with Curtis Cab

    looking for a step that work on this tractor? JD 2305
  18. D

    John deere 2305

    I was using my tractor and it just quitrunning. It will start but as soon as you let off the ignition switch it stalls. As long as you keep the key in the start position it will stay running, until you let it back to the run position, and then it stalls again. Any idea as to what happened would...
  19. B

    2305 John Deere hydraulics

    I have a 2305 John Deere with a loader and belly mower. I dont have any auxiliary hydraulic. My issue is after the tractor has ran a while the loader slows down and I can’t get the mower deck to raise. Any suggestion?
  20. D

    JD2305 Rear axle seal replacement

    My son in law recently picked up a nice JD2305 with 600 hours. Going over it, he found that the left rear wheel axle seal is leaking. Anybody here that has gone through changing that seal?
  21. D

    JD2305 backhoe question

    As I understand it, the 2350 uses a sub-frame to support the 260 backhoe. My question is: Does that subframe need to be removed if a belly mower deck is mounted?
  22. W

    Jd2305 starter

    I figured I would start a new post on this. My tractor had been partially under water in Orlando during Hurricane Ian. After, it would only start on the second attempt. Today, wouldn’t turn over at all. With a small board, tapped on the starter solenoid while trying to start. Just the slightest...
  23. C


    Im tearing my hair out with this machine! Keeps blowing the 10 amp fuse on the inside of the white fuse block near the coolant reservoir. Then the PTO doesnt work! I have a schematic but only shows 2 fuses and the fuse in the diagram is good. Anybody know where the four fuses in the block go to?
  24. C


    The PTO doesnt work and the furthest away fuse in the block keeps blowing. Im assuming its related to the PTO circuit. Like some info on what each of the four fuses in the block do and the proper amperage. Cant find any info anywhere! Here is a pic 0f the fuse box. Its the last slot missing...
  25. B

    2007 JD 2305 Mower Deck Lift

    I recently saw a video showing a 2305 lifting the mower deck by using the 4 way FEL joystick. You would move joystick left and raised the deck, and pulling right would lower deck. Mine will not do that. I must use the 3 point hitch lever to raise/lower my 54C deck. Am I not doing something...
  26. L

    2305 PTO lever

    Does anyone have experience with the pto selector lever breaking the bolt where it threads into the shaft? The bolt broke pretty much flush at the end of the shaft. Is there a way to get that shaft out without disassembling the whole rear end?
  27. W

    JD2305 IAN flood

    Team, My 2010- JD2305 was in my little barn during Hurricane Ian a couple weeks ago here in Orlando. It was completely under water. Once it was dried out for a week. Oil and hydraulic fluid checked, no water in it. I attempted to start. Once the preheat an two orange lights clicked on the...
  28. F

    John Deer 2305 brake lock

    The park brake lock lever has broken & we have sourced a new lever. However it looks like the plastic cover is broken where this pin (pictured) fits so it cannot work. Is there a smart solution to this?
  29. Z

    2305 Mid Mount Mower (62C) deck height adjustment

    I got a used 2305 a while back which I was just using to plow snow with a rear blade but now I just put the deck back on but can't get the deck to raise or lower. It uses the same hydraulic control as the 3pt, right? Is there some kind of diverter or something I need to engage so it raises and...
  30. dddenden

    sickle mower for John Deere 2210 (or 2305)

    Anyone know of a sickle mower for cat 1 low hp tractor - 23hp. Thinking 5-6 foot max
  31. S

    JD 2305 Repetitive Diode Failure

    Engine will not start. Replace fuel solenoid diode. Engine starts and runs fine for 1 to 30 minutes then dies and will not start. Have replaced diode 3 times with same results. Any help on what may be causing the diodes to keep failing?
  32. J

    JD 2305 sub compact tranny overheating

    My tranny is getting up to 225F during mowing with a belly mower. Outside is only 75Fish. What are some things that would cause a hydrostatic transmission get that hot?
  33. J

    Setting up rotary cutter on JD2305

    Just got a used RC 2048 for my JD 2305. Never used one before so just checking that my thinking is right... I have the 'rockshaft lever' and 'rockshaft rate of drop control lever'. Am I wrong in saying there is really no way to limit the rear arms from dropping their full extent? In other...
  34. J

    imatch knock-offs? (JD2305 & RC2048)

    I have a JD 2305 and am looking at getting a RC2048 rotary cutter.. I looked at the manual for the cutter and it said the imatch is required to 'facilitate driveline length'.. I have no other rear implements... so hate to pay $400 for an imatch. Anyone have luck with any of the spin-offs? Thanks!
  35. Curly69

    2305 Seat

    My 2305 seat is about done. I am looking for an after market seat with more support, my cub cadet zero turn has a seat that supports your entire back over a bump, don't want to spend a thousand dollars either though. Looks as though I may have to get the bracket also but if that is to costly I...
  36. johnnydel29

    JD 2305 Antifreeze Leaking When Cold. Waterpump?

    Hello - I own a 2006 JD 2305 with about 1200hrs. I noticed it occasionally leaks antifreeze. The leak seems like it is coming from beneath the water pump. Or, it could be where the pump attaches to the engine (gasket). The leak is not consistent. As I mentioned, it seems to happen when cold...
  37. B

    Jd 2305 vs jd 2320

    Any suggestions
  38. D

    deere 62c mower deck with mounting linkage & pto shaft x400 x500 x700 2305

    no play in spindles that rotate freely, belt and blades appear in good shape. deck not perfect but solid. includes front linkage, pto shaft and deflector. gauge wheels all adjust and rotate. I'm located near the happiest place on earth. $599 deck dolly also available for additional $150...
  39. K

    JD 2305 w/ 47" JD Snowblower - PTO hitting Tie Rod Shaft

    Hi, My JD setup is making a racket... some due to loose sprocket/chain - replaced the sprocket and chain/tightened... Some of the noise might still be that I was not paying attention to aligning yokes.... got that from another thread.... but I've also found the PTO shaft is rubbing on the tie...
  40. T

    2305 Drive Shaft - Guards

    Hello, I am new to the shaft fan guard/filter guard , any sources for these still around? Thanks ,
  41. J

    JD 2305 HST temperatures?

    It's about 80F outside and just got done mowing 7 acres.. The transmission felt hot so I hit it with the IR thermometer (had been off for 5 mins or less by the time I found the gun) and got a max temp of 205F. Is that within 'normal' range for that amount of work, or running too hot?
  42. 2

    2305 Hydro Fan Bracket

    I have a 2305 and heard a noise under the seat after pulling some small tree stumps. I found the fan was loose on the driveshaft and was rattling around. After looking up what might be wrong i determined that the fan had broke out the center and was rattling on the shaft. That was not the...
  43. Number15

    2305 transmission question

    I was looking at a 2305 with a friend that might purchase it. It has ~320 hours but has sat out in the weather for the last 2 years not really being used. You can tell its been rained on a few times. Anyway, the sight glass in the transmission had 0 oil in it. I don't know how much actual...
  44. W

    Removing the JD 2305 cover panel below the instrumnet panel to access diode wiring.

    Would like easier access to wiring so I can remove the diode receptacle for the flashers I broke trying to get the diode out. None are available from JD. I'll have to jury rig the replacement by removing the broken receptacle and wiring directly to diode unless someone has another suggestion...
  45. W

    2006, JD 2305, 1.5 amp diode receptacle replacement

    This is the 4th time I'm replacing the 4 way flasher, 1.5 amp diode. Unfortunately this time I can't get the diode out. Looking for a replacement receptacle. JD doesn't sell them and wondered if anyone has replaced one on their 2210 or 2305? Looked on line with zero results. Also going to...
  46. R

    2305 no hydraulics

    The hydraulics on my 2305 went out and there is a very loud whine in the pump. So far, I have changed the oil and filter in the transaxle, cleaned the mesh filter with the magnets and put it all back together and same problem. After I changed the oil and ran it again to check to see if it was...
  47. U

    Mowing  John Deere 2305 belly mower fails to stay in transport position.

    The belly mower on my 2006 John Deere 2305 fails to stay up in the transport position. Will stay in position for a few seconds and then drops to a lower level. What might be causing this? The mower has a hydraulic lift cylinder independent of the 3 pt. hitch. Mower otherwise works great!
  48. C

    How worried should I be - JD 2305 Front Axle

    Hi All, I bought a used 2305 this summer, with approx 435 hours on the meter. The guy I bought it from also bought it used, and said he rarely ever used it, put about 10 hours on it. When he first purchased(Sept. 2018), he brought it to the local JD dealer for inspection and routine...
  49. K

    JD 2305 leaking fluid like crazy

    I've got a big leak on the rear right side. It's so wet I can't even see where its coming from. Does anybody know what's down there so I can look in the right place? Any ideas? Thanks in advance. Kev
  50. W

    Mowing  Jd2305. 54C mower deck bolt

    My 2010 JD2305 has a 54C mower deck. One of the mower blade bolts came loose and damaged the threads. I want to make sure I order the correct one. This is what I found “19M7872 John Deere OEM Blade Bolt M12x25”. But the picture just doesn’t look like it’s correct. Anyone ever had...
  51. O

    Jd 2305 will not crank

    Hello all, I have spent the last 3 hours searching for a thread which might lead me to an answer to my problem. I found none so here I am. I am working on a JD 2305 and hope someone can help me figure this out. Possibly I have overlooked something. Symptom: Will not crank. Turn the key on and...
  52. johnnydel29

    JD 2305 Suddenly Would Not Start

    Hi Everyone - The last time I posted was in 2007. Wow, does time fly!! Yesterday while using my 2005 2305, as usual, since '05, it started and ran perfectly fine. While cutting up firewood in the woods, I turned off the machine. After loading the bucket with wood, I went to turn on the...
  53. C

    Snowblower for John Deere 2305 - Advice

    Hi All, I just purchased my first tractor, a lightly used(430 hours) John Deere 2035 with FEL. I've been lurking and learning on this site for the past few weeks, and figured I would seek the advice of those smarter than me:) My main motive to buy the tractor was clearing my driveway in the...
  54. S

    Deere 2305 Seat Switch Proper Function?

    Hello, Should a properly operating 2009 Deere 2305 tractor run, under any circumstances, without someone in the seat? Long version follows: I have owned a 2009 Deere 2305 from new. Recently, after shutting it down without issue it would not try to start. A trip to the original selling...
  55. BeaconWoods

    John Deere 2210 / 2305 pto will not engage

    So I pulled the snowplow off the 2210 today and installed the mid mount mower deck. Everything was going great until I pulled out the yellow pto knob and got a big nothing. The short version is that all is now well. There are several threads dealing with this around the net but I have a...
  56. B

    2007 JD 2305 Driveshaft lubrication

    At 300 hours my driveshaft failed, JD dealer and $1500 later it was repaired. Ive read its nearly impossible to lube both universal joints, and to do this you must pretty much disassemble tractor from the top down to get to the joints. Somehow the entire floor gets removed and reinstalled. This...
  57. S

    Price Check  Value of 2009 Deere 2305 with implements?

    Hello, I am thinking about selling my 2009 Deere 2305 subcompact tractor and implements. Can anyone help me with it's value? It is not a must sell. I have already sold the implements I wanted to sell separately. One-owner John Deere 2305 with about 550 hours. Independent mower lift option...
  58. W

    JD 2305 hydraulic screen

    I have a 2010. Jd2305. I replaced the hydraulic fluid, filter and pulled the screen out, cleaned the magnets & screen. Reinstalled. Once I pulled the tractor out of the garage, right where I pulled the screen out lay two O-rings. They aren’t the two that go on the cap that holds the...
  59. B

    JD 2305 Oil light replaced with gauges

    Well started up the 2305 other day and noticed the oil light would not shut off. got off and checked the oil, wire to the oil sender everything was ok. First thing I did was change the oil and filter and replace oil sender unit. Still the same light would not shut off. Swapped sending units with...
  60. G

    how to test John Deere 2305 PTO Solenoid

    The PTO stopped functioning on my Deere 2305 utility tractor. I'm working my way through trying to determine the cause of the problem. I've read some reports that the PTO Solenoid can "lock up" or be defective. I can access/remove the PTO Solenoid just fine, but I don't know how to test it to...
  61. D

    JD 2305 (2009) or Kubota 2620 (2011) ?

    Should I keep the 2305 with 450 hours and quick loader knowing that JD has a history with a aluminum tranny case cracking even though this tractor has no problem. Or trade it for a Kubota 2620 with loader and 700 hours with no tranny history problems. I've got 6000 in the 2305 and the 2620...
  62. J

    John Deere 2305

    Is there any easy way to replace the hydraulic female caps? Tired of collecting dirt in them and the old caps just don't stay in any longer. Thx JED
  63. E

    3-Point Hitch  John Deere 2305 and a Massey 2360 50" snowblower?

    I need a little help. My late husband knew everything about our utility tractor and I am at a loss. I need to get a snowblower to deal with the farm in the winter. A friend is selling is front mount Massey 2360 50" snowblower. Can I even put that snowblower on the front of my tractor? I...
  64. R

    2305 not charging

    So,like the title says my tractor not charging. Battery is good connections are clean. The alternator is puting out 30.86 amps ac. I'm not geting any thing out of the rectifier. I have continuity between the hot and neutral posts of the rectifier ac in. My guess is the rectifier is shot John...
  65. R

    John Deere 2305 FWD input shaft replacement

    I just bought a 2009 JD 2305 that has the input shaft snapped off approx. 1 1/2" outside of the transaxle,can the shaft be replaced without removing transaxle from the tractor?It appears the cover/plate can be removed fairly easy but I just want to know if there's any parts/gears that could fall...
  66. B

    Looking for used cylinder head for JD 2305

    Hi TBN readers! I have a cracked head on my John Deere 2305. The engine is a Yanmar 3TNV76. John Deere part number is MIA880090 or Yanmar part number 119717-11740. The bare head is approx. $3000 CDN and will require some machine work to be ready to bolt on so I'm looking for some cheaper...
  67. oldsmokey

    John Deere 2305 Parking Brake locked.

    Hi Everyone, First of I'd like to thank you for all the help and advice I received over the years with tractors I owned.:) Sold my Kubota BX25 few years ago because of health reasons, anyway feeling better now so purchased a used 2009 John Deere 2305 520 hrs. for some light work around my...
  68. P

    JD 2305 engine stops when shifting from neutral to high or low range

    John Deere 2305 engine starts and runs fine but when I shift to high or low range , the engine stops.shift to neutral it starts right up again. Anyone know where the neutral switch is? Perchb
  69. J

    John Deere 2305 Temp, Oil and battery lights don't work.

    Hello all, I have checked the bulbs as well as the 4 fuses under the hood and they are all good. But when I go to start the tractor they don't come on as they should. With this tractors tendency to overheat because of the grass clippings covering the outer and inner grills I need to get this...
  70. B

    JD 2305 Tractor - Loader Stand Problem

    I have owned my JD 2305 for 10yrs. This has never happened to me. Yesterday I was attaching my bucket/loader and the stand bent. I went to straighten it out and it broke. From previous threads, I see where this is a problem. I purchased a new one but was wondering how to remove the old one...
  71. S

    A very simple fix for non-functional jd2305 PTO

    I am writing this post because of a VERY simple no-money fix to a potentially calamitous problem. As I stated in another post, my old jd2305 that I sold to my next-door neighbor had the PTO fail just after he bought it. I felt pretty guilty, thinking that I had sold him a lemon, but the...
  72. S

    JD2305 PTO will not start

    Hello, I never thought I would be posting about my old 2305, but I now have to. Earlier this spring I sold my 13 year old 2305 to my neighbor, and now the first time he went out to mow with it the PTO will not engage. I am looking for any info that might shed some light on why the PTO won't...
  73. D

    JD2305 Seat safety switch bypass failure

    Hi everyone, . Have a JD2305. Tried bypassing seat safety switch so I could run PTO to clean out sprayer without being seated on tractor. Used jumper to bypass switch. Tractor would turn over and run but not continue to run after I released key. Reconnected seat safety switch but now have...
  74. H

    2305 cooling fan

    Anyone had to replace a transmission cooling fan on a 2305? Just wondering if the drive shaft can be removed without a major ordeal.
  75. D

    JD 2305 transmission

    Should a 2305 be able to spin tires on loose soil in 4 wheel and low range? I was running at about 2800 rpm. I was trying to tow something very heavy up hill in loose soil and the tractor would not move and the engine did not bog and tires did not spin. I am thinking prv might be faulty.
  76. J

    JD 2305 Uneven Bucket cylinders

    All, need some help here as I'm not the best with hydraulics. I've noticed for a while now my bucket cylinders (the ones that move the bucket) appear to actuate the bucket unevenly. I took the bucket off today, and sure enough, the left cylinder (from the drivers seat) actuates a tad slower...
  77. mercdv

    2305 Alternator Conversion

    Got a quick question, I'm adding some electrical items to my 2305 and I know I'm going to exceed the factory 20 amp stator. I was looking into the 35 amp upgrade kit but at a whopping $539.00 :eek: I'll pass. I'm thinking about just taking the time to convert it over to a true 40 amp alternator...
  78. mercdv

    2305 governor linkage question

    Hey all, I need some help and I'm hoping this is the place to get it. First, I'd like to start off by saying I have really basic mechanic skills. By basic I mean I can follow service manuals and that is about it. My 2305 sat parked for a long time due to a sick child and back injury. When I...
  79. S

    John deere 2305 or hold out for a kabota or something cheaper?

    Im looking for a small as possible tractor for grading my yard and light landscaping work, mowing 1/2 acre etc. I came accross a john deere 2305 with 2k hours for $8500 comes with 62" mower, westendorf ta52 loader and a rear box scraper. I kinda have my heart set on a kabota bx1500 or similar...
  80. J

    John Deere 2305

    Haven't been here in quite some time. My neighbor asked me to grade his driveway, it's about a 25 degree, and about a 100 yards from the road up to the house. When I used the rear blade, I noticed the front heels were not driving. The tractor is 7 years old, this is the first time I've engaged...
  81. F

    Rake  JD 2305 EA landscape rake

    I've settled on EA but can't decide on the 5' Land Shark with gage wheels or the 5' XTreme Duty with gage wheels. The XTreme appears to be more robust at $179 more than the Land Shark but is it too much for my baby Deere? Can I get some first hand feedback?
  82. T

    2006 2305 - need socket size for front wheel removal

    This may seem like a silly question, but I'm several hundred miles away from the tractor, and I need to bring the tools needed to change the front wheels. They kept going flat (**** Osage Orange trees...), so I have a second set that is filled with stiff foam to prevent flats. I have a 1/2"...
  83. M

    JD 2305 box blade question

    I've got a 4' box blade and so far it's doing what I need, but I'd like it to be a little more convenient for me. I called the JD dealer near me and asked him if I could install a hydraulic top cylinder. He put me on hold for a few minutes and came back to say that the salesman said no. There...
  84. A

    Replacing knuckle seal and bushing on JD 2305

    Hello everyone New to world of tractor so a bit confused with some repair, like the title says i,m about to put back together axle knuckle but would need the torcq specs for knuckle and axle Would be really appreciate Asco
  85. Curly69

    2305 Loader

    Just about every time I take out my tractor I use my FEL. This yr it seams as though the Up/Down control gets stuck, Scoop/Dump always work fine. If I raise the bucket then go to lower it it will get stuck, it's like it's hitting something solid, not mushy. If I just wait a few minutes without...
  86. J

    John Deere 2305 MMM 62C - How hard to install?

    Hello all! I have a 2008 model John Deere 2305 and I'm considering putting on a MMM to tackle some of the mowing on my 5 acres. I have very sandy soil, and I currently pull a 60 inch LandPride finish mower. The finish mower cuts well, but tends to sink down in the sand and create ruts with...
  87. S

    2305 / 3 PH Will Not Lift / Sudden Failure After Parking?

    Hello everyone, I did a search and came up empty. Can anyone think of a reason why a Deere 2305 3PH would suddenly stop lifting? Here is the situation: I was moving some top soil with a 2048 box blade and 200CX loader with 62" bucket. I had not actually used the box blade except for...
  88. A

    2305 with front mounted blower

    For the past seven years I have used a 3pt snowblower with an Orginal Cab on my 2305. I just picked up a complete used 47" front mount blower from the dealer. My question is what is the experience with the front window and the snowblower? Should I invest in the front wiper kit for the original cab?
  89. M

    2305 Charging issues

    I recently picked up a JD 2305 which is now having charging issues. After a few searches I have done the basics verified the alternator output (~ 20 to 30 V AC depending on RPM), cleaned the ground cable connection, replaced the K5 safety relay, and replaced the V6 diode. I did blindly...
  90. R

    HST guard/skid plate JD2305

    I am looking for an HST guard/skid plate for a John Deere 2305. I want the vented type seller Enventive on EBay makes. I will pay whatever you paid new for your used skid plate. Thanks, Rye.
  91. Curly69

    2305 Power loss?

    Try to make this short but a long story. LOANED my tractor out and didn't get it back for over a month. It was left outside longer than it's ever been in the 10.5 yrs I've owned it. Anyhow hydro fan broke and they used in for 30-40 hours with it broke I figure. Fluid is fried to dark brown or...
  92. D

    John Deere 2305 home made ripper attachment

    New to the forum. Been lurking for a long time learning a lot of stuff! Just bought a Deere 2305 and am new to the whole 3-point / hydraulics / PTO thing. I need to dig a trench and was going to buy a subsoiler and middle buster to help break up the soil. Well I'm the type of person who like...
  93. R

    Just picked up a JD2305! Had a BX, thoughts and questions.

    Gents well instead of adding an FEL to my BX1800 the warden (wife) said I could just upgrade if, if I found a really great deal. I've been looking for months to no avail. Well last week I did and somehow everything worked out, the ad popped up on CL the tractor was sold when I called but I...
  94. S

    John Deere 2305 mmm independent electric lift

    I just built and installed an electric lift for my 62C mmm. I was tired of tying up the 3-point and didn't want to tie up the loader hydraulics. I built a bracket that used the axle mount bolts, an Ironton actuator, and a telescoping lift arm to maintain the same function and travel specs. It...
  95. B

    John Deere 2305 Won't start

    I have a JD2305 that won't start. It died last week when using it, which appeared to be a bad battery. I replaced the battery and it started fine. Used it again yesterday and all was well for a while. Shut it off at one point and it now won't start. When I turn it to the on position the...
  96. M

    Deere 2305 loaders?

    I am looking at a use 2006 Deere 2305 tonight which has been used primarily used for mowing and only has a finish mower on it with no FEL. It appears the loaders on these when new was the 200CX. If I wanted to add a loader will any of the current JD loaders fit withot mods? or can a 200CX...
  97. M

    Possible trading a 2305 for a 3032e

    I was wondering what everyone thought about trading a 2007 JD 2305 with under 300 hours for a new 2016 3032e. I am looking for a little more tractor but still want to stay small enough to get into the tight spaces my 2305 can. The dealer basically offered me a trade difference of 11,700.00 and...
  98. W

    62D Deck on a 2305

    I have a 2305 with the 54" deck. A buddy of mine has a 2520 with the 62D drive-over deck. In just looking at it, I was thinking it would fit on my 2305. He's looking to sell the deck because he's gone to mowing with a zero-turn mower. Anyone else know if this would work?
  99. B

    2305 overheating due too screen clogging up and than blowing black smoke?

    I have a 2305 and due to the screen and front of the shroud clogging up it starting to run hot. I shut it down and tried to restart it. when I did it was blowing black smoke. I let it run for a few minutes and cleared out. once that it did it ran fine without a miss or anything. I cut some more...
  100. G

    Buying Advice  John Deere 2305 Y or N?

    hi folks. new to this site. close to being a 1st time tractor owner. i'm a former heavy equipment operator, and with that said i've spend many hours on smaller tractors also. what i will be doing is finish mowing a rough & steep 1 acre. i currently have an old school deere 285, which...
  101. M

    How to check and change the oil on John Deere 2305

    Just purchased a 2007 JD 2305 without any paper work or manuals. I'm trying to figure out how and where to check the oil and how to change it.
  102. F

    sweeper collector for 2305

    I am trying to find a sweeper attachment with collector for my 2305 to use in my farm shop, seed warehouse and general areas. I found a Kersten in the UK but am wondering if there is an American version. I found multiple choices for a skidsteer but dont have the room. TIA
  103. M

    John Deere 2305 and Michael 11

    Howdy folks from the windy today Northwestern Washington state. I have been lurking for several years and finally decided to register and join in the fun. I have a 5 acre parcel outside Burlington Washington. I have a 7 year old JD 2305 with a FEL and backhoe and a 62 C mower deck as in my...
  104. J

    John Deere 2305, left/right blinker not working

    Hey folks, left/right blinker not working on my tractor. I can hear the signal relay clicking when I flick the turn signal switch, but there is no blinking on the dashboard and the rear bulbs too. Everything is working just fine when I flick the main light switch to hazard mode. I measure the...
  105. D


    I am thinking about building a fel snowplow. I have access to a snowbear plow that is like new for a great price. Can anyone give me some advice?
  106. J

    John Deere 2305, electrical problem

    Hey folks. I hope you're all doing well after Christmas and the New Year. So, I have John Deere 2305, HST model. Yesterday, when I tried to change the glow plug relay, I got a current and a few seconds later I lost an electrical power to all machine. I found a small fuse box on the right side of...
  107. R

    Question: Mowing a slope 2305 & 2720

    I currently have a 2006 2305 with a 62C MMM. I'm considering upgrading to a 2011 Used 2720 with a 62D MMM. My question is regarding a slope I mow. I use the 2305 to mow a couple of places on my 5 acres and the a 66" ZT Exmark for the rest. The one area I need the 2305 for is to mow a ditch in...
  108. N

    JD 2305 with 54c mid mount mower PTO connection issue

    Hello, While recently mowing with the 54c mower deck, we had the PTO (female end from the deck) disconnect from the spline (male end on tractor). I didn't witness this happen. There doesn't appear to be any damage done with it coming disconnected while running the deck but now we are having...
  109. D

    2305 cab Heater

    I am building a cab for my 07 2305 and would like to add a heater. I have a curtis tuck away heater but none of the tractor side components. I am trying to avoid buying the curtis/john deere sensor adapter. Has anyone done a hookup on this tractor without using the adapter? If so can you provide...
  110. D

    snowblower for 2305

    Can I mount a 46" blower on the front of a 2007 JD 2305? I really prefer a single stage blower for my gravel driveway.
  111. P

    JD 2305 Differential crown gear bolts fell off

    I was operating my Jd 2305h purchased in June 2008 backing out of a pile of leafs I was pushing to a pile when I heard a loud noise. Sounded Like a high tension cable breaking. I was in 4wd low reverse. Immediately drove it to shop 50ft away. Drained tranny oil and found lots of metal shavings...
  112. K

    2305 transmission cooler

    Hello I've been reading this site for a couple years and want to contribute a few of my projects...I have a JD 2305 and I finally added a transmission cooler after 600 hours. I've never seen it done only discussed and I thought I'd share with anyone interested.
  113. L

    2305 discounted sales/excess inventory

    1025R discounted sales/excess inventory AS my LA115 is going on five years in age now and having recently had the drive belt replaced I have been shopping "somewhat". I have been looking at the 1025R (wanting three rear remotes) and a loader. I may be swayed into looking at a backhoe...
  114. J

    2305 cranks won't start

    I have a JD 2305. 2007 model. Has run flawless for 8 years all maintenance up to date. Have been using it on a garden project but that got put on hold about 2 weeks ago as had to have my appendix out. Went to start it today and cranks catches for a second then dies. Any ideas?
  115. johnwilldo

    John Deere 2305 replacement engine

    I think I threw a rod on my 2010 John Deere 2305 with about 906 hours. Any source for a replacement engine? It is a Yanmar Three cylinder diesel.
  116. johnwilldo

    John Deere 2305 Engine Replacement?

    My 2010 John Deere 2305 engine with 960 hours on it blew while field mowing last week. I heard a rattle and stopped the tractor, but let the engine run at low idle. I dismounted the tractor and lifted the hood to see what was making the noise and that is when is came to a VERY noisy and...
  117. T

    2305 mid pto issues

    hi,new here,l have 2008 JD 2305 400 hrs on it ,when cutting grass it works great cold,but once it warms up the deck seems to slow down and flattens grass,any ideas? JD wants 2000 to tear it down and see what is wrong,am using the mid pto,any help would be grateful.
  118. B

    John Deere 2006. 2305. Start problems.

    Thanks in advance for your help. Starting problem. New battery, cables, grounds are clean. When you turn the key to let the glow plugs to start, turn key, want turn over, you think N/S switch, changed. Still no start. Wiggle low - high lever still no start. Repeat start sequence then wiggling...
  119. johnwilldo

    Oil & Fuel  John Deere 2305 stops running after about 45 minutes of mowing

    Been having a problem with my John Deere 2305. Seems to be quitting due to fuel starvation after about 45 minutes of mowing. I can let it sit for about 10 minutes and get it to restart after cycling the start sequence about three times. When it restarts, it then runs for quite a while before...
  120. L

    2305 snowblower options

    I'm wanting to put a snowblower on my Deere 2305. With the JD 54" blower being close to 4k once you get the mount and hydraulic swivel, what other brands/models would fit my tractor? Just thinking I could find a used one. I live in Northern Michigan and regularly get 3 ft drifts in our driveway
  121. K

    John Deere 2305 Backhoe

    Hi all! Want to extend a thank you to all forum participants for all of the help they willingly provide the rest of us here!! To my point... I'm thinking about buying a used John Deere 2305 SCUT with a factory loader -but would like the option of adding the 260 Deere backhoe later. With that...
  122. G

    Front-End Loader  Use the quick attach bucket and hardware from a JD 2305 200x loader on a D120 loader?

    Hey guys- I'm a longtime reader, but a first time poster. Thanks for all of your help! Can I swap the quick attach hardware and bucket from a 200x FEL (currently on a JD 2305) onto a D120 FEL (currently on a JD 1023e)? Seems like a pretty simple swap, but I'm hoping you guys can...
  123. R

    Buying Advice  JD 2305 2010

    Hello all, First post here so be gentle! Looking for a utility tractor for my 2.5 acre yard, for cutting grass and moving material around, and the local dealer has a 2010 2305 with loader (no MMM) about 175 hours for $11K. I tried googling blue book values for tractors but couldnt find...
  124. T

    Comparison  Used Deere 2305 vs 1023E

    This 59 year old back has decided it needs a FEL so I'm looking to replace my nearly 30 year old JD 330 lawn tractor with a SCUT. Currently, these two used tractors are available: 2007 2305 with 540 hours R4 tires with about 60% tread and a 62" deck vs a 2012 1023E with 200 hours, R3 tires and...
  125. C

    Price check needed on 2305

    2006, 180 hrs w/ FEL and MMM, great condition. $10,000
  126. R

    Cover for Deere 2305 transmission oil fan

    Anyone have any good experience buying or fabricating a cover for the transmission oil fan for a 2305? I saw one for sale on ebay, but they go quick and would like to hear from others about any alternatives.
  127. F

    Oil & Fuel  Problem with starting JD 2305

    When I last used the tractor (yesterday), ran fine. Today, went to start it and it ran for about 2 seconds then shut off like it was out of fuel. It has 7/8 tank of diesel. I primed the fuel pump and tried to start again. Same results. Have tried at least a dozen time and tractor will not...
  128. M

    air cleaner clip for JD 2305

    I've somehow managed to lose one of the clips that hold the cover on the air cleaner of my 2305. John Deere doesn't sell the clip separate from the cover, which runs $80-90. I've seen in other threads that folks have recommended a couple replacements: Dorman 41101 and John Deere R124848...
  129. T

    JD 2305 - where is V6 diode?

    I have been troubleshooting a charging problem on a JD2305. Found out that I could jumper two wires on the K3 safety relay #1, and now the battery shows that it is charging. Still can't get the battery lamp to illuminate. (on another working JD2305, this lamp should light for a few seconds...
  130. O

    John Deer 2720,2305,2210,1025 and Mahindra 6010 and TYM 293 in use on the Acreage.

    Anyone wanting to know more about JD 2210 or 2305's I have owned several of these with many attachments. I have also owned several JD 2720's and a JD 2520 and attachments and I now own a 2013 JD 2720 with Loader and 2014 JD 1025 with 7 Iron deck and JD front Blade and 2013 Mahindra 6010 with...
  131. L

    New John Deere 2305 owner needs your broken HST transmission

    First time poster, here. As the owner of a 1957 Oliver Super 66 I didn't need a big loader and backhoe unit.(It is big, old, slow and tired, but digs big holes in a hurry which is why we bought it ;) I needed a smaller unit than the Oliver but wanted to be able to use the "new" tractor to access...
  132. N

    JD 2305 Homemade Cab Build

    Hello everyone, I recently just finished up a tractor cab build for my father's JD 2305 and thought I would share my journey. Up to this point I have never posted any of my projects online, but this tractor cab build was made possible by all of your posts and ideas. I felt it was only...
  133. N

    Looking at a 2006 2305

    A local dealer has a 2006 2305 with 1100 hrs, 200CX loader, and 54C mower. He is asking $7900. A few questions for you guys with experience: Is the loader easy to take on and off? Is the mower easy to take on/off? Is the 54C a drive on mower for the 2305? Is the price reasonable? Thanks.
  134. kenb1023

    2008 JD 2305, Is this a Good deal?

    This is my first post here and I am glad I joined. I am looking at buying a 2008 2305 with only 8 hours on it. Previous owners bought it and never used it. Now they are moving and selling it for $11900 through the local JD dealer. Now I was about to go down and look at it but after reading...
  135. R

    Mowing  John Deere 2305 54" deck - Gator blades

    Ready to mulch some leaves and grass in NH - considering gator blades. Looking at Oregon G6 blades and wondering if anyone out there has some experience with these blades?? Overall I'm comparing them to stock JD blades or even a JD mulching kit. Any response on personal experience is...
  136. G

    Sickle Bar  Ford 501 Sickle Bar Mower on John Deere Sub-compact tractor (2305)

    Anyone have experience connecting a Ford 501 (14-92) Sickle Bar mower to a John Deere Sub-compact tractor? I can connect all points of the 3-point, but the stabilizers are much too long for my JD 2305 and the spring and chain don't seem to have anywhere to go. I was able to get it to run...
  137. D

    John Deere 2305 Replacement Motor

    I am looking for a replacement engine for my 2305 John Deere. Head is cracked in 2 places and cylinders are scored. Found a Yanmar 3TNV76-CSA Industrial engine as a replacement. Would this engine be the same as the OEM engine that cam with the tractor? Thanks
  138. W

    Mowing  Jd 2305 driveshaft replacement

    Gents, I have a 2010 -- jd2305 with 250 hours. Grease for the u joints on the driveshaft is hard when installed. After buying all kind of adapters, I started pulling the drive shaft down myself every 50 hrs and greasing the two u- joints (spider) while off the tractor. With that said...
  139. R

    John Deere 2305 removing Backhoe

    Total rookie owner.. first time removing backhoe on 2009 John Deere 2305.. in the process of removing it.. I pulled the hydraulic line more tight that it should have been and I lost hydraulics. In addition, if my ear is hearing it correctly, after this event, I am hearing a slight hum in the...
  140. W

    JD 2305

    Gents, I have a 2010 " 2305". I was mowing with it this morning when it suddenly died. The fuel gage dropped to zero. The tank is 3/4 full. I tried starting it and figured out it will stay running as long as I hold the key switch to start. I was able to drive it back to garage that...
  141. F

    Goodbye 2305, hello 1025r!

    Got my new Green ride a couple days ago. Still getting familiar with everything. I decided that I don't want to keep the Power Flow bagger system, so I posted it for sale. Anyhow, here's the old machine and the new one together:
  142. L

    2305 Wiring schematic

    Where can I find a wiring schematic for the 2305 tractor?
  143. D

    Cylinder to switch bewtenn Bucket Control & Mower Deck Height Stuck / 2305

    On my tractor there is the transfer switch, there is a threaded handle that you access from the cab, out for bucket control, in for control of your mower deck height. In the process of installing the mower deck I noticed when I went to lower the deck rods, this cylinder is stuck, will not budge.
  144. T

    2305 Help re fuel problem

    2305 runs grat even under load for about ten minutes, then aabruptly shuts doown. Restarts, aafter five or six ignition trials, then runs perfectly for another ten minutes. Beewnz all thru the fuel system several times, have drained the tank, put in fresh filters, bled the system repeatedly...
  145. W

    john Deere 2305 hydraulic cylinder lift for mower deck location?????

    I have a 2305 with the mechanical lift for the mower deck that operates off of the 3-point hitch. I want to add a cylinder to the rock shaft that is already there but my dealer does not think it is possible. I have seen other posts and photos where people have done this. Can anybody give me...
  146. J

    JD 2305 Air Filter clip

    Anyone have a lead on where to get an air filter clip? There are two of them that hold the cover on the air filter canister. JD says I have to buy the whole canister...
  147. S

    Implements for 2210, 2305 and 1 series

    I wanted to make a quick announcement to all JD tractor owners, especially those of the subcompact and small compact size that I am opening a new web store where I offer implements of all sizes, but mostly specializing in subcompact and small compact tractor sizes...
  148. J

    Oil & Fuel  Hy Guard reg. or low vis for 2305?

    Hi all. I'm coming up on my 200hr maintenance and now that I have a little more understanding of the tractor I have a question. When I did the 50hr maintenance the local JD shop talked me into low viscosity hy guard.. but now I see in the manual (OMLVU23228_B0) that it says they put the...
  149. D

    JD 2305 starts, but won't keep running.

    I have a john deere 2305 that will fire and run for about 2 sec and quit. I believe it is a fuel problem, but can't pinpoint it. I have changed the filter, pushed the primer lever a 1000 times, disconected the fuel line in front of the injectors to try and bleed them with no luck. Manuel says...
  150. N

    JD 2305 poping and shaking while in 4x4

    Was wondering if anyone has run into this? I was scooping up some dirt with my 2305 and when i pulled out the front end had light bounce/shake, almost like the drive train was slipping. i felt like it was more on the right side so i pulled the hub and no broken teeth. Now i'm afraid its where...
  151. N

    JD 2305 poping and shaking while in 4x4

    Was wondering if anyone has run into this? I was scooping up some dirt with my 2305 and when i pulled out the front end had light bounce/shake, almost like the drive train was slipping. i felt like it was more on the right side so i pulled the hub and no broken teeth. Now i'm afraid its where...
  152. D

    2010 John Deere 2305 4WD > 2WD

    Hi, Does the 2010 JD 2305 have the capability to go into 2WD mode? I found a used one but it looks like it's 4WD only. I wanted something to switch back and forth. thanks
  153. N

    2008 JD 2305 starting to develop a starting issue

    This little tractor has been excellent since we purchased it new in the Fall of 2008. Only thing I've had to do outside of the recommended service intervals is replace a battery a couple of years ago. This tractor gets used almost daily but for generally short times. We just hit 200 hours on...
  154. dixstir

    john deere 2305 quits

    my 2305 quit last week when moving snow,(273 hours), changed the fuel filter because it would run slow then stop. thought it was fixed, but today did it agine, ck filter agine seems ok , it sure acts like its running out of fuel.any ideas?
  155. A

    anyone use a JD 2305 with a wallenstein bx42?

    After hearing a lot about stand alone chippers and PTO chippers I think I'm now leaning toward the Wallenstein BX42. But it would be used with my JD 2305. I know different JD models have had success with this, but wanted to see if any 2305 owners had success with the BX42. It'd be for...
  156. C

    2305 step

    Anyone make a step to help get up on the 2305?
  157. R

    jd2305 rear wheels

    Hi all, Maybe my search skills are lacking, but I can't find anything definite about: 1. Can or cannot the rear wheels on a jd2305 be flipped for a wider stance & to prevent chains from rubbing against frame? 2. If they can be flipped, what is the offset of the rear wheels? I've found...
  158. C

    Sickle Bar  sickle bar mower for JD 2305

    Hi. Does anyone know there is a sickle bar mower attachment for the JD 2305. Thanks.
  159. B

    JD 2305 wont start

    Hello and hey. First post, long time lurker though. I've searched and while some of the results have been helpful (pics of parts, schematics, etc) have been helpful I've not been able to fix this **** tractor. I'm not *exactly* an idiot, but I'm pretty close to an useless with internal...
  160. M

    2305 light problems

    My battery failed, I was able to jump start it. Since then my lights will not work. I checked the head light switch and it powers the fuses. Fuses are good. I read a post about failed diodes for the directional lights and flashers. Is there a diode used for the head lights also? Thanks Nick
  161. T

    $2500 for a belly mower hydraulic lift - JD 2305???

    My John Deere 2305 is great. I have a quick-detach front loader with all its hydraulics and a belly mower driven by a mid-PTO. Now, to raise my mower, I have to raise the rear three-point lift to its max and then a lever raises (mechanically) the mower. I had the tractor at the dealer today...
  162. O

    Comparison  2305 vs 2520 Need Help

    I'm trying to weigh the pros and cons between these two. The 2305 is a 2011 model with 385 hrs and has a FEL and belly mower. In good shape and stored inside. Price is $10k. The 2520 I'm not certain of the year, has 900 hrs, a FEL, and a JD 44 backhoe attachment. Not too sure about condition...
  163. S

    John Deere 2305 gas tank removal

    I need to remove the gas tank because there is something in it the keeps plugging the fuel line, To big to flow thru the fuel line, I have used low pressure to blow it back into the tank. It just keeps coming back. I will need to remove the side covers and control panel and lower shroud. I am...
  164. N

    box blading with a 2305???

    im thinking of spring projects, one is to spread about 30 yards of loam for a new level lawn bed. thinking of getting a box blade for my jd 2305 my question is what size for this small machine does anyone have experience with this machine set up ? I like the eta 54" unit , is this to big?? I...
  165. Foxtrot08

    John Deere 2305 - Battery won't charge.

    I've read a lot - including all the threads on TBN - about the same issue. It seems like it could be several things: 1. Bad battery - I however, just got a new battery for it, installed it - it lasted a few weeks and died again - dead dead. I had the new battery tested and charged, it seems to...
  166. I

    Snow blowing with a 2305

    I am new to tractors and will be using my 2305 and a 47" snow blower this winter for the 1st time. My drive way is black top in very good shape, but a decent grade and I have turf tires on the JD. Will I need chains or weights?
  167. ovrszd

    2210/2305 front weight rack

    I've got a Quick Hitch front blade for my JD2210. I also use my JD2210 with a Quick Hitch and Tote Box to haul wood into my Shop. I got tired of sitting on the hood to keep the front axle on the ground so I built a weight rack that my QH front blade mechanism can pick up. In the Fall I add...
  168. I

    2305 loss of power

    I was using my power broom in the driveway after about an inch snow before our company arrived for Sunday dinner, it did a great job. The only problem I had was a sudden loss of power three or four occasions, broom was not under a major load or strain. It only lasted a couple seconds each time...
  169. D

    Issue with my 2305... Altenator maybe?

    My tractor will not hold a charge. I need to boost it every start. I also noticed that my lights are dimmer then they should be. I had it running for about 3 hours today, and just out of the blue it died. Again, jumped it to start, tried to turn it over and it was dead as a doornail. I had my...
  170. S

    New Tractor Seat for JD2305

    Hello all, After about 8 years of use my old seat on my 2305 was getting pretty worn & torn. I even tried taping it with yellow duct tape, but it looked even trashier. For last Christmas I had gotten my father a new seat for his practically brand new 1023r and it looked amazing with the new...
  171. C

    Will the loader from a 2305 fit onto a 2032R?

    Considering buying a 2032R. My dad has a 2305 with loader. While talking with the salesman about the 2032 vs 2305 he mentioned that they use the same loader but that the 2032 handles it way better due to its incresed weight and hydraulic flow. Wasn't till I was driving home that I got to...
  172. ovrszd

    JD2210/2305 telescoping 3pt stabilizers

    I've been sick of my turnbuckle stabilizers since I bought this tractor. Put it on my list to build some telescoping links. The other day the weather was nasty all day so spent the day in the shop. This is what I ended up with. I removed both rear tires but could have gotten by with just...
  173. S

    x534 seat for 2305

    I tried posting this in the buying forum with no success and thought it might be more appropriate here. After 8 years of use wear and tear my seat for my 2305 is beginning to look a little ratty. I have tried to use yellow duct tape but this does not seem to work well. I recently bought my...
  174. S

    JD x534 seat for JD 2305 seat replacement

    Hello All, After about 8 years of ownership and subsequent use my tractor seat is starting to look a little ratty and I was thinking of replacing it with a new one. I did get my father a nice high back seat with armrests for his JD 1023 and we placed his old seat on mine and it fit. My dealer...
  175. yelbike

    Will a front quick hitch from a 1025r fit on 2305?

    Someone locally is selling a 1025r quick hitch and blade. Will it fit my 2305? I know the blade will fit but its the hitch I need help with. I already have a 47 blower and52 broom which I use on my other tractor. Any help would be great. Thanks
  176. K

    2305 John Deere Bucket tilt not working

    I can tilt the bucket all the way down and only about 25% of the way up. It works even slower when the bucket is not on. I feel like the piston, or one of the pistons is preventing it from coming up. Any thoughts? Thanks, Ralph
  177. J

    Oil & Fuel  JD 2305 stopped running

    I have had a 2305 for the last 4 years. I have kept it in the garage, and performed the maintenance per the owners manual (and then some on the oil changes). The other day I was cutting the grass and the motor just shuts off. Tank is about 3/4 full. I got to start it back up it takes quite a few...
  178. G

    how do you tell the year of your JD2305

    I bought a JD2305 7/31/2013 with 82 hour on it, The previous owner said he purchased it new in 2010 for his mini farm. After 5 weeks of ownership the tractor would not start, only a buzzing coming from under the dash, Thanks to your forum, I decided it was the battery even though I had been...
  179. johnwilldo

    3-Point Hitch  2305 Pulling Posts and Homebrew Spinning Jenny

    We just replaced the front pasture fences and had to do it in record time to meet the installers scheduled arrival. The IMatch is a great tool to use in pulling the posts and allows you to rock the post while applying pressure to the three point hitch lever. The post walks right out most of the...
  180. mcfarms

    Additional lights on 2305 ROPS

    I would like to install some lights on the underside of the top of the ROPS on my 2305. I have read many threads on this and have been unable to find specific wiring/installation instructions. I would like to have LED floods and run the wires inside the ROPS if possible and have them work off...
  181. F

    JD 2305

    Has anyone ever tried to adapt a 72" mower deck under a 2305?? I have been trying to see if a 72 will fit or if one can be adapted.. I need to move to a 72 to fit my needs. I am also looking to trade for a JD 955... Thanks
  182. X

    New Holland TZ25DA vs Deere 2305

    Hey guys thanks again so far for all the great advise. I am currently looking at 2 tractors. One is a 2006 JOhn Deere 2305 with 62" MMM and loader with about 250 hours on it. That one is about 11,000. And also a 2008 New Holland TZ25DA with only 81 hours on it. This one also has a loader...
  183. P

    TDC - 2305

    I am assembling my rebuilt 2305 3 cylinder Yanmar motor and want to verify TDC. I am trying to figure out which cylinder is #1. Is it the one closest to the firewall or radiator? Thanks, Skip
  184. tomd999

    Are 2210's as prone to destroying the PTO system as 2305's appear to be?

    Hiya, Well, my lawnmower search is teaching me a lot about little tractors in a not so good light. Based on the number of threads, I guess it's not uncommon the for PTO system to destroy itself on 2305's. So, my question is this, are the 2210's more reliable than the 2305's? Keep in mind...
  185. M

    JD 2305 PTO problem. Need help!

    I was bushogging with my 2305 (24hp) and hit a small pine limb (it did not choke out the tractor and it was a small limb). I began to hear a knocking so I shut the tractor down thinking something was caught in the mower. I couldnt see anything wrong so I fired it back up and mowed another 5...
  186. M

    JD 2305 PTO Problem - Need HELP

    I was bushogging with my 2305 (24hp) and hit a small pine limb (it did not choke out the tractor and it was a small limb). I began to hear a knocking so I shut the tractor down thinking something was caught in the mower. I couldnt see anything wrong so I fired it back up and mowed another 5...
  187. J

    2305 john deer will not stay running

    engine starts for only a sec or two then shuts off removed fuel shut off solenoid from inject pump and engine stays running replaced solenoid still same problem . any ideas ?
  188. tomd999

    2305 available WITHOUT mid PTO?

    Hi All, I'm looking for a really good mower to upgrade to from my 318. I ran across a nice 2305 locally that the owner says does not have a mid pto and can't have a mower or blower because of it. I thought all 2305's had the mid pto standard and it was only when you got into the 3x20 and larger...
  189. I

    Buying Advice  John Deere 2305

    I am purchasing a new home and can buy a John Deere 2305 from the current home owner as a side deal. I can't find the year on it but an attachment is stamped 2007. I'm assuming 2008 or later. Has 131 hours, looks immaculate, garage kept, 62" belly mower and a 200 series bucket without a...
  190. D

    LIGHTS FOR JD 2305

  191. I

    Price Check  Whats a used 2305 worth

    I don't know where to look for pricing on selling my 2009/10 2305 with 240 hours. Has 62" deck, 47" snowblower and all the quick attach stuff. 3pt hitch has never been used. Took it off when I took delivery on it. The tractor is spotless with the normal scuffs on the deck and blower. Had...
  192. Shawk

    Picked up a Deere 3120... time to retire my 2305

    Well, I've been all over the place with little tractors.... I started with a LX188, then 325, to my 425 (man, this was a good unit to me) then my first "tractor" 2210, went to a 2520, back to a 2305 and now with our current move just picked up a 2007 3120. It's got 900 hours, used and maybe even...
  193. W

    Price Check  2305 pricing

    Hello all, i have decided to sell my 2009 john deere 2305. I also have a soft sided curtis cab with heat/defrost, cx200 loader w/62 bucket, 54 inch deck, jd 47 snow blower, jd 260 backhoe, and some everything attachment pallet forks. Also have a 3 pt weight bracket and 8 40 lb suitcase...
  194. P

    Deere 2305 Cylinder Head Cracked - Where can I find another one?

    My 2305 cylinder head is cracked and I need a new head. Yanmar 3TNV76 engine. I have searched the web for new heads, but it seems like Deere is the only one selling them. I would like to buy new or used. Any suggestions? Thanks,
  195. T

    2305 rockshaft blues

    My JD2305 has a 62c under belly mower deck which raises and lowers with levers attached to the rockshafts. It won't lower unless I stand on the rockshafts though, seems the control valve for the rockshaft is almost closed and it WILL NOT turn one way or the other. Any Ideas on getting it unstuck...
  196. F

    JD 2305 quick connections

    Hello, New here... I want to make some sort of Y or T connection with a ball valve or switch so I do not need to disconnect and switch the two yellow lines to go from bucket loader tilt to mower deck lift...Any ideas?
  197. R

    2210/2305 drive shaft slip yolk splines

    I have a 2210 and at 470 hours ran into the drive shaft u joint problem. About two years ago at 400 hours I had the rear PTO grenade when I picked up a small piece of wood in the snow blower and the shear bolt was stronger than the transaxle. During the $10,000.00 repair that insurance coverered...
  198. Propjob

    2305 Parking Brake Handle broken!!!

    HI All!! Back again with tales of woe. I have been noticing that my parking brake handle had been a little cockeyed for a while. Today, I had to get into the cowling to tighten the throttle handle tension spring again.. I noticed that the Handle pivots on a shaft that is literally...
  199. North Country

    2305 won't turn over w/ new battery

    Problem history: 2008 JD 2305 on original factory battery. Somehow, it lasted this far. Sometimes it's barely turned it over but once it's turned over at least twice; it's always started. Today: Started digging a hole around 10am. Ran the backhoe about 1800rpm about 2 hrs. Broke for lunch. Came...
  200. 2

    Deere 2305 transmission suction screen

    How do u guys clean the screen? What type of solvent? The manual says to clean it but doesn't say what type of cleaner to use? I was planning on using diesel..