400lbs of Lucas red n tacky?

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I like the clear gun barrels and you have an air powered pump on the bulk tube for filling the guns correct?. Could you post a picture of your setup?
As a rule I don't do pictures but it's an ARO air powered grease pump and all I did was install a 45 degree zerk fitting in the head end of each grease gun. I fill them via the zerk fitting. with the ordinary grease hose and female coupler. Takes about a minute to fill each lever gun. I do like the clear barrels a lot. No guessing about how much is in each gun. Got the barrels on Amazon some years ago so I have no idea if they are still offered or not or how much they cost today.
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I look at it like this. You’re walking down the aisle at the grocery store/hardware store etc. you think wow that’s a great deal on that, but then you realize you don’t need that thing. It sounds like in your case you need and use a lot of grease. The question is are you going to miss the easy use of cartridges? 10 years from now will you look at the large barrel of grease that is more than half full and ask yourself why did I buy that?
Dad sent me to the hardware to buy a pound of 16 penny nails...

I came back with a 50lb box and some splaining to do.

Just as I grabbed a 1 pound box of nails I overheard the store manager say mark down these 50lb boxes with rips to $1 a box.

I grabbed one and the checkout said no way... manager said yes.

That dollar box lasted decades...

When opportunity knocks open the door…
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I'm not sure what happened to all of our nails. But building the house we went through several 50 lb boxes. Slick gold colored ones, plain duplex, and galvanized. A few boxes likely lasted for a few decades after that. They really don't go bad very quickly. It all depends on how much one is building.

Of course now I do a lot more with screws than nails. So, those last few nails might last for quite some time.
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Thank you. I found some on Amazon too, but then thought doesn’t the plunger tell me everything I need to know.
Ya but..... Don't you want to look cool...lol
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Over fifty years ago, I was delivery boy for a dry cleaner. The grease gun had a zerk in the end of the barrel. When the gun was empty, the sent me to the filling station across the street. Someone there would pump it full with the pneumatic gun used at the grease rack.
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I don't think the clear barrel is 'cool' at all but it sure is easier to see how much grease is left inside so I don't run out in the middle of greasing something and... I do use 3 different kinds of grease as well and each kind has a distinctive color so I can look at the clear barrel and see what type it is. My LE grease is red, my wheel bearing high load grease is green and the grease I grease the roller noses on my chainsaws is almost clear and all the lever guns hang next to each other on a rack by the air greaser.

I have to say, I paid a whole lot less than what the one on the Summit website is costing. Think I paid around 15 bucks for each one and that included the bottom cap and plunger too.
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I would think that the only grease that would get hard like a rock
would be the grease that contains clay

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You've got me thinking about lubes. I don't think I need 50 gallons of grease, but I might be able to swing 5 gallons. Lucas Red and Tacky is probably good for farm and equipment. Apparently OK for wheel bearings too. Probably stiffer than I need for bicycles. But it wouldn't be bad for a single all purpose grease.

I like the concept of a sealed pump that pumps into a grease gun.

Unfortunately for oil, every vehicle seems to want a different type of oil. Even several grades of gear oil.