400lbs of Lucas red n tacky?

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I can get one of these on sale from a supplier for $980. It’s a heck of a deal but what do I do once I have it? I mainly grease machinery and have only used cartridges. I almost always grease on job sites, machines are not home often enough to grease from big tub in garage.

I’m not the “best” when it comes to keeping a shop clean and I’m picturing my self getting crap in the barrel of grease and ruining it.

What grease guns/system do y’all recommend for getting grease out of this barrel cleanly?


Also I use red n tacky because basically that what I started with and stuck with. Not married to it or anything.
When I worked road construction MANY years ago, we used something similar to this:

We filled it from a 55 gallon drum when we were in the shop and kept it on the service truck. Cartridge style guns saw limited use because of the huge amount of grease we went through. Pretty much greased some of the heavier used equipment every day.
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I really hate grease, grease guns, zerk fittings, all that crap. I do own grease guns and a couple tubes
of grease but despise using it. When I'm gone, the guys that end up with my worn out junk can deal
with it. LOL
Watched a cool motor restoration video the other day, rather than a zerk for grease, they used a bit of material and an oil fitting, it was pretty neat. It's at the 16:50 mark

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I wish I had 400lbs of red and tackey! It definitely is a life time supply for me someone that service a lot of trucks and equipment could possibly use that up in a couple weeks.
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I spent $380 on grease just from Amazon in two years. My grease usage has been increasing as my business grow with more machines.
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`OP: sounds like your transaction is a monument to grease. be interested in just how much you currently consume grease monthly before this purchase. you got a huge wad of grease...wish i had 1k to purchase an overload like that.
hopefully the product will not harden before it's consumed. best regards
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Make a whole lot of Ben's red. Best bullet lube around!!
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You should buy two barrels, just in case you forget where you put the first one.
The third one is on the way, I’m learning to juggle!