400lbs of Lucas red n tacky?

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Unfortunately for oil, every vehicle seems to want a different type of oil. Even several grades of gear oil.
I use the same oil in everything, Shell Rotella T6 5-40 and have for years. Same with gear oil, Shell GL5 85-140. Don't matter, diesel powered or gas powered. Only exception is hydraulic fluid and then it's Chevron All Weather THC synthetic and I don't buy into the additive hype either. Only thing I add to my oil (not gear oil) is Archoil Nano Borate additive. It's not cheap but the insides of my engines are always free from sludge and clean. Modern oil's tend to 'plate' the interior of engines with a tan colored deposit. I don't have any of that in my engines and I own a few, both diesel and gas.
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I was surprised my nephew's car was supposed to use 0W20 oil. I wouldn't put heavy oil into it.
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They have great prices on most lawn care related things.
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Stens customer service is crap!
I use their belts, I got 2 mower belts at different times that I thought might be counterfeit.
I emailed them from their website, included details and pictures each time. Never heard back from them.

And this is how much I like their belts!
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I think I got the last one. Sign up to be a stens dealer to check.
Stens called me and said I had to do a 5k buy in. They asked do I do small engines I said no I'm only wanting to buy oil and grease. She says no problem I asked about the red and tackey she said that Lucas is having a hard time supplying grease something with supply chain. The price you got is everyday dealer price she claimed I get 60% off everything if I sign up and 5k buy in. They said they should get some more grease anytime.
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If @Fixastuff is a Stens dealer, perhaps he can drop ship to @TripleS, as well as anybody else that needs to stock up on grease.

I might snag a 5 gallon bucket, if I could get one for a good price. I found one company online that seemed to have good prices for the buckets, until I told it to calculate shipping... 20 screens in to the website.
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I really hate grease, grease guns, zerk fittings, all that crap. I do own grease guns and a couple tubes
of grease but despise using it. When I'm gone, the guys that end up with my worn out junk can deal
with it. LOL