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Just bought my second Echo, a 590 Timber Wolf. Have not even started it yet. Planning on doing the billet muffler mod, offset key and foam air filter first. Got it with a 20" bar and an extra loop of saw chain. Sold the Stihl MS 290 (20 ' bar) to the guy that cuts my trees with his bucket truck. Just sharpened 38 loops of chain for him and 24 chipper knives as well. Bought a second chain grinder too. Now I have one for grinding teeth and the other for grinding Rakers of course I'm using Diamond Abrasives CBN wheels on both.

All my saws are now on synthetic fuel so no worries about crappy e-gas.
What is the billet muffler mod?
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On the 590 or the CS top handle? I replaced the entire muffler on the top handle with a no cat one. On the 590, I added the billet diffuser and the air cleaner mod.
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Whatever. Like I said, don't smell like weasel pee gasoline and I'm 100% good with it.
I keep a couple cans of that pre-mix around, but it's way too expensive to use exclusively. Never had any issues with E10 in any modern small engine as long as you keep it reasonably fresh.
Maybe you don't use your saw much, I go thru a gallon of pre-mix in a couple months.
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All a 590 needs is this simple free muffler mod using parts it comes with. Split the deflector. Remove the inner section that is reversed. No need to spend money.

Some like to remove the inner one and use for base for the outer once the little inner part is removed and opened up. Then set back under the top portion. I dont do that as I didnt have any issues.

Now full blown way is remove the inner tube. But I found just putting the hole behind original tube suffice.

If you dont do either of the above you havent really gained anything.

Pull the epa carb stops to retune carb. They come so lean from factory.

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Me I dont in any saw here, but it can be if folks want them.
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Also Nik makes a sweet air filter set up for those. He in is my CR group. Goes by red beard saws. I hope that is the upgraded air filter set up you got.

Dont forget to keep the foam filters oiled. Belray filter oil is one of the best oils to use.

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Certainly is and fits under the stock shroud just fine. The OEM filter is lacking in many respects.
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Have not even fired the Timber Wolf yet as I want to improve all the aspects before I even fire it up. It's on 40-1 presently and everything I've looked at everyone says they run to rich on top end from the factory and you say too lean. Just curious as to which.

I do know with the CS top handle, replacing the muffler with a non cat one, I didn't have the alter the mixture screws at all and it runs just fine and no 4 stroking at all.