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How about K&N filter oil, I have quite a bit of that on the shelf?
You do what you want. But that was a oil that was to be avoided for foam chainsaw filter oil.

K&N oil would get sucked from the filters into carbs.

Straight info from a west coast logger and porter years back I was talking too.

Which filter oil to use on those foam filters.

Jason Egan = belray foam filter oil. You want the nastiest, tackiest oil u can find. When cleaning, soak filter in gas to cut the oil, then run under water to restore the filters shape

me = what brand was it that was getting suked into the carbs ?

JE = k&n

JE = Filter is only as good as the oil you’re using. If the oil is thin and not tacky, you’ll pull oil out of the filter. A dry filter doesn’t filter. You can use any oil you like, but you’ll be re oiling all the time
Using belray, I’d clean/re oil my filter 1-2/month. That’s was running saw at 30hrs/week
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With above said. My son uses Klotz air filter oil. Thats what the kart guy carries. It has been good for his dirt uses.
But if he is at my place we put belray on them.

You can tell why good oils are needed. Have $1500 in a $150 motor when done with them. Stock appearing 212cc.


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