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You can get a Branson with either a TAS or a Korean built loader, called a BL10 or BL20, depending on the size. We equip all of ours with the "BL" loaders. They are very well made and well mounted. Prices are very close between the TAS and the BL's.
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We also sell Branson. My #1 guy who does our fabricating and some of our mechanical work is a degreed engineer--worked many years as a tool he has some background. I had him review most things on the market that were available to us before we settled on Branson...he is very satisfied with the BL series loaders, built by Ansung Mfg. in Korea specifically for the Branson Tractors. In his opinion the TAS loaders were quite adequate, but not quite as user friendly, and they cost us just a little bit more than the BL loaders---making the BL loaders an easy choice.
FWIW---the responsiveness of this company to suggestions and concerns was one of our primary reasons for signing on. The VP of Ansung joined us at the Ohio Power Show, and spent two days reviewing the competition with Branson's VP. He will be here 3 weeks talking with dealers as to how to improve their loader. Can it be more user friendly? Are there other features customers want? Any problems encountered more than randomly? And on and on. This is why they--and Branson--will be successful in this market. They listen and they change as needed.
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Any Branson dealer care to tell me about the up to $1000 discounts listed on the Branson web page under specials?
The new dealer here said that applies to older models he does not have. I did not know they had any oldr models.
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It applies to the xx50 series they brought in a couple of years ago...some dealers still have some, though I don't know who.
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The $1000 discount is off MSRP. In an effort to get market share, my Branson tractors (10 and 20 series) are priced with an even greater discount than that already. I suspect LMTC has some attractive prices as well.
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LMTC sure had some nice prices when we talked at the Power Show /w3tcompact/icons/grin.gif
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Jerry....I sent you an email after getting home, thanking you for stopping by to see us at the show. Did you get it? Drop me an email so I know I have the right address.
I think the pricing structure is great on the Bransons. Excellent value.
Dave, when Mark comes to CA next week do you know if Steve Kim from Ansung is coming with him? Very nice man, very interested in what we (dealers) want out of his company in terms of the loader (they make the BL10/20).
Local Rep thinks he has 2 more dealers signed on...that would make about 15 in the IN-OH-PA-WVa-KY region. That's a good number. The more, the merrier, I say. It will help us all with extra brand visibility.

I do know this about Branson...every dealer I talked with before signing on said the same things...super people to work with, parts shipped overnight in virtually every case (they will strip a part from a unit in the warehouse rather than make a customer wait).
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Never got it. Try again. I sent you the address via PM here.'s in my profile too.
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So what are the Bransons selling for? I was quoted as a call the dealer price, no dickering yet...$19190 for 3510 with ag tires, Branson loader, and branson backhoe, all shipped assembled from Branson. This is one to be ordered for me.

I presume dickering is allowed/expected on these?

I keep hearing from dealers that they sell most Bransons with industrial tires. Is this mostly a way to get more money or are these tires better?