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I have that tractor in stock, 3510/BL10/B6610 with the R4's. I won't post a price here, but I can say that the list for such a critter (including $300 freight) is $23,685. Branson wants market share and is currently giving dealers incentive to sell these well below list if they choose to do so. $19,190 with ag tires is a great buy. If someone in Northern California wants to test drive one, we could do that.

I'll be at the World Ag Expo (largest farm show in the world) in Tulare California February 11-13th with Mark and Aaron from Branson, as probably will Rick from Best-Used-Tractors. He's the latest Branson convert on the west coast.

Come by and take a look, thanks.
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Regarding the R4 tires: Many people want them. They look cool, plus they aren't so aggrssive, making them easier on the turf. With a shorter stiffer sidewall, the front tires tend to not deflect as much under a heavy load (full bucket). There isn't much mark-up in the tires, it just helps sell the tractor.
   / Branson/Century #23 is a time honored way of concluding a transaction. Problem is that the internet has made the market comeptitive over a much larger geographical area than ever before, and a dealer is almost forced to put out his best price from the start. We used to try to leave a little room in a price for negotiation. We don't have that room anymore. We shoot our best price to start with, and we can make up some ground on implements....we probably have the least markup on implements of any dealer for many miles around. That price on a 3510 TLB is a very, very good price. Seriously.
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Dickering is O.K. Chiseling isn't! Getting list is a mere fantasy (for the dealer).
Like Wayne said you can't sell unless you put your best price out there the first time around.

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Hey junktogo,

I doubt there is any dickering room in the price you got for the 3510 TLB package,but don't rule out the equivalent Century 2535.(I noted that the price was based on the dealer ordering it in for you--hmmm, not in stock, and you can wait, that can make a difference).
Why not go to the Century web site (start at and look up the e-mail address for your Century district manager,(Steve Regis--I believe) and ask him if he has any new dealer prospects in the works for NW Arkansas?

Or you could sneek across the border to Okla. to see me (we have what you are considering, in stock!) /forums/images/graemlins/smile.gif /forums/images/graemlins/smile.gif

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I sent email to Steve Regis at the email listed on the American Jawa lite and it bounces.
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I tried also----bounced like a bad check /forums/images/graemlins/confused.gif

I sent one to Tina in Harrisburg,Pa. (,the main e-mail address, and it went through ok.

I will get the info for you tomorrow and post here.

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I sent an email to Tina Rife ( about a week ago requesting literature. She responded the same day and I had the lit in a couple of days along with the name of the district manager.

My biggest concern is that there is only 2 dealers in my area, 1 is 45 minutes away and the other is 2 hours. The closest one is a custom trailer builder that sells Century tractors as a side business. Will he still be selling Century in 5 years? ten years?

They sure look like solid well built tractors.
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Even if the present dealers quit handling Centurys,American Jawa would set up someone else as a dealer to fill the void--especially if it is a good market area. (AmJawa has ten sales territories in the US and each salesperson has a quota to attain.)
Tina told me that territory is presently open, and all is being handled by the national sales manager,Ronnie Graham, ( You can contact him, or if you want to wait, I will be seeing him next week at the National Farm Machinery Show in Louisville,Ky. I can have him contact you,if I had your e-mail address.

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So would a Century or Branson dealer not too far from Bentonville Arkansas care to make a proposal on a tractor of about 35 HP with C-50 loader and Century Backhoe with industrial tires or nearest Branson equivalant?