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Dec 7, 2004
Western Illinois
JD 3720
I am looking at a new 3720 with cab to replace my 3520 open station. Before the dealer and I get into serious negotiations I need to come up with an answer that I forgot to check on this afternoon.

One of the implements I use frequently is a Wallenstein Logging Winch. The implement uses a rope which the operator pulls while sitting on the seat of the tractor with the PTO running.

My question which I hope will be easy to answer for any of you with the cab - is there a convenient way to run a small diameter rope into the cab so I can pull on it? This could be a deal breaker.

Thanks in advance for you help.
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The rear window opens, and it would seem quite easy to fashion some kind of pulley system to route the rope away from the glass. But understand that the heat and air conditioning system are designed around a closed cab concept. Opening the rear window compromises the effectiveness of interior climate control.

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Thanks Greg,
I've never had a cab so that probably seems like a stupid question, but your answer helps a lot. I do understand that the climate control is built around the closed cab. My intention would be to have the window open only when skidding. I just didn't want skidding to become a mandatory 2 person job with the one person on the ground

Thanks for your wisdom and experience
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Not an owner, so I don't know for sure, but I would see if the rear window can easily be removed. I'd then pull when logging for safe keeping.
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The rear window can indeed be removed, I've had to replace mine once already. Based upon that experience, I do not recommend repeated removal/reinstallation for this particular purpose. Properly done, it's a two person job. It's a heavy and unwieldy piece of glass; two bolts at the upper hinges, two rather uncooperative strut bolts. I'd let the hydraulic struts keep it opened as designed (they also act as shock absorbers) and rig up a couple pulleys to prevent contact between the pull rope and the glass. There are actually some open bolt holes in the ROPS that might be of use.

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There is an opening at the base of the window with a grommet that is designed for running electrical cables into the cab (see page 56 in the 3720 manual). It might be too small and it might be the wrong angle, but then again it might be just right. Mine also has a hole drilled in the bottom of the cab that was sealed with a very high-tech piece of tape! Of course once you own it, you can drill any holes you want.

I just got my 3720 a couple of weeks ago and I've already got 25 hrs on the meter (finishing my pond and logging). It's a great machine, I wouldn't let the rope issue stop you if it meets all your other needs. I'm sure there will be lots of ways to solve your rope problem.

Good luck,
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Stop the press!!!

I wondered off to check out that Wallenstein Skidding Winch. On their website they are touting their "New Remote Control Option". Now you can sit there in the heated comfort of you cab and do your logging with the flick of a switch!

(how do you like that skidding winch?)

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I wasn't aware they had that option. It might be new?
The winch is a great purchase and has made logging much easier. Had I known it was so good I would have purchased it years ago.
I also have their chipper and find their products to be well made. Their equipment is simplicity in action, but I think that is due to great engineering.
I'll try as is first, but the remote is a great option. Thanks for checking
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Wallenstein also has a nice Back Hoe that will fit that new CAB you are looking at.
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Thankfully I don't need a backhoe (at least not at this point). But it would be a GREAT toy. I doubt if my government at home would approve of that expenditure. ;-)

Thanks for the info