Caught 4 small feral hogs at a time, this morning

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On related note while Autumn Olive is invasive (I remove tons every year) you can make some mighty tasty jelly from the berries......
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I live in East Texas and own a small 92 acre ranch. Hogs have torn up my pasture on several occasions. And no one in the government seems to care. If this type thing were happening in a city (versus rural areas), the government would be spending billions of dollars to find a solution. Just not enough voters out here in the sticks.
People in Texas are better about solving their own problems than some places that look to government for their needs. As i said in an earlier post,it requires cooperation of all landowners in a large section of land. It resembles mosquito control in some ways. Ideally the area is bordered on all sides with barriers like multi-lane roads,rivers,dense population,large expanse of barren land and such. With citizen cooperation Texas Parks And Wildlife is pretty good about helping.
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No one in their right mind believes the feral hog population conforms to state borders implied by this graphic. The California border being a total joke. Wonder how the pigs decided to stay away from ONE county in each of Texas, Oklahoma, Arkansas, Louisiana ? And how did they decide to occupy one county in North Dakota? Get serious.
They are claimed to be very intelligent, so who knows what gos through their little heads?:sneaky:
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You actually get winter in Northern California, right? I would think the hogs would hate that.

Nightmare in TX. We had a hundred or so on our hay/cattle farm...they literally destroyed multiple acres of hay yield. I think the bad freeze 2 years ago killed a bunch of them because we havent seen that many since. In fact we just took down our trap. Now that I type this they will probably be back next week......and will be killed with impunity.
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There is a saying here in Texas, "If you don't have a hog problem, you will have."

I am on the river and have one. For years my initial solution was hunting, 120 to 150 per year, but when they didn't stop and I got tired of getting up at night and looking for them, I changed tactics a few years ago. I "let" my neighbor trap on my property then sell the hogs. Doesn't cost me a dime or a minute of my time, except to let him know if there is new activity. Here's how it goes:

Years ago, he obtained 22,000 pounds of corn from a farmer. Dunno, maybe it was bad and given to him. At first he made an open-top round pen, maybe 25 feet in diameter using stiff hog panels, t-posts and a vertical gate triggered by animals. After two years and some reliability issues, he built a new pen that is 30 feet diameter with more formal panel sections that can connect to one another. Cell phone motion-triggered camera and cell phone trigger for the gate. There are open-top pen designs all over utube that can be replicated. My neighbor then collects the animals live the following day and sells to a collector in our county and gets paid by the pound - larger ones get a higher per-pound rate.

Over the period of time, he has greatly reduced the population, so much that I haven't seen much activity for the past 6 months.
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I have a guy that comes in the fall-spring and he uses dogs. Four dogs w GPS collars bay them up, the pit bulls w thick hard leather rib/neck/side protectors go in after them...never seen anything like it...the pit bulls jump up onto their faces/ears, bite down and lock down on the hogs face and hog falls to the ground. I mean BIG boars at 300lbs fall to the ground like babies...the hog guy then ties their four legs together, then pulls off the pit bull and it runs off for another one w in the trapped sounder. I swear I heard a 275lb sow say "thank you" when he pulled this pit off her face....he sells them to overseas rest. I buy him 400-500lbs of dog food...has 12 dogs.
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In FL it is a shoot on sight, except in state parks, fed reservations, etc. Any sight, any light, day or night, suppressor, any caliber. They grow big in the FL swamps, up to 600+. Travel in large heards and are incredibly destructive. Had a deputy answer a call on I-10 of a dog chasing cars, were not a dog, was a 600 pound wild boar hog. Shot it with his issue 9mm, 15 rounds and got himself stuck on top of his patrol car for his trouble. State trooper came along, saw the Deputy’s headlights in the brush in the median, stopped to investigate and ended up shooting the hog with the 12ga he kept in his trunk, after being chased around his car.
True story at least it was in the paper and on TV.

I carry a bad black rifle on the farm in a rack, a 358 MGP similar in performance to a 358 Winchester with a 10 round magazine.
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I never can understand the hunting restrictions on any Nuisance animal on YOUR land.
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Last year, I made a trap for wild hogs( feral hogs) because they were damaging my orchard and gardens so badly.
This morning , I caught 4 small feral hogs at a time, a total of 8 hogs ever since.
And still so many hogs I can see in the video.
It is happening in northern California.

I really dislike them darn liberal hogs. Send 'em out here to razorback land and we'll make sure they'll look like swiss cheese. Really sorry your government & environmental wacko's are so uptight about guns and hunting critters 🙂🙃😉
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I don't know. I can't answer that. Maybe they didn't "decide anything" and just not there yet. Don't like the graphic? It is just information. It is a "generalized resource map". That is the type of map that was used to indicate areas where deer needed to be reported for Wasting Disease. As far as being in my "right mind" try to remember I simply posted information and did not draw the graphic. i guess you would have to let the USDA reply to that. I don't recall saying feral hogs follow state borders. But you apparently seem to have thought that was the case.
Just a simple discussion on a forum. Your response, for some reason, seems a little strong. I don't think there is any other explanation needed.
I don't think he was aiming his comment at you, but the folks that made the sanctuary that is allowing the hogs to multiple and go everywhere else. adjacent to the Fed land..