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Sep 24, 2013
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So I bit the bullet and had a Curtis Cab installed on my Kubota BX. No doubt the basics are the same for Curtis Cabs on all makes, so here is my dilemma, no matter what I do, I can NOT operate the little levers to lift the roof or remove the rear panel. My dealer is no help (I really should have driven to the one farther away for this), Curtis Cab didn't respond to my question.

Does anyone have a Curtis Cab, and can show me how the devil these latches operate? I have a hunch they are out of adjustment, but all 4 won't operate, no matter how I try to move or depress them. I think this is the first time this dealer installed this cab, so it's likely they are all the same wrong.

It'll be spring before I HAVE operate these, but sure would like to know what's going on.

Thanks in advance
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Call rosey brothers in Dryden Michigan 810-796-3770 maybe they can help you.
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Any pictures that might help with suggestions.....
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Not knowing which model cab/tractor you have, you could go to the Curtis Cab website and look at your cab model/tractor model installation guide for some additional information.

Also at the back of the installation guide is a trouble shooting reference that might help you adjust your roof/rear panel latches.

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Here's a link:
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BX2670 with a 1KBX70AS cab. I have their installation/owner's manual, it's next to useless. Thanks though.

I'll try to remember to take the camera next time I'm out.

Makes no mention, anywhere, of how to open them.
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It looks like you lift (D) latch up both at the same time and push the rear panel out its hinged on the top then lift up to take the panel off........
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I agree, but no matter what I do, which way I try to move the lever, no matter how I try to depress the lever, it simply won't move. This is consistent with all 4 of them, 2 on the roof, 2 on the rear panel. It says they are "adjustable", but doesn't indicate how. My disabilities make it hard for me to reach them, much less get in there and start playing around with screws to see what happens, hence why I'm inquiring if anyone else has ran into this.

I still need to venture out in the cold to take pictures, I hate cold, I hate winter. Hence, the cab, :laughing: I just couldn't take it any longer. The opposite is also true, I can't take the heat like I used to, so will need all the ventilation I can get in what is essentially a greenhouse. The sun coming through the glass accounted for as much heat as the heater was giving off when I was out blowing snow. On an 85 degree day, I don't want to think about how hot it will get in there. Curtis's new addition of air-conditioned cabs for SCUT's don't fit my model. :mad:

Persevere on.
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I think the pin is what adjusts the end of the pin might be a torx head like this.....torx pin.jpg
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I just tried calling Curtis nobody there.......
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I'm not much of a phone person, don't have even have, (5 years of no phone bill WILL pay for a cab, think about it) but I have emailed Curtis and gotten answers on other issues, but not this one.

Rear panel latch:



Roof latch: