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Seen that video, and yes it looks easy. Mine DO NOT move. Don't know what to say other than those work, mine don't, hence my problem.

In the video, there are also handles he hooks his fingers through, which I don't have.

The installation/owners manual is vague with little information.

Trust me, I've searched the internet at length, watched dozens of videos, nothing addresses my issue.

If you lived closer I would come over and look at it . Maybe call the dealer and see what they will do or have somebody else look at it / and help you ...
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The vid has the latches pre-thrown. I think you need more leverage. Maybe pull off the rubber covers and use channel locks. I'd also call the dealer and have them adjust the levers. I suspect they are too tight. If you have limited strength, perhaps lever extensions are in order. Maybe one "wrench" the fits over the handles.
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Due to having to remove snow, down with an ailment, and it just being to cold..... I haven't even looked at lately, but will take all suggestions to heart.
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Ok, see where the pin screws into the frame? The brass part is a rivot nut, the pin screws directly into it, the washer on it does NOT belong there. Why he put it there, and one on all 4 pins is beyond me, but taking it off, sure helped.

While it still doesn't work like the ones in the video, they DO work now. Maybe further adjustment will help that, maybe it's just my limited range of motion, or maybe that's as good as it will get.

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I can see why that would make it almost impossible to open as you would be binding the latch against its own frame.

Aaron Z
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Good, you found the problem. Not having young eyes and flexible joints makes extra work for almost everything.