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Dec 7, 2004
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I'm looking to build a pole barn type structure in the spring and ran across the Socet System. Just wondering if there is anyone out there that has experience with this company. Any constructive comments would be appreciated.

From the looks of their website, a person can build a barn that has more space and is no more expensive.

Sometimes, if things look too good to be true that turns out to be a problem.

web page
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Hey thanks for the web site, I think its a VERY interesting approach. I've emailed the company for further info, eg local engineering, snow loads, wind shear, etc. I'm looking to build a new shop for myself and this has some definate advantages. I'll post what I find out.
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Just looked over the web page. Looks like a nice way to go. The raisings look fun with a tractor and/or winch. I like the fact that the poles are out of the ground as well....makes for a more permanent building. They show some huge buidings, but smaller ones look pretty easy to set up. I like it. Maybe someone will have experience or have some comments that've used this or something similar.
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Thanks for the link.
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I'm currently building a 28' x 28' barn using socket system parts. I'll post pictures tonight when I get back home. The obvious advantages are the ability to erect the structure without any heavy equipment and having a clear span - no poles in the middle. My father and I are putting mine together. I hope to have it roofed before the end of the month.

Ken in Tennessee
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the following is a series of pictures of the construction of my barn using the "socket system". It is 28'x28'. The vertical sides are 14' and the roof slope is 7/12.

Link one has the first steps...layout of the perimeter, digging the holes for the corners...

Barn page 1

link two is the raising of the frames

Barn Page 2

link 3 is the completed frames and the beginning of the roof

Barn Page 3

I'll post more as things progress
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Thanks for the pictures!

This is what I was hoping for. From the information I have received from socket systems, I thought I would need 5' centers, but yours looks much further apart. What do figure is your snow load (I didn't check where you are located).

Also, how would you compare the cost to a normal truss type building?

Thanks again for the excellent pictures. Please keep the coming.
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somewhere on their website they have information on differing spans for differing snowloads. I live in SE Tennessee... we're lucky to get a light dusting of snow once per year. My span is 14' using 8" purlins. I will eventually have a 2nd floor loft which will also tie things together much better.
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I'm very interested in your barn project. How did you know what you needed from Socket Systems? Did they provide a 28'x28' plan/package that you bought? Or, did you have to figure out all the parts you needed from them? I might go this route when I (finally) get around to building my barn, and wondered how difficult it was sorting out the supply list.

28'x28' will be a nice size. I was thinking something more along the lines of 20'x24' or maybe 24'x28' for mine. Any information you can provide would be appreciated, and please keep posting the pictures of the progress.


Robert Aldridge