FedEx odometer fraud claim

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I got scammed on a Detroit Diesel 12.7L truck engine. Had a truck poke a rod through the side of the block, so I bought a used engine from a truck parts dealer in Grand Rapids, MI. They said it only had about 500K miles on it, but a few months later when we had it in a Peterbilt shop and they downloaded the engine data, it showed over a million miles. I ended up having to overhaul it in another 100K miles.
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My boss used to buy the module that had the hours in combines. Rack up the hours on those then install originals back in on trade in. Think they even messed with pickup trucks. Not sure on the semi's.
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Years ago we had a car in for a speedometer repair. When we got it to bits, there was a paper note saying 'Oh no, not again'