Feedback on Sears ZTS6000?

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Sep 17, 2009
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My daughter is looking for a mower for about 2 ac. Can get a good deal on this mower new. 3k is max budget and she does not have a good mechanic handy. Anyone know who or where built? Has 26 hp Platinum Briggs, any horror stories?
Thanks in advance for your responces:)
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Im not totally sure, but it looks like a husqvarna-poulan pro style. If I had a model number off of the sticker that includes the 3 digit prefix i could tell for sure.
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item #07128992000 model #28992
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I think it may be the 107.28992 craftsman made by briggs and stratton-murray. sears don't show a parts breakdown on it right now. all warranty will have to be performed by sears except maybe the engine. sears normally has exclusive rights to all warranty on their products.
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I bought one of those last year, but didnt get to use it much. I mowed about 5 acres with it one time and it worked OK. Drought kept most of the grass down rest of the year. Only problem I had with it was that it refused to make high speed turns up hill. IT would make a wide circle with all the steering brake you could put on it. In order to turn uphill, you had to reverse one side and put full forward on the other. Other than that it worked well, climbed hills that my tractor type mower wouldnt go up.
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One thing I noticed with this mower is that grass clipping tend to pile up on top of the deck. These need to be removed periodically when mowing as they are right in the belt drive area. I didnt have any problem with belt jumping or anything but there was a lot of grass on top of the mower deck afte my first use. If it got hot enough to catch fire, I know there would be no more mower left. I was mowing with the deck as high as it would go because there is some rocks in the grass that I knew were there but couldnt see because the grass was so high. The mower had no trouble cutting it though with the 26 HP motor it would cut as fast as I could hang on to it on the rough ground.