FELs and digging

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The good thing about this thread is to see the OP ask a question, get a variety of perspectives and then the OP come back and tell us about their actual experience, ie, what worked and what didn't.
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Oh, I would expect it to alter the outcome a very great deal! I would absolutely have preferred a heavier machine. I mean, I'm a normal tractor admirer, bigger is better. But, then, tuppence is tuppence, right? And I'm just small change.

I had a 4 hp riding mower when I was little, the blade removed. One of my friends had a mini-bike. Another had a go-cart. But I loved that thing. With that as my first experience, I'm appreciative that I wound up 50+ years later with what I do have. And I completely believe you about the weight!
bigger is not always better, I have to be careful when i drive on my lawn due to the extra weight around my septic system, underground water lines etc. I have often thought about getting a SCUT for work close to the house. also my carport is too low for me fully pull it into so the @$$ end sticks out in the sun until i build a taller storage building.
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I have a SCUT not even a CUT and I regularily dig holes 3 or 4 ft deep by 5 ft wide in clay even, with my 2008 BX2660 FEL and tooth bar. But first of all I make sure that it is a fairly wet part of season to do the project, or I take my time to peel layers off the ground and remove . The toothbar is invaluable, and if sod covered ground I bust it up first with the tractors rototiller. Oh and you always need weight of a rear implement or weight box for traction. I also need a small tractor because I drive it over my septic bed to cut lawn with it. Just my SCUT two cents :)